Thursday, June 26, 2008

In A Five To Four Vote, Supreme Court Ruling Upholds The Second Amendment -- Reversing A 32 Year Ban On Hand Guns In The District Of Columbia

"If not forewarned about the intentions of psychological operations such as those perpetrated by US Intel agencies like the FBI, CIA, DHS and NSA, those being targeted for such inhumane crimes will become conditioned to respond negatively to virtually every word and object that they are being subjected to. This will eventually allow for the mind of the target to systematically destruct without the need for these federal agents and their provocateurs to do anything further than sit back and take sadistic note of the torture (and oftentimes suicides) that they are covertly inflicting on their targets. A clear illustration of the Nazi infiltration of the U.S Intelligence community and its inherent evil."

An Important Supreme Court Ruling

In a day and age where the Illuminati are attempting to destroy the U.S. Constitution, this ruling by the Supreme Court is both significant and timely. When Americans are now threatened by such Gestapo-like federal agencies as the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security, personal gun ownership has become more important than ever.

Without legal access to a firearm, any American can find themselves subjugated to a tyrannical situation in which those who own guns can impose their will on them. This situation involves more than just the local criminal element, and extends to corrupt policing agencies as well.

And while this latest ruling is not absolute (it can be challenged in the future and undoubtedly will be), Americans should embrace it, since at least for the time being it will give the citizens of Washington D.C. the right to purchase a firearm for their own protection. The ruling also reinforces these rights in states which have legislation which supports the Second Amendment.

In ruling as they have, more than half of the Supreme Court recognizes that as American citizens, we have the right to protect ourselves from those who would attempt to harm us. This has become especially true since the passage of the fascist Patriot Act, which allows federal policing agencies like the FBI and The Department Of Homeland Security, to wantonly disregard our rights as Americans; those organizations who would much prefer to have the Second Amendment completely struck down, making it that much easier for them to dominate us.

In my own experiences with the FBI and NSA, it has become clear that when you can document their treasonous crimes against you, their aggression increases exponentially and in an all out effort to destroy your credibility. And in what can be defined as no less than a smear campaign utilized to demonize you, in which myriad aspects of your life are viciously attacked, while your rights as an American citizen are completely ignored.

This is a clear illustration of federal agencies that are so inherently evil that they cannot afford to have the public learning of their own rampant criminality. Especially when their crimes are in total contradiction to the notion of American freedom. However, anyone who's familiar with the Nazi occupation within the FBI and NSA is very much aware that neither of these agencies follows the rule of Constitutional law in the United States, and that their existence in this country has always been defined by committing treasonous crimes against the American people, while using the US Congress and Department Of Justice to cover up these crimes.

A conspiracy in which to protect the very criminals within this government, that Americans would have hanged for treason, if they were ever to learn of their crimes -- crimes which include but are not limited to the illegal satellite tracking of Americans by way of artificial intelligence computers, which both intercept our sub vocalized thoughts, as well as influence our subconscious minds.

These federal agencies are comprised of Nazi's; not Americans.

Therefore, anyone who offers the information that I am on my Website is going to find themselves the target of a government sanctioned smear campaign, simply because this information will eventually show that the criminality that I am documenting here will include virtually all branches of the US Federal Government, and the entire US Intel community.

And for this reason, those of us who document this information are, as I have said in the past "dead men walking." As a result of this, I remain subjected to the FEDS' psychological operations 24 hours a day, while being the target of a massive smear campaign in which to destroy my credibility, while allowing these federal criminals to obfuscate the facts behind these treasonous crimes.

From my own experiences, I can document how the FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO against my person includes their use of myriad different psychological operations (in addition to satellite deployed psychotronic weaponry) in which to keep me in a state of constant agitation. When they determine that certain programs are ineffective, they are replaced by new psychological operations which are then used until it is deemed that they are no longer useful. Then the same vicious and sadistic cycle begins anew with fresh programming, and while those involved completely deny that they are taking part in these treasonous crimes.

