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Alex Jones Tells A Former FBI Agent What All Americans Should Say To The FBI Regarding Its Murder Of The Branch Davidians At WACO

Whether you love Internet radio personality Alex Jones or hate him, you have to respect him for tearing this former FBI agent a new one in regard to the pathetic way that the FBI attempted to worm out of its vicious murder of more than 70 Branch Davidians, including the incineration of more than 20 children.

The FBI and BATF barbecued these people and opened fired on many of them with machine guns, when they tried to flee the burning compound. Several of the Davidians who survived also reported that several FBI agents dropped their pants and * mooned the women and children peering out of the windows of the Davidian compound, in what is typical behavior for this rogue element of law enforcement. It was the same kind of abject arrogance and cruelty displayed by the FBI at the Ruby Ridge massacre, in which the day after an unarmed Vicki Weaver had been shot through the head and killed instantly by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi ( as she held her crying ten month old daughter, Allysheeba, in her arms), Vicki's body lay on the floor in the Weaver's home, as one of the FBI agents who had just finished breakfast was heard to say, "how are you this morning Randal? We had pancakes for breakfast, what did you have?"

*See Texe Marrs' article on this American disgrace at the following link:

"The drunken, sadistic FBI would shamelessly drop their pants and underwear and, with gales of satanic laughter, grab and fondle their naked genitals, shoot their fingers, and moon the watching Branch Davidians. I repeat: The federal agents fondled themselves in the belief that children were watching!"

-- Texe Marrs

This is the kind of psychopathology that characterizes the FEDS' criminal behavior. In Randy Weaver, we have a man seriously wounded from being hit in the back from a barrage of FBI gunfire a day earlier, the body of his dead wife laying on the floor beside him, his ten month old child crying hysterically for her dead mother; while the FBI viciously taunts him.

And then there's Michael Boren Williams, whose home was illegally raided by the FBI after George H.W Bush sic'd the FBI on him, broke down the door to his home, strip and cavity searched his pregnant wife and two year old daughter in a room full of FBI thugs, shot their puppy in the head, and then proceeded to ransack his house -- all without a warrant!

Williams was then setup on bogus charges and tortured for two years in a federal maximum security prison, then upon release chased out of the country under threat that Bush senior would have him murdered if he stayed in the United States. All because Williams attempted to expose George H.W. Bush's rampant criminality and ties to the CIA's drug trafficking operations. So now, do you still think that the FBI is a law abiding agency?


And due to its sleazy tactics (which along with the NSA include the videotaping of Americans within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms), this sleaze bucket of a Nazi organization has become despised the world over; its agents uniformly considered to be nothing but a modern day representation of Hitler's Gestapo, and hated for it. In the past Century the FBI (through its *COINTELPRO style operations) has taken part in the tortures and murders of thousands of American citizens.

There is no tactic that is beneath this despicable organization, and why the FBI will eventually be abolished.

*The FBI will only admit that COINTELPRO was a covert program used between 1956 and 1971, when it was exposed by the US Media, after a citizens' action committee broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania and liberated files on the illegal program; which they then shared with the media, resulting in the biggest scandal that the FBI had been involved in up until that time. However, the FBI has always utilized these types of covert psychological warfare operations in which to undermine the efforts of Americans who were only looking to enforce their rights under the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

In the following video clip, Alex Jones gets in the face of one of the FBI/Gestapo's former agents, and tells him exactly what he thinks of the FBI and its despicable and treasonous tactics, including its part in blowing up the Murrah Federal Building in 1995. Anyone who has been covertly setup for entrapment by way of an FBI COINTELPRO STING is well aware that the FBI is nothing but a covert terrorist organization that was created expressly to break the law by violating the US Constitution.

FBI agents know that the Bureau is a criminal syndicate. And those agents who have attempted to blow the whistle on it have had their lives destroyed. Some have even been murdered, including one of the FBI's top terrorist experts, the late John O'Neill.

Alex Jones rips into this former FBI chickenhawk:

Alex Jones being arrested after asking then Texas Governor George W. Bush if he believed that the Council On Foreign Relations and privately held Federal Reserve Bank should be abolished. Further proof that Congress has become nothing but an aider and abettor to these criminal organizations, while helping to obfuscate their treasonous crimes from the public.

* It is also unfortunate that the FBI's agents are able to commit their crimes with complete anonymity and impunity, hiding behind the Bureau, except for those rare occasions where some of its agents are accused by citizens of serious crimes which place the agents' names within the public domain.

Former agents who come to mind here are Richard W. Held, Lindley DeVecchio and John Connolly. All of whom are despicable characters who took part in COINTELPRO operations which resulted in the murders or wrongful imprisonment of many American citizens. And while Connolly was finally convicted of crimes which he was involved in decades earlier, in the case of Held who was involved in COINTELPRO's against the Black Panthers and Puerto Rican Independence movement, as well as the FBI's attack on the EarthFirst! conservationist group, he left the FBI after perpetrating all these crimes for a lucrative job as head of Visa International.

This after he orchestrated the bombing of EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari's stationwagon. A terrorist attack on Judi which nearly killed her, and prompted a federal lawsuit against the FBI, which it lost. Costing the US Federal Government more than $4 million in punitive damages.

For the FBI crime does pay; and in the case of Richard W. Held, it has paid quite well.

As for Lindley DeVecchio, the Brooklyn District Attorney's office had an excellent case against him, until the FBI itself, concerned for what might happen if DeVecchio was convicted and looked to cut a deal with prosecutors by ratting out some of his former FBI cronies, began to interfere in the case. The private investigator who furnished the DA's office with enough compelling evidence to indict DeVecchio, survived a murder attempt (undoubtedly orchestrated by the FEDS), while the prosecution's star witness was suddenly made to look less than credible. A situation which cut the trial short, practically before it began.

The prosecutor stated in frustration, that it was quite evident that the FBI, as well as some of DeVecchio's former associates, were badgering witnesses in efforts to sink the case. Something that most Americans would expect from an organized crime family; not the FBI. However, this is a common practice of the FBI, whose agents have a long standing history of perjuring themselves in court, while fabricating evidence in which to entrap those persons whom the FBI could not arrest legitimately.

Even though there was strong evidence that Lindley DeVecchio was complicit in the murders of five people, thanks to the FBI's interference, he skated on the charges.

However, Angela Clemente, the private investigator who convinced the Brooklyn DA to indict DeVecchio, now copes with injuries which she sustained from the attempt made on her life, while going through her savings to fend off the FBI's legal attacks on her. All because she knew that DeVecchio was guilty of complicity in the murders of five people and attempted to do the right thing.

The FBI has a very long history of punishing those who attempt to do the right thing, especially when its own crimes are being exposed. In fact, even some of its own agents have learned about this the hard way. And oftentimes such punishment can include both the torture and murder of its victims.

Once the FBI is finally abolished, it will leave behind it a history of some of the most vicious and inhumane attacks ever documented, as well as thousands of lives shattered by this Orwellian and malignant beast of burden. For those of us who count ourselves amongst the FBI's myriad victims, witnessing the well earned dismantling of this Nazi organization can't occur too soon.
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