Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Congressman Ron Paul Speaking At The Revolution March In Washington D.C. On July 12Th 2008

See Dr. Paul speaking in Washington, D.C. at the Revolution March:



On September 2Nd, 2008, Dr. Paul and his supporters will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to protest outside of the Republican National Convention. Ron Paul has always been one of the most important politicians that we as Americans have had. And in recent days with a government and economy teetering on collapse, he has never looked stronger or more determined to affect significant changes in this country which will be of benefit to real Americans -- the Middle Class.

In this most crucial time in which the Illuminati is attempting to enforce their New World Order agenda, it is more important than ever for patriotic Americans to be vigilant in their support of Dr. Paul and the 9-11 Truth Movement, since failing to do so will most assuredly result in our ultimate enslavement by these New World Order reprobates and their pawns.

Ron Paul is the real deal - a true constitutionalist. With few exceptions, the rest of the Congress with its abject lying, treasonous activities, and 9 percent approval rating, are a group of empty suits who have sold us out in the interests of protecting their own hides, while making themselves wealthy. They have become nothing but a tool of the Illuminati. And the American Middle Class has been the one to suffer the significant burden of such a betrayal of their trust.

September 2ND, 2008. The Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Don't forget to be there!
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