Sunday, June 15, 2008

The US Intelligence Community Has Now All But Destroyed Your Rights As American Citizens, While Using The Patriot Act In Which To Do So

Goodbye America/Hello Gulag

With the illegal satellite tracking of myriad U.S. citizens by the NSA and FBI (and very likely many other agencies of US Intel), which according to former NSA operative, John St. Clair Akwei, has been occurring since the early 1980's, as well as the NSA's use of a globally based artificial intelligence computer spy network (Tempest & Echelon) in which to remotely read and manipulate our thoughts by way of satellite, every American citizen (as well as those from other countries who are also spied on by the NSA and CIA) should consider it a basic necessity, to research the history of all US Intel agencies and their ties to Nazism.

They are without any doubt, by far the greatest terrorist threat that we as a species face in the modern day. And there's absolutely nothing within the doctrines of these agencies that espouses the national freedom that America was founded on. In truth their doctrines are focused on the polar opposite of such freedoms -- the abject tyranny of those whom they seek to dominate, and through the use of more covert methods than Hitler and the Nazi party ever utilized. Methods, which while less obvious are just as sadistic and destructive as any that have come before them.

Moreover, our beloved Constitution has now been completely shredded by the Bush criminal administration, in the most precedent setting violation of a government ever documented. All while the US Congress has been virtually powerless to stop nearly every aspect of Bush's single handed destruction of the most important document in this country's history. Having done so, George W. Bush and his supporters, have set us back hundreds of years, to the days before the first true piece of human rights legislation -- the Magna Carta - was created. And in the process, undone all of the excellent human rights legislation that our founding fathers sacrificed to propagate more than two centuries ago.

Still worse, is that while the US Intelligence community was quietly influenced by a Nazi ideology from the earliest of its days, its contemporaries have found an important ally in George W. Bush, who continues to aid and abet their criminal behavior, as they do his. Together, they form a synergistic partnership in which to propagate their machinations, while slyly attempting to convince the American people that we must sacrifice our freedoms in the interest of protecting ourselves from terrorists.

This is a blatant and treasonous deception of us as a nation, and by our own elected and appointed officials.

Furthermore, their propagation of the terrorist attacks on 9-11 and the pathetic and ineffective cover up that they sought to perpetrate against the American people by way of the fraudulent 9-11 Commission, is only further evidence of the inherent corruption within the US Federal Government and its Intelligence branch.

Unfortunately, it is the Bush Administration and US Intelligence who have become the very terrorists that we should be fearing, in what has become a clear case of the proverbial fox having made his way into the chicken coop.

And in a day and age where no American citizen is any longer safe from the prying eyes of the National Security Agency and its underling FBI associate, it has become quite obvious that most of those within these agencies are nothing but rogue criminals, who consider themselves to be above the rule of Constitutional law in this country. Which is why they consistently look to violate our rights, while using the most pathetic of excuses in which to justify having done so.

And this includes illegally spying on us within the privacy of our own homes, in what has for many of us become the most egregious violation of the 4Th & 5Th Amendments ever documented. A situation in which we are not just illegally spied upon, but also subjected to long-term illegal interrogations as our minds are electronically invaded by these filthy reprobates, who use satellites and supercomputers to completely bypass the constitutional rule of law, including that of due process.

The fact of the matter is that in far too many instances, some of us have been abused so horrifically, that we have now made a vow to die before ever allowing these treasonous reprobates to get away with these crimes, and no longer even consider them to be legitimate law enforcement, much less a part of this country.

As a result of such treasonous criminality, they have now become neither.

Furthermore, when having been caught in such criminal and treasonous activity, instead of being prosecuted as they should be, these agencies quickly look to demonize those whom they have committed such egregious violations against, through the use of psychological warfare and black propaganda smear campaigns, while sending a clear message to the American people, that they had better fear these rogue agents, or they could find themselves subjected to the same types of tyrannical abuses.

This is an authoritarian approach similar to what one would find in such communist countries as Cuba and Russia; not what one would expect from a country like the United States. However, from the actions which millions of American citizens are now witnessing, the United States has clearly become an authoritarian country, with Intel agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA & DHS using psychological warfare, smear campaigns, and intimidation tactics to neutralize those of us who are speaking out against theses outrageous violations of our rights.

And the use of satellite based directed energy weaponry in which to both physically and psychologically torture us, while using coercion and brainwashing techniques in which to force our families into not only denying the torture that we are being subjected to, but also oftentimes taking part in it.

This subversion of our government did not occur overnight.

In reality it's been in the planning stages since before World War II, and now nearly realized. Learn more about how we were taken from within, by a very clever and EVIL enemy who have managed to pull off an even slicker version of the Trojan Horse scenario than the Greek Empire did during the Trojan War.

Operation Paperclip: How the CIA helped to overthrow the US Federal Government, by smuggling Nazi war criminals into the United States after World War II, and strategically placing them within the US Intelligence community. More proof that the Nazi's and their dogmas didn't die at Nuremberg as we have been told, but instead relocated to what would at the time have seemed to be the least likely place for them to flourish -- America. And they have flourished quite well here, infecting both our body politic and economy in ways that most Americans would never have believed possible.

And at the expense of the proletariat in this country, who are now under their control.

What we are now witnessing is the total collapse of our constitutional rule of law, at the hands of covert Nazi's who seek to destroy us as both a nation and species.

James F.Marino -- Used As An Unwitting NSA Spycamera

* It has also become painfully obvious to myself, that the NSA and FBI have been using me to unwittingly spy on other people for decades, without my knowledge or consent, by electronically tapping into the visual cortex region of my brain, to enable them to see what I am seeing through my own eyes.

This must be considered the most egregious of both constitutional and human rights ever documented by an American citizen, or for that matter any citizen, regardless of which country they hail from. It is also indicative of the Nazi presence within the US Federal Government, and their intention of turning the proletariat on this planet into a race of mind influenced slaves.

Imagine if you will, walking into a room full of family or friends in which you are unwittingly being used in such an Orwellian way, only to decades later find this out. Your guilt at being used to violate the rights of others is only equalled by your abject hatred for those who have perpetrated this despicable crime against you and those whom you have unwittingly been used to spy on.

And my focus for this hatred is on the US Intel community ( and in particular the NSA and FBI), for their precedent setting violations of both my Constitutional rights, as well as those with whom I have been in contact since this illegal spying of my person began 28 years ago. This is without a doubt, the most outrageous violation of privacy ever documented.
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