Monday, July 07, 2008

More Disinformation Being Circulated By Federal Provocateurs To Misdirect The Public Away From The Truth Regarding The NSA's Mind Control Technology

I've found over the past few years that there are as many people propagating disinformation in regard to the NSA's criminal SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE operations as there are those documenting the truth. The need for this disinformation is quite obvious. The FEDS have now lost control of the secrecy of this Nazi derived technology and are using every means of disinfo possible in efforts to obfuscate the facts behind its existence.

Many of these provocateurs insist that a person targeted for this type of assault on their privacy must be implanted with some form of RFID trackable chip. This information is not only untrue, but being deliberately circulated to give the public a false sense of security; specifically, that if they are not implanted, they have nothing to worry about.

However, it is the electromagnetic field that emanates from the human brain which makes humans vulnerable to the NSA's Electronic Brain Link technology. Not an implantable chip. This is not to say that such RFID tracking devices are not being used to track people. However, to think that they are the sole means by which agencies like the NSA can track us, is not only erroneous, but also naive.

Furthermore, anyone who would claim that such an Orwellian invasion of their privacy is legal, is either a provocateur looking to circulate disinformation, or completely insane. There is no legality in using a supercomputer to electronically tap into a person's mind. Only a federal provocateur or complete fool would ever propagate such a ridiculous and inaccurate piece of disinformation.

It is also quite obvious from these outlandish claims, that the US Intel community is furious that AKWEI VS NSA is now being circulated on a much larger scale than ever before, because unlike in the past, there are a greater number of citizens both in the United States and abroad who are recognizing that they are being targeted for such illegal tracking and non consensual human experimentation, without having ever been implanted with an RFID chip.

The NSA's remote neural monitoring of the human brain by way of its own electromagnetic field is no longer a secret. And the FEDS are extremely concerned about this, given their own complicity in the treasonous crimes which they have and continue to perpetrate through the use of EBL -- the linking of a supercomputer by way of satellite to the brain of a targeted person.

And those of us being tracked by such illegal and inhumane means, are well aware that only an upper echelon spy agency like the NSA could possibly have access to such advanced and sophisticated surveillance technology.

The result is that the NSA has now lost the secrecy of its ultimate spy weapon. One which allows the agency to both identify and track you by way of your very own unique brainwave patterns, as well as become an invisible part of your life, by utilizing a part of the infrared spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye, in which to follow you around 24 hours a day; while remotely accessing your mind.

This is EVIL on a scale never before documented. And it's being perpetrated by the NSA with the tacit approval of both the United States Congress and the Department Of Justice -- two New World Order pawns in the Illuminati's agenda to enslave the American people from within.

Furthermore, the more knowledgeable you are in regard to these precedent setting deceptions, the more aggressively you are attacked. And there is no one at the present time who is being attacked more intensely than I am, as the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security attempt to cover up the facts behind their long-term assaults of my person under one of the longest COINTELPRO operations in this country's history.

The result has been a US Intel smear campaign waged against my person, resulting is some of the most vicious slander ever documented, as well as the subjugation of my family and self to the systematic use of psychological warfare, in addition to the illegal satellite tracking by the aforementioned criminal syndicate, which is passing itself off as an intelligence community.



In efforts to keep these crimes against us silent, I have also witnessed the blackmailing of my own family by these degenerate Nazi thugs, whose idea of the truth, is whatever it takes to manipulate society into going along with US Intel's way of thinking. As a family, we have been treated as criminally and inhumanely as any American family in United States History. Something I have no intention of ever letting these covert Nazi's get away with.

US Intelligence Murders Aaron Russo

In the case of the late Aaron Russo, it has become apparent to a number of TI's who are familiar with Aaron's work to expose the Illuminati and their criminal agenda, that he was murdered by way of directed energy weapons, which resulted in the terminal cancer that ultimately caused his death.

And of course, given the active denial aspect of these weapons, is it any wonder why those in Hollywood who knew Aaron would conclude that he died of natural causes, rather than being covertly murdered for his attempts to expose the Illuminati and their EVIL intentions, to the rest of the world? As it was, Aaron had stated in his last interviews, that his Hollywood friends and associates had distanced themselves from him after seeing his documentary America: From Freedom To Fascism. Aaron also said that he understood that they knew he was correct about the subversion of the US Federal Government by the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, but that they had too much to lose in a material sense to join forces in which to expose these Orwellian crimes.

Unfortunately, these people are going to learn the hard way, that they have far more to lose by not working collectively to expose this covert subversion of our nation, than those material items which they covet.

Many American patriots and truth seekers have like the late Aaron Russo, been both remotely tortured and murdered in such ways in the past. And many more will continue to be, since this active denial weapons' system is ideal for committing such crimes with complete anonymity. Something that the New World Order depends on to perpetrate its crimes with complete impunity.

The FEDS will not commit these crimes unless they are certain that they have plausible deniability in doing so. However, as the NSA and other federal agencies that utilize this satellite based weaponry become better known to the public, it will become far more difficult for these agencies to utilize this weaponry without becoming suspect in the murders of others. Especially when those being killed are high ranking politicians, judges, or businessmen, who refused to acquiesce to the demands of the Totalitarian New World Order global police state.
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