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George W. Bush Gets His Way Again With A Congress Authorized Spy Bill That Allows US Telecoms Off The Hook For Committing Treason

Margie Shoedinger's Likely Murderer Gets His Way Again

In what can only be considered further evidence of the Nazi that George W. Bush truly is, a miscreant who is without a doubt complicit in the terrorist attacks on 9-11, Bush again gets his way, in yet another devastating attack on the US Bill Of Rights and our freedoms. The Bush Administration remains completely unaccountable for their treasonous crimes under what must be considered to be the worst criminal to ever occupy the office of US President.

The American people are now left in complete bewilderment, trying to determine how it is that George W. Bush continues to operate a criminal syndicate from right out of the White House, without ever having been impeached. A situation which has spawned several petitions calling for his *impeachment, one of which now totals more than a million signatures.

It would appear that most Americans seem to feel completely disenfranchised as citizens of this country, in seeing a president who could not care less about their concerns, has used the office of President for his own personal gains, and over his past two terms has gone out of his way to rub their noses in it.

Now while we can blame Bush for what he has done to us, the truth of the matter is that there's something terribly wrong with our present system of government, when an abject criminal like George Bush can perpetrate his crimes in broad daylight, and get away with it. And a large number of Congressional members (mostly Republican) can quietly aid and abet his treasonous crimes against us.


Perhaps we should impeach all of the 293 congress persons who voted for this spy bill; representatives who are clearly a part of the overall problem with the US Federal Government and Intelligence spy agencies; those who've become the greatest threat to American freedoms that we have ever faced in the past, and in all likelihood will ever face in the future.

The real issue as America continues in her downward and deadly spiral is how much longer are we as a nation going to allow the Congress and this reprobate (who through his criminal cohorts stole the last two presidential elections) to continue to dismantle our Constitution before we do something about it? The US Congress belongs to the American people, and is supposed to be representing and accountable to us.

And it's not.

Moreover, how many of you have called Congress to complain about some aspect of your privacy having been violated by agencies like the NSA, FBI or Homeland Security (since the Patriot Act was passed), only to be completely ignored? Regardless of how many times you have called for assistance?

Quite a few of you, I would wager.

With the passage of this latest anti-American legislation, these so called representatives of ours have not only sold us out, they are in fact guilty of treasonous crimes against us as a nation. And they are taking the US Bill Of Rights apart piece by piece, while completely ignoring and in many cases covertly attacking those American citizens who complain about such a blatant assault on their inherent rights.

We are seeing the emergence of a 1930's Nazi Germany right here in the United States, with all of the telltale signs that this country and its government have been subverted.

US Intel Is A Threat To All Americans
The NSA's RNM Technology -- A Crime Against Humanity

As a long-term target of the NSA and FBIs' illegal satellite spying and COINTELPRO operations (as well as being used as an unwitting target for the NSA's mind control research), having been denied my Constitutional rights by these pieces of bathroom peeping, child raping, Nazi filth, I can say with absolute certainty that the so called freedoms that this country promises its people have for the past thirty years been a total farce.

I say this because how can any American citizen be truly free, when we have agencies like the FBI and NSA using their satellite spy networks to electronically track the EMF fields which surround our own bodies, while using Electronic Brain Link technology to remotely neural monitor our thoughts 24 hours a day? This, while violating in the most egregious and precedent setting ways, the 4Th, 5Th and 8Th Articles of the US Bill Of Rights?

Imagine if you will an entire society of Americans being individually remotely tracked and monitored by way of the NSA's Echelon and Tempest satellite spy networks, and you will begin to have an understanding of just how aggressively the US Intel community has destroyed your privacy. And how vulnerable this electromagnetic field which emanates from your brain makes you to the NSA's satellite tracking systems.

(The NSA uses magnetoencephalogram {MEG for short} imaging of the human brain to target the electromagnetic field within your brain, which identifies your brain's own unique EMF fingerprint. This is how the NSA is able to identify who you are, so that they are able to home in on this fingerprint for electronic tracking and remote neural monitoring purposes.)

While you may not have realized it up until now, you people are sitting ducks.

We all are.

We can't help but be, since our own individual EMF fields are broadcast signals which the NSA vacuums up with its satellite tracking systems and artificial intelligence computers - a situation where as outlandish as it may sound, the NSA can remotely read our sub vocalized thoughts without our knowledge or consent. These so called agents are Nazi's -- they're not Americans. And from their inhumane acts against many of us, it's even difficult to refer to them as being human any longer.

Especially when one considers that they are responsible for the Hi-Tech satellite predation and electronic rape of our minds.

