Sunday, July 13, 2008

FBI/DHS Provocateurs CONtinue To Leave Defamatory Posts As Part Of Their Psyops

The FBI is notorious for attacking venues on the Internet which I both post at and visit on occasion. Their stalker/agents who constantly rape the U.S. Constitution and its Bill Of Rights routinely cyberstalk my person in efforts to violate my privacy in the most egregious ways ever documented.

The FEDS continue to set a precedent in these violations of my rights as well as those of my family. A situation so outrageous that these federal PIGS have not only been illegally spying on us for decades within our own home (have they ever read the 4Th Amendment?), but also videotaping us within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms.

These people are SICK.

These are not police. These are New World Order degenerate pieces of garbage. And these sickos are at this moment reading every word that is being typed here in regard to them, and looking for further ways in which to demonize me, in efforts to obfuscate the FACTS in regard the crimes that these reprobates have and continue to perpetrate. Crimes which include the illegal satellite tracking of my person (even within the privacy of my own home) and remote accessing and manipulation of my thoughts by way of the Electronic Computer To Brain Link Technology that the NSA has been illegally using to track the EMF field which emanates from my brain (proof of their brain fingerprinting technology).

It is also my opinion that every American citizen is now being tracked by the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations and individually recorded 24 hours a day, in which to enable this New World Order pawn to monitor the lives of every person in this country; this being done to maintain the most complete dossiers on the American population in United States History. There is also a plan in which to implant all of the people on this planet with RFID implanted microchips for a myriad of purposes, not the least of which is an adjunct to the NSA's remote neural monitoring satellite tracking system which has now been used for decades.

See the following Website to learn more about this Orwellian program:

This is what the Illuminati's New World Order is all about -- SUBTLY, YET EFFECTIVELY CONTROLLING the human population through remote means in which satellites and supercomputers collect information on us in real time so that the NSA and FBI can access the NSA's audio/video database in which to watch recordings which the NSA has illegally made of us by way of its Echelon/Tempest spy satellite networks. This is what John St. Clair Akwei was attempting to reveal to the American people in his lawsuit against the NSA, because John realized that this technology signaled the end of human privacy, given its ability to remotely read our thoughts by way of satellite and supercomputer.

As a long-term target of such an Orwellian intrusion into my life, I also understand the importance of alerting the entire population on this planet to this dastardly technology, and the government criminals who are illegally deploying it against us.

And the FEDS (who have quite literally torn my life and my family's apart as a result of this cover up) can't stand the fact that AKWEI VS NSA is now exposing them for their rampant criminality. And these sick bastards, programmed robots is a better term for them, are now following a desperate and haphazard campaign in which to covertly murder me, in order to cover up their own outrageous crimes.

As for the sick twist who goes by the handle of JaneDoe, who regularly posts under myriad aliases, in order to discredit my posts, you are despicable fool and federal provocateur who will also leave a legacy of vileness and destruction in your wake.

The FBI/DHS/NSA conspiracy to deprive me of my rights while electronically accessing and manipulating my thoughts for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation, will be exposed globally and you will pay the price for having done so.

No one should have to tolerate such a group of Nazi misfits, who enjoy torturing and murdering people and seek reasons in order to perpetrate such atrocities. You are a pack of low life sleazebags who commit every crime there is, then attempt to murder those who expose you for the despotic freaks that you are.

You agents are the most pathetic excuses for law enforcement that has ever existed; a group of abjectly criminal malcontents who hate the American people, the Constitution, and the freedoms which this country represents (or at least did before you took an axe to the Bill Of Rights).

You have routinely broken the laws of this land in your vicious attacks on myself and your outrageous violations of my rights. And if you honestly believe after having subjected me to mind control research for decades, illegally spying upon my person for the past three decades, and using satellite based directed energy weapons in which to remotely torture me, that I am going to allow you to get away with this, then you are not only the most criminal and EVIL things on this planet -- you are also complete and utter morons.

You broke the law and violated my rights. And your demonization campaigns are not going to make this go away. Not this time around. Anyone who would illegally spy upon you for hundreds of thousands of hours is the greatest threat to our privacy and freedom in the history of the human race.

You and your Nazi ways of operating are the problem here and the American people are finally starting to realize it.

You have to answer for what you have done to my family, self and myriad others. And until you do, I will keep on digging for whatever I can find on you and expose these crimes to the public. However, unlike your illegal and despicable ways of operating (and let's face it you've not only fabricated information, in many instances you have outright lied your asses off in demonizing me), my research is perfectly legal under the 1ST Amendment, and something that the rest of America should be doing in regard to your criminal empire within U.S. Intel.

Through our own ignorance, we have let you agents and your Nazi run agencies get away with murder. That is our fault. However, those days are over. From here on in, if you violate the U.S Constitution you are going to be challenged right on down the line, because you are not police; you are criminal thugs with badges!

It's time to take back America. And we are going start by making certain to document every aspect of the TREASONOUS LIES that you have told us regarding 9-11.

You are the terrorists and the American people are now beginning to recognize it.

And as more of them realize what you are doing, expect to see a civil revolution of accurate information in regard to your outrageous crimes against humanity, being documented not just in the United States, but around the rest of this planet.

I'd say that you've worn out your welcome in this country. But the truth is that you were never welcome here. Your organizations were a mistake from their inception, since you can't place Nazi minded agencies in a Constitutional Republic, without them attempting to destroy it -- which is exactly what you are still attempting to do.

In regard to the FBI, the agency that began this criminal conspiracy to deny me my rights under the color of law decades ago, your so called Fidelity Bravery & Integrity moniker is a joke. The plain fact is that people who videotape others within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms are not brave, and they certainly have no integrity to speak of. They are lowlife dirt bags who shame legitimate, honest and hard working police officers in this country!

And the fact of the matter is that I am not the one who is lying to the public. You are! Given your complete manipulation of those around me to keep what you have done to us silent, I am the only one who is documenting the truth about you satellite raping degenerate bathroom peeping thugs, who are so arrogant that you truly believe that you have the right to deny someone their rights under the U.S. Constitution, and then demonize them when they challenge you.

If you had any guts and decency left, you'd arrest this criminal of a president and his administration for treason. But instead you cover up for him. Even many of your own agents have said that the hierarchy within the FBI pulled them off of legitimate terrorist investigations which could have prevented 9-11. And many of these agents have now been demonized by your organization in efforts to cover up your own crimes.

The entire doctrine behind the FBI is a sick and depraved mindset which encourages pathological deception, abject cruelty, and both torture and murder. Your attempts through the NSA to remotely read and manipulate our thoughts is by far the best illustration of this.

You are New World Order MONSTERS!

However, I for one, will tolerate you and your depravity no longer. Twenty eight years of you and your sick minded tactics is far more than anyone should ever have to tolerate.

Moreover, you can expect to be challenged by me until the day I leave this planet, because what you have subjected my family and self to is so despicable that it must be exposed and punished. And your satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring of the minds of millions of American citizens is the most horrific crime ever documented. An attempt to usurp the thoughts of the individual for your own means.

A Nazi ideology, and indicative of what you miscreants really are.

Justice will not be done, until you are exposed globally for such egregious crimes against humanity and made to answer before the people of this planet for them.

Only then will justice have been served in this situation.

And I will not rest until it is.
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