US Intel agents who commit crimes are protected by their fellow agents; not turned in by them. And no one knows this better than the anomalous federal agent who attempts to expose these crimes, only to then find themselves being targeted for the destruction of their own lives.

In spite of this tremendous adversity, what keeps me going is taking solace in the knowledge that I am telling the truth in regard to the technologies that I am being subjected to, and that these technologies (as they are being deployed by a core group of Nazi's within the NSA) are an abject threat to humankind; something that will result in the destruction of the free thought of the human race. And those of us who know for certain that this technology exists cannot be deterred from exposing it, or the Nazi minded criminals within US Intel who are deploying it against us.

These are pieces of mind raping filth that need to be taken down. And we have waited much too long to insist that Congress do so.

What we are describing here are high crimes of treason being perpetrated by myriad officials within our own government; those officials who are working just as diligently to cover up these crimes as they are in perpetrating them.

Moreover, the Congress and DOJ have also perpetrated a similar act of treason in covering up the crimes being committed by the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, while allowing these two criminal organizations to fleece the American people out of trillions of dollars since the early part of the 20Th Century.

The Federal Income Tax is based on the 16Th Amendment to the US Constitution, which was never properly ratified by the three quarters ratification of US States needed to make it law.

Thus, the 16Th Amendment and the Internal Revenue Service are unconstitutional, and the graduated system of taxation which they rely on to impose an income tax on the earnings of the American worker, are both ILLEGAL!

The 16Th Amendment is a complete and treasonous FRAUD. And the privately held Federal Reserve Bank is equally so, having stolen our gold bullion from Fort Knox, while controlling our politicians, and completely undermining our Constitutional Republic. Through its offensive and abjectly treasonous behavior,the Federal Reserve Bank has nearly single handedly destroyed America. And if one percent of the US population realizes this, it's a lot.

Yet, neither the Congress, DOJ, FBI nor NSA will ever admit to this, nor the types of Orwellian crimes that I am accusing the two latter agencies of perpetrating, because it would result in the worst scandal this country has ever seen. And allow for a domino effect type of collapse within this government, as the American people learned of the extent of the treasonous crimes being committed against them.

These crimes are that horrific. And they have been going on for at least the past hundred years. (The NSA's crimes of remotely neural monitoring the US population through Electronic Brain Link technology have been occurring on a national scale since 1980, and undoubtedly even earlier on smaller scale.)

Moreover, there is a legitimate reason for why Americans have never heard more from NSA whistle blowers John St. Clair Akwei or Russell Tice, since they first surfaced with their disturbing information. They are watched by the FBI and NSA 24 hours a day, because their knowledge of the very crimes which I document on my Website would cause the very scandal that I just mentioned; especially when given their credibility as former NSA employees who would have been privy to the crimes being perpetrated by this agency.

Since the 9-11 attacks in 2001 a remarkable number of former federal agents who are now being targeted for COINTELPRO operations, have stated that the US Federal Government has been subverted by a criminal element which has deliberately obstructed justice in finding the real criminals behind the attacks on 9-11. Several of these agents have gone so far as to state that certain groups within the US Federal Government are actually responsible for 9-11, and cite the Bush Administration's complicity in attempting to obfuscate the facts behind those who perpetrated 9-11.

US Intel: A Proverbial Virus

Those of you whose computers have been affected with tricky viruses which then attach themselves to critical system files that necessitate the deletion of your entire operating system, can understand what must be done with the US Federal Government, in order to correct the treasonous betrayal that we as Americans are experiencing as a nation.

Agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS and others which exist to undermine your freedoms are far too corrupted to be restructured. They must instead be abolished, because their illegal spying on us as a nation as well as their use of many of us for non consensual human experimentation, is a far greater threat to our freedom and safety than those international terrorists whom we face.

And the truth is that much of this international terrorist threat is hyped by these federal agencies, in order to justify the enormous funding that Congress authorizes for them each year. This threat also has far more to do with the crimes that US Intel agencies like the CIA and NSA perpetrate against these nations, than it does with any of us, since it's US Intel's crimes that these nations are looking to avenge. And nothing that the American proletariat itself has done. We, too are the victims of US Intel's machinations.

