Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stockholm Syndrome -- A Manifestion Of Those Being Blackmailed By The FBI & Other Agencies Of The U.S. Intel Community

For those who are unfamiliar with this term, it refers to when the victims of those who have in some way either physically or psychologically (or perhaps both) imprisoned them, become so brainwashed by their captors, that they begin to see these captors as saviors.

Never has the term Stockholm Syndrome been more applicable than to those who are coerced by the FBI or other US Intel agencies, into acquiescing to the demands of these federal criminals. For example, the FBI will illegally spy on people in efforts to dig up compromising information on them, then convince these people that the Bureau can be their savior in avoiding everything from prison time to public embarrassment, if they only follow the FBI's dictates.

This is a prime illustration of the Nazi mindset of the FBI and its extortionate method of operating. I have in many instances witnessed situations in which the FBI has blackmailed those around me, in efforts to get them to both take part in the psychological warfare which the FBI is perpetrating against me, as well as blatantly lying to cover up the Bureau's rampant and treasonous criminality.

By using intimidation to bully these people into lying about situations in regard to a person whom the FBI is illegally targeting for a COINTELPRO operation, the Bureau has now seriously damaged the credibility of these people, as well as its own. Furthermore, when the FBI must manufacture evidence in such an attack as well as perpetrate precedent setting violations of the targeted person's Constitutional rights, it becomes clear that the FBI is no longer operating legally and should be abolished.

Moreover, when I document the FBI's long-term criminal history of blackmail, torture, murder and pathological deception to those around me, they are incapable of rationally acknowledging these crimes, and seek to flee any situation in which the FBI is portrayed in such a negative light. These are people who were once extremely open minded and capable of strong opinions of their own. However, their thoughts are now completely manipulated by the FBI -- a strong illustration of the mind control which this criminal agency uses to manipulate those whom they seek to control through the use of coercion and psychological operations.

This is a not only a clear sign of the Bureau's having brainwashed these people, but also their Stockholm Syndrome like dependence on the FBI; a manifestation of their abject fear of this organization and its Draconian way of operating.

Yet another reason why this Americanized Gestapo juggernaut must be abolished before it can cause the American people any further damage.

The FBI's COINTELPRO operations have long resulted in Stockholm Syndrome type situations. The following will give the readers a more in depth understanding of this psychological manifestation caused by those who use psychological warfare and the threat of physical violence to dominate their victims.
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