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Human Rights Protest At The European Parliment In Strasbourg, France -- July 7Th & 8Th 2008 -- Dr. Ron Paul's Washington, D.C. Protest July 12Th

July 7Th & 8Th, 2008, many European individuals targeted for electronic harassment and organized stalking crimes are meeting to protest the use of these weapons before the human rights court in Strasbourg, France. Hopefully, there will be a good turnout, in addition to the many other human rights organizations, which normally attend this public function. The following is a brief video clip from last year's gathering at this event.

This gathering occurs just days before Congressman Ron Paul and many of his supporters are to descend on Washington, D.C. for what may be perhaps the most significant political event since the Vietnam War protests of the 1960's. Given Congressman Paul's outspoken criticism of the privately held and criminally operated Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, he is most certainly on their radar. And this could be very dangerous for him, as well as his supporters when they gather in Washington on July, 12Th, 2008. Especially given US Intel's covert violent disturbances of such historic events, when they are orchestrated to disrupt peaceful protests which are formed to criticize some aspect of the status quo in this country.

A recent guest on the Alex Jones radio show has stated that members of the Trilateral Commission and Council On Foreign Relations (the two most powerful Illuminati run organizations in the United States) are very concerned about the popularity that Ron Paul has gained since announcing his run for the U.S. Presidency; especially given his exposition of the criminally operated and privately held Federal Reserve Bank, and its IRS collection arm. Dr. Paul has also called for abolishing the Nazi run CIA and FBI (two cancers on the United States and her people) which has these organizations quitely gunning for him as well.

So his presence at the Washington D.C. Rally this coming Saturday may expose Dr. Paul and his supporters (who may turn out in the millions) to some hidden dangers, should the FBI and DHS decide to use their own provocateurs to incite violence which would give the local cops a plausible reason to attack Dr. Paul and his peaceful demonstrators. The FEDS have known for using such despicable tactics in the past,when attempting to breakup peaceful protests.

Moreover, the last President who called for the abolition of the CIA and Federal Reserve Bank, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated for having done so.

And given that Dr. Paul and his supporters are also calling for the abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, this event will be perhaps the most significant demonstration in Washington in the past 95 years (the year that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS were created based on certain businessmen bribing the United States Congress to get the Federal Reserve Act and 16Th Amendment passed). However, neither legislation was ever properly ratified by the three quarters majority of states needed in which to pass them into law, so they are not constitutional, nor are they legal.

The patriotic gathering on July 12Th will be the most important in this country's history, since it is addressing serious problems within the US Federal Government and private sector; something which the U.S. Congress refuses to acknowledge, because of its own complicity in aiding and abetting the Federal Reserve and IRS,while allowing them to bilk the American people out of trillions of their hard earned dollars, through an unconstitutional system of taxation based on the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx.

The following videos focus on Dr. Paul's intentions for this historic event:

See film maker Aaron Russo's brilliant expose on the collapse of the U.S. Constitutional Republic and the abject fraud which the Illuminati run U.S. Congress has perpetrated against all Americans, in which Aaron exposes the treasonous conspiracy perpetrated by the U.S. Congress, privately held Federal Reserve Bank, and IRS.

See "America From Freedom To Fascism" here:

Learn more about Dr. Ron Paul's Revolution March on July 12Th, 2008 at the following Website:

See Ron Paul's Website and more of his message to restore the Constitutional rule of law to this country here:
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