As a result of the treasonous acts which US Intel is perpetrating against so many of us, I propose that as American citizens, it is up to us to protect and defend the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Especially when considering that the majority of the Congress has routinely voted for legislation which has allowed for the US Intel community to decimate the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights in the ways in which I have described above. And it is the treasonists within our government who are aggressively attacking our freedoms in such blatant ways, who should be exposed and prosecuted for committing these acts of treason.

* Note that the FBI and DHS have a cell of agents (in addition to communal provocateurs who participate in the organized stalking and psychological attacks of my family and myself) who spend their days demonizing me with the public in order to discredit the information that I am promulgating here.

Not to mention the abjectly criminal ways in which these Nazi reprobates have violated the Constitutional rights of my family and self, while turning my affluent neighborhood into a meeting place for a pack of Nazi-minded vigilante criminals, who I am well within my right to file criminal charges against, for their mental cruelty and the illegal spying and stalking of both my family and person which is presently taking place.

What I am documenting in regard to the despicable treatment that my family and I are being subjected to, has clearly become not just a national problem, but a global one, as the New World Order one world totalitarian government emerges.

A situation in which the federal government's within our respective countries and their federal secret policing agencies are perpetrating the most sadistic and vicious of crimes ever documented, resulting in millions of people from around the world calling for international investigations into this modern day silent holocaust.

The US Intel community is a main offender here, since they are the catalyst for these acts of treason within the United States. And the FBI, NSA and DHS are attacking me viciously in order to cover up these crimes, before the American people can wise up to what is going on here, and take evasive action against these Constitution raping traitors.

The fact is that my information about their crimes and the satellite based technologies which they are using to deploy most of them, is accurate, and could put many of them in prison for life. And the truth of the matter is that these federal mind raping miscreants and their criminal cohorts should be sent to prison for life.

In fact, that is better than they deserve. What they really deserve is to be hanged for treason.

As for the FEDS' demonization of my person, the FBI in particular has a history of leaking slanderous information in regard to those persons or organizations whom the Bureau has failed to entrap. This is typical of the sleazebags who operate within these criminal agencies; those who do truly believe that the US Constitution is as George W. Bush has been quoted as saying, "nothing but a goddamn piece of paper."

The truth is that these so called federal agents should be subjected to the same types of viciousness that they are subjecting many of their victims to, which includes the use of satellites to violate the 4Th, 5Th and 8Th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. These types of government abuses have been severely punished throughout history. It just takes quite a bit of time before enough citizens are abused long enough and get angry enough to enforce their rights; even if they must do so physically.

The federal agencies and their Nazi minded abuses of my family, self and myriad others are also the primary reason why we must enforce the checks and balances which make our government officials responsible for their crimes against us. Until we do, we are going to continue to find ourselves with agencies like the FBI and NSA videotaping us within our own homes, while subjecting many of us to myriad forms of non consensual human experimentation; the types of crimes which in the past, the world has condemned Hitler and the Third Reich for perpetrating, but which are now also being furtively committed by United States agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA, and DHS, as well as the notorious Department Of Defense (AKA Pentagon).

These agencies know that what they are doing is illegal. Which is why they are sneaking around behind our backs to trash our reputations. That is not the surprising part. These FEDS have always been snakes. However what is surprising is that our communities have been stupid enough to buy into what the FEDS are perpetrating here, not realizing that they are being unwittingly subjected to the same spy technology.

And while some Americans are finally beginning to realize this aspect of the many crimes being committed by this government, the Bush Administration's war on terror and its terming of many Americans who defend their rights, as being domestic terrorists, is complete and utter propagandized bullshit.

Bush should be regarded as the anything goes president, because under this guy's administration virtually anything goes; including the most treasonous crimes ever perpetrated by a US President.

The truth is that Bush is a despicable LIAR and both he and his treasonous cronies are the real terrorists in this country. How could you ever respect a president who can take part in the premeditated murders of nearly 3000 American citizens and then pathologically LIE about his complicity in their deaths.

The same goes for the US Congress which has deliberately looked to cover up the facts behind the attacks on 9-11, with the bogus 9-11 Commission. An even bigger joke as a formal government investigation than the Warren Commission Report was back in the 1960's. And one in which even the heads of the Commission have claimed that they were setup by the White House to fail. It gives you real confidence in this administration and George W. Bush, doesn't it?

As for US Intelligence, through their history of the most craven and insidious of human rights abuses, these federal agencies have proven themselves to be the most dangerous enemy that we as Americans now face. Nazi's masquerading as the protectors of America. Filthy torturers and murderers.

Given this, what better place for them to hide then right under the nose of the American people?

Something US Intel is infamous for doing, when propagating their criminal activities. And as for their spy and mind control technology, the cellular phone is just one of the better examples of this. A device which cannot only covertly influence your thinking and behavior, but also be used to remotely kill you or track you -- all without your knowledge or consent.

