Thursday, July 17, 2008

FBI New World Order Nazi THUGS Continue To Send Me Covert Death Threats Through E-mails & Web Postings

The FBI has always been a racist organization that sought to disenfranchise ethnic Americans from their rights as U.S. citizens. And while there have been many different groups to be attacked by this New World Order disciple, the FBI's covert attack on myriad Italian Americans is no different than its attacks on African Americans or any other race. Over the past few years I have had to endure their anonymously sent E-mails as well as their use of other psychological triggers in which they used terms such as meatball, guinea, olive oil, and Italian trash, in their efforts to cause me further psychological duress.

The truth is that these U.S. Intel satellite raping sexual predators are at the very bottom of the trash heap. Moreover, the moment that these psychopaths violated the Constitution in regard to my rights, they broke the law. The fact is that they are the problem.

These New World Order degenerate THUGS respect no one. And the privacy of the people in the United States is of particular interest to them. In their satellite predation, they violate with absolute impunity the rights of every citizen in this country, while perpetrating the most heinous of crimes. And then attempt to justify their despicable behavior.

Remember that these are the same group of degenerate refuse that dropped their pants during the WACO siege and fondled their naked genitals while mooning terrified men, women and young children who peered from the windows of their home, as these New World Order misfits conducted their Satanic ritual before burning these same men, women and children to death.

There is something horrifically wrong with the U.S. Intel community, when they are allowed to perpetrate such atrocities and walk away without any punishment.

A situation in which human beings including those as young as a few years of age were incinerated. The FBI and BATF burned little children to death, and then blatantly LIED to the American people in regard to how these monsters brutally murdered these people.

Something there is absolutely no excuse for, and will no longer be tolerated.

And through the use of the Freedom Of Information Act and other sources of information, including my own experiences as an NSA satellite prisoner (as well as the experiences of myriad other Targets), I will expose these reprobates globally for the precedent setting satellite based attacks that they have and continue to perpetrate against my person and a host of other Americans; those who have been in the most egregious ways ever documented denied their rights as citizens of this country, by an agency that is nothing less than a modern day Gestapo.

The FBI and its brethren in crime have crossed well beyond the point of no return here, and their thousands of victims, many of whom are now deceased, as well those still living, cry out for justice in regard to the FBI and its heinous crimes against humanity.

And justice will be served this time around, for the FBI and its inherently criminal ways of operating must come to an end. We will no longer tolerate the abuse of such an anti-American and treasonous organization; one which has a history of taking great enjoyment in the pain and suffering that it causes others, while systematically trampling upon both the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

The FBI does not make the laws in this country. It has instead been charged with enforcing them, yet has routinely failed to do so, while violating these laws in the most outrageous of ways. Then through its despicable COINTELPRO operations, the Bureau systematically destroyed the lives of those challenging the FBI's egregious violations of their rights as American citizens.

Many of its own former agents who attempted to expose the Bureau for its Orwellian ways of operating were later attacked in such vicious ways, as their careers and reputations were also destroyed.

And the U.S. Congress and Department Of Justice did absolutely nothing to help these people. They just sat back and watched the FBI attack them, until many were driven to suicide.

This is the real FBI. Not the Quinn Martin and J. Edgar Hoover approved *fabrication that Americans were treated to on their TV screens, during the 1970's.

*In the 1970's, producer Quinn Martin Productions created a series entitled "The FBI" which sought to portray the Bureau and its agents as defenders of liberty and punishers of wrong doers. The first few episodes of the program were even previewed by Hoover himself, before he gave the green light for the series to be aired on national TV.

However, the TV series was a far cry from the real FBI -- a Nazi idealized organization that was created to violate the rights of American citizens, while offering a deceptive public persona as the premier law enforcement organization in the country. And while it would be unfair to say that all FBI agents operate criminally, there is little doubt from the testimony of former agents, that the FBI itself was created to operate in such ways, while circumventing the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights at every opportunity.

And the same goes for other Orwellian agencies including the CIA, NSA and DHS, all of whom utilize Draconian and inhumane ways of operating; protocols which speak loudly in regard to their abject cruelty and murderous nature.

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