Saturday, July 12, 2008

FEDS Continue To Circulate Disinformation Regarding Remote Neural Monitoring Of The Human Brain

I regularly see posts on the message boards of credible organizations which are doing their best to propagate information on electronic harassment and organized stalking crimes, which insist that a person being targeted for directed energy harassment must be implanted with some type of RFID chip. As I have stated in the past, this is an egregious deception being promulgated by federal provocateurs to misdirect these groups.

I have never been implanted with an RFID chip, yet experience being spied upon within the privacy of my own home, having my thoughts remotely read and influenced, as well as being assaulted by those using this technology. And they have demonstrated that they can see what I see through my own eyes, on many occasions. What I experience is exactly what former NSA associate John St. Clair Akwei discusses in his lawsuit against the NSA; in particular referencing, the NSA's ability to track any citizen within the United States by way of the EMF field which emanates from their own brains (brain fingerprinting technology).

The U.S. Intel community has been relying on this technology for decades, in which to remotely spy on Americans without their knowledge or consent. Remote neural monitoring of the human brain is the closest thing to perfection that a spy can utilize in efforts to gain information on those whom they are targeting, without actually being discovered.

Given how close the FEDS are to losing the secrecy of this technology, and the abject scandal that it will cause the entire U.S Federal Government, it is no wonder why they have infiltrated as many human rights groups which seek to end these atrocities, as they have. With the loss of the secrecy of this technology, the U.S. Congress and Intelligence community will never regain the trust of the American people -- and given their outrageous betrayal of Americans, they never should.

The FBI and NSA in particular, have been abusing this technology for decades, conducting illegal and protracted fishing expeditions which not only desecrate the very meaning of the Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, but also threaten the very existence of the human race in the future, given this technology's ability to adversely affect the subconscious minds of those persons being remotely targeted by it.

Anyone who states that you must be implanted with a tracking device before you can experience having your thoughts remotely read or manipulated is either completely ignorant of how this technology operates, or a federal disinfo agent, looking to create a smokescreen in which to obfuscate the truth.

John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is the best information thus far offered in regard to how the NSA has gotten away with such Orwellian spying over the past three decades. It is the smoking gun in the NSA's treasonous spying of the American people, and U.S. Intel is well aware of this; which is why the FEDS are aggressively attacking anyone who corroborates Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA.

AKWEI VS NSA is a truthful account of how the NSA's spy technology operates. And this is why anyone who corroborates his information is demonized and dehumanized, in order to destroy their credibility.

Therefore, spending time listening to those who are deliberately looking to discredit Akwei's lawsuit is a waste of your valuable time, since by attacking Akwei or those of us who are promulgating the truth behind the NSA's illegal surveillance system, they are simply looking to confuse the situation in efforts to prevent us from holding accountable those federal agencies who are responsible for these outrageous crimes against us and our rights as citizens of this planet.

The NSA is a New World Order Totalitarian organization which operates completely outside of the U.S. Constitutional rule of law. As such, the NSA has no place in the United States. And nor do its anti-American comrades, which include but are not limited to the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security. These organizations are not about protecting our freedoms; they were in fact created to destroy them. And the hierarchy within the U.S. Intel community was not only complicit in orchestrating the attacks on 9-11, but also the subsequent white wash which the U.S. Media propagated to cover up their treasonous crimes.

As American citizens, do you honestly believe that it is just a concidence that there have been no further attacks on U.S. soil since 9-11? There have been no attacks because those within our own government who perpetrated 9-11 have not found them necessary.

However, as the 9-11 Truth Movement continues to sucessfully propagate, and the U.S Federal Government continues to lose its crediblity (as if it has much more to lose), we will see another government orchestrated terrorist attack on American soil, so that whomever is president (Bush or the next Illuminati puppet) will use the Patriot Act to declare themselves dictator of this country.

The reality is that any person in this country who is publicly telling the truth about the covert overthrow of our government by a fascist cabal, has been blacklisted by this government and is being subjected to NSA/FBI satellite surveillance/predation, as well the organized stalking being perpetrated by their local communities.

As a further illustration of this I ask: where is the Bill Of Rights in all this? Where have our Constitutional protections as U.S. citizens gone? And the answer is that if our government were operating within the constitutional framework in which it was designed, Websites like this one would not be necessary, because our rights would be protected, and subversive agencies like the NSA and FBI would never have been created.

As for Congress's excuse that we need good intelligence, the fact remains that with the NSA's spy capabilities, 9-11 would have never happened unless people within this government wanted it to. 9-11 was a black operation perpetrated with the cooperation and blessing of the U.S. Intel community, in efforts to destroy our Constitution and give the criminals within this government (including the Bush/Cheney Administration) a plausible reason to steal Iraqi oil, while giving the Illuminati a long awaited stronghold in the Middle East.

And as for real estate magnate Larry Silverstein's slip of the tongue in regard to the collapse of WTC building number 7 (we decided to pull it -- referring to the demolition of the building), his statement reveals more about this conspiracy than the multi-million dollar bogus investigation carried out by the 9-11 Commission.

It would have taken months to wire a building the size of WTC #7 with explosive charges. And it did. Just as it took months to wire the World Trade Center Towers with these explosives.

The painful reality in all this is that it was our own federal government that perpetrated the murders of nearly 3000 of our citizens on 9-11. And those responsible for these deaths are guilty of premeditated mass murder and high crimes of treason. And they are still free and working on their next attack on our freedoms.
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