A communication's device so universal in its appeal, that even kids as young as their early teens are begging their parents for one. And there are mock up cell phones for even younger children, conditioning them to ask for a real one as they get a bit older.

The psychopathic and murderous CIA really did its homework on this device, yet another way for the Intel agency and its brethren in treason to invade the privacy of an unwitting American people.

What a disaster in the making. As a nation, when the hell are we going to wise up and realize that the US Intel community is our enemy and a threat to our country and our lives?

These are abusive Nazi-minded bastards who are going to continue to abuse us until we decide that we are not going to allow them to get away with it any longer. It is our fault that these despicable agencies have become the monsters that they are, because we were lazy and elected others to do our own work for us. There is no more important a job than keeping your government honest and accountable to you as a nation.

The US Federal Government has become the polar opposite of such a government, as inherently corrupt as any government can possibly be. And with career politicians whose interest lie in doing whatever it takes to keep their jobs, at the expense of representing what is best for us as a nation. There are rare exceptions here, such as Congressman Ron Paul, Senator Charles Grassley, and former Representative Cynthia Mckinney. However three Representatives out of more than five hundred is hardly going to undue the decades of mismanagement and corruption that we as a nation now face.

As Americans, we have all failed miserably in having allowed this government to become as totally corrupted as it has, and must bear most of the responsibility in taking the blame for this human rights disaster which we are now stuck with, including a president who has quite literally stolen his way into office; not once, but twice. And who along with his Cabinet, reigns as the biggest criminal to ever occupy the White House.

We have to do something about this, for if we don't we will find ourselves living in a modern day Nazi Germany, with a government that has completely destroyed those aspects of this country which once made it special. Our Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. I don't know about you people, but I am ready to fight to the death if necessary to defend my country and my rights as an American citizen, against these lowlife treasonists who are attempting to steal this country from under us.

Are you?

I hope so. Because if you're not, you're eventually going to find yourselves on your knees before these reprobates, having been subjugated to their Orwellian dictates.

Is this what our forefathers sacrificed their lives for? For us to become so complacent that we would allow this Trojan Horse enemy to subvert our country and government while raping us as a nation? Because that is exactly what is happening in the present day under the Bush Administration, as our rights under the Constitution are being completely ignored.

And when I say ignored, I am speaking about the most egregious violations of our rights as Americans ever documented; including this government's use of us for non consensual human experimentation, and the most outrageous violations of our privacy through the exploitation of the electromagnetic fields which emanate from our own bodies, ever documented in the history of the human race.

We are already slaves of the NSA's *Signals Intelligence program.

*See John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA to learn more about this:

A situation in which many of us have already documented being individually tracked and remote neurally monitored by way of NSA satellites 24 hours a day. Are you going to wait until millions of Americans begin to report such egregious violations of their privacy, or are you going to take action and use your First Amendment Rights to make the US Congress and Intelligence community answer for this outrageous and treasonous act?

Or do you want to wait for them to videotape you within the privacy of your own bedrooms and bathrooms before you become infuriated enough to shake this government up?

You as a nation are in control of this country; not those whom we have elected to represent us. And if they are incapable of doing so (as many of these politicians have clearly demonstrated), then we must place those who are capable of representing us properly in such important positions, and remove those who are not.


US lawmakers pass under-fire spy bill
By Charlotte Raab AFP - Friday, June 20 10:22pm WASHINGTON (AFP) - In a late-term triumph for US President George W. Bush, the US House of Representatives on Friday approved spy-powers legislation that has drawn heavy fire on civil liberties grounds.

Lawmakers voted 293-129 for a bill that may shield telecommunications firms facing massive lawsuits over their work with Bush's secret, six-year, warrantless wiretapping program, begun after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The measure now goes to the Senate, where Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has opposed granting retroactive immunity to companies that cooperated with a program thought to have skirted established surveillance laws.

During often bitter House floor debate, many Democrats broke with the measure, the fruit of months of talks among Senate and House leaders of both parties that ultimately gave in to key White House demands.

"It's Christmas morning at the White House thanks to this vote," said Caroline Fredrickson, a top official with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which has fiercely opposed the legislation.

Earlier, Bush had used a hastily announced public statement at the White House to press lawmakers to approve new funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and pushed hard for House passage of the intelligence bill.

"It's vital that our intelligence community has the ability to learn who the terrorists are talking to, what they are saying, and what they are planning," Bush said in the two-minute statement.

The spending bill would provide 162 billion dollars for conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, fuelling both for months after Bush's successor takes over in January, without attaching a withdrawal timetable sought by Iraq war opponents.

But the bitterest feuding was over the intelligence bill, which came amid a pitched political battle raging over Bush's decision to secretly launch a warrantless wiretapping program believed to have skirted surveillance law.

See the full article here:

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