Saturday, July 19, 2008

FBI/DHS Interference & Possible Theft Of International Delivery Now Makes A USPS Tracking Investigation Necessary

Today was the last of a series of scheduled days for this shipment to have arrived. However, it has failed to as a result of the ravenous beast that most refer to as the FBI and its DHS criminal brethren -- two New World Order pawns used to propagate crimes either directly, or by their complicity in obfuscating the facts in regard to those who do.

I have now been forced to contact the shipper of this parcel, in efforts to find out what has become of it. However, it is clear that the FEDS have been instrumental in either orchestrating its outright theft (possibly even damaging it to later return to USPS to then ship to me), or even just delaying its delivery to cause me further duress.

However, there can be no doubt that the FEDS are criminally complicit in what has happened with this parcel and its contents.

This is the latest of the machinations that these federal reprobates have perpetrated in efforts to cover up the fact that one of their own sleazy agents took it upon himself to use his position as an FBI employee, to deny me my rights as an American citizen under the color and cover of law. This is one of the most serious of federal crimes, and one which could place this miscreant in prison for life, should he be found guilty of it.

My E-mail to the shipper:

From: Jim Marino (
Sent: Sat 7/19/08 3:02 PM
To S. Pasa:

I have waited until the 19Th of July as you requested, and my Revox B 261 tuner has still not arrived. The tracking number for this parcel is: XXXXXXXXXXX.

Would you please begin an investigation in regard to what has happened to this package and inform me at your earliest convenience.

It was to be insured for its full value of 364 Euros.

James F. Marino
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