In this case when it comes to the US Intel community, we need to delete the proverbial operating system and start from scratch. It's the only way to restore our Constitutional Republic and get our freedoms back. Anything else will be a complete waste of our time, since these agencies are run by Nazi's.

Given all of the aforementioned, and the fact that a core group within your own government was behind the attacks on 9-11, as well as the premeditated murders of thousands of American citizens, isn't it time that you realized that the only person who can protect you is yourself?

As such, at least for the time being, a firearm (at least one) remains the best method of protection that there is, since it's now become quite obvious that the very agencies that we as Americans have always considered to be responsible for our protection, are the very terrorists whom we now need to concern ourselves with.

In this case our silence is not golden; it's deadly. Therefore, we must speak out loudly and globally. Either that, or we face a certain future of enslavement.

Supreme Court says Americans have right to guns
Jun 26, 11:09 AM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Americans have a right to own guns for self-defense and hunting, the justices' first major pronouncement on gun rights in U.S. history.

The court's 5-4 ruling struck down the District of Columbia's 32-year-old ban on handguns as incompatible with gun rights under the Second Amendment. The decision went further than even the Bush administration wanted, but probably leaves most firearms laws intact.

The court had not conclusively interpreted the Second Amendment since its ratification in 1791. The amendment reads: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

The basic issue for the justices was whether the amendment protects an individual's right to own guns no matter what, or whether that right is somehow tied to service in a state militia.

Writing for the majority, Justice Antonin Scalia said that an individual right to bear arms is supported by "the historical narrative" both before and after the Second Amendment was adopted.

The Constitution does not permit "the absolute prohibition of handguns held and used for self-defense in the home," Scalia said. The court also struck down Washington's requirement that firearms be equipped with trigger locks or kept disassembled, but left intact the licensing of guns.

In a dissent he summarized from the bench, Justice John Paul Stevens wrote that the majority "would have us believe that over 200 years ago, the Framers made a choice to limit the tools available to elected officials wishing to regulate civilian uses of weapons."

He said such evidence "is nowhere to be found."

Justice Stephen Breyer wrote a separate dissent in which he said, "In my view, there simply is no untouchable constitutional right guaranteed by the Second Amendment to keep loaded handguns in the house in crime-ridden urban areas."

Joining Scalia were Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas. The other dissenters were Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and David Souter.

Gun rights supporters hailed the decision. "I consider this the opening salvo in a step-by-step process of providing relief for law-abiding Americans everywhere that have been deprived of this freedom," said Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association.

The NRA will file lawsuits in San Francisco, Chicago and several of its suburbs challenging handgun restrictions there based on Thursday's outcome.

The capital's gun law was among the nation's strictest.

Dick Anthony Heller, 66, an armed security guard, sued the District after it rejected his application to keep a handgun at his home for protection in the same Capitol Hill neighborhood as the court.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled in Heller's favor and struck down Washington's handgun ban, saying the Constitution guarantees Americans the right to own guns and that a total prohibition on handguns is not compatible with that right.

The issue caused a split within the Bush administration. Vice President Dick Cheney supported the appeals court ruling, but others in the administration feared it could lead to the undoing of other gun regulations, including a federal law restricting sales of machine guns. Other laws keep felons from buying guns and provide for an instant background check.

Scalia said nothing in Thursday's ruling should "cast doubt on long-standing prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons or the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings."

In a concluding paragraph to the his 64-page opinion, Scalia said the justices in the majority "are aware of the problem of handgun violence in this country" and believe the Constitution "leaves the District of Columbia a variety of tools for combating that problem, including some measures regulating handguns."

The law adopted by Washington's city council in 1976 bars residents from owning handguns unless they had one before the law took effect. Shotguns and rifles may be kept in homes, if they are registered, kept unloaded and either disassembled or equipped with trigger locks.

Opponents of the law have said it prevents residents from defending themselves. The Washington government says no one would be prosecuted for a gun law violation in cases of self-defense.
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