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Marty Tankleff Will Not Be Retried For The Murder Of His Parents. However, His Reputation Is Left Tainted By Their Murders

Several months ago I had commented in regard to New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate allegations by Martin Tankleff's defense team, that the former business partner of his father, Jerry Steuerman, and his son were responsible for the murders of both Seymour and Arlene Tankleff.

I stated at the time that it was my opinion that this special prosecutor would most likely exonerate Marty, however, never indict Jerry Steuerman or some of the other people whom Tankleff and his defense team claimed were complicit in the murders of Marty's parents. At the time I stated that this would occur, because the prosecutor would find that there was a conspiracy here in which certain members of law enforcement may have been involved in a frame up of Marty Tankleff. And two of these people were one of the detectives on the case, James Mcready, and prosecutor Thomas Spota.

It is my opinion, that there was a significant conspiracy behind the murders of the Tankleffs, which was premeditated, and orchestrated by those who knew in advance that Marty would be framed in the murders of his parents, while the guilty parties remained free. Jerry Steuerman certainly had motive in which to see Seymour Tankleff dead, given that he owed Tankleff more than $500,000 in gambling debts, and later faked his own death, shortly after the murder of the Tankleffs. Which only fueled suspicions that he was complicit in their deaths.

In something akin to O.J.'s being driven down the Santa Anna Freeway (in the now infamous White Ford Bronco)by his then pal A.C. Cowlings, who told police in pursuit, that O.J. had a gun to his head and would shoot himself if they did not back off; Steuerman's concern that the police would eventually surmise that he had ordered the murders of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff, and eventually arrest him, likely prompted him to fake his own suicide and leave NY State under an alias.

Special Prosecutor Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Instead of clarifying the situation in regard to who was really behind the Tankleffs' murders, it has now become even more nebulous than prior to the appointment of this special prosecutor. And in many ways, Marty Tankleff has once again been done yet another serious injustice, in that while he will not be tried again for the murders of his parents and is now a free man, he will forever have the taint of their murders on him, while those who really did commit these murders may likely never be brought to justice.

There's also the fact that an innocent man has spent more than half of his life in prison for crimes that he did not commit. Moreover, there's little doubt that where ever he decides to reside, he will also have the police closely monitoring his activities. In fact, I would not be at all surprised if Marty was being remote neurally monitored by the NSA at the present time in a conspiracy in which to entrap him in the future. That is how the FEDS operate; covertly and devastatingly. And without any consideration for the rule of Constitutional law in this country.

So as I said, I would not be at all surprised if Marty has now been subjugated to the life of a satellite prisoner.

I'd be very surprised if he wasn't.

The following is a post that I published sometime back in regard to Marty, and my belief that he was the victim of a very well planned and remarkable conspiracy which included certain members of law enforcement, as well as Jerry Steuerman, his son, and their cohorts.

At least Marty's now free. However, it's unfortunate that he must continue to live under a cloud of suspicion when the real murderers get to skate, in what appears to be an effort to save Long Island law enforcement from what would have been a likely scandal.

It now appears that this is exactly what's happened, and once again, at Marty's expense. If I had to give him one piece of advice, it would be to grow eyes in the back of his head, because those who were complicit in the murders of his parents are not going to be satisfied with their having avoided prosecution. Especially if Marty decides to write a book in regard to this tragic saga, in order to keep this situation in the limelight, and begin the entire investigative cycle all over again. Justice was certainly not done in this case. And it may never be. But I suspect that if Marty Tankleff has his way, this case is far from over.

If ever there were a case in which the indomitable human spirit helped someone to survive a nightmarish situation, it's now well documented in Marty Tankleff and his saga.

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