Thursday, June 12, 2008

9-11 Loose Change Final Cut -- The Most Comprehensive Documentary On The 9--11 Attacks & The US Federal Government's Cover Up Of This Inside Job

As the American people's own independent investigation continues into the terrorist attacks on 9-11, the US Federal Government's official investigation through the 9-11 Commission is unraveling faster than a role of toilet paper.

The real question is no longer if our own representatives were involved in this cover up, but instead how we as a nation will evolve in the future knowing that our own government committed the premeditated murders of nearly 3000 of our own citizens on 9-11, and then through myriad deceptions, has attempted to obscure this act of treason?

In the history of humankind, no nation has ever been deceived more outrageously by its own government, than America and her people. And with the subsequent loss of our freedoms under the Patriot Act, we can only imagine what is in store for us down the road, as we cope with a criminally run government that we can no longer trust.

As I write this, I reflect upon the NSA/FBI criminal conspiracy hatched to illegally spy upon my person over the past three decades, while utilizing me as an unwitting target for their mind control research. And I realize the abject horror that awaits the American people in the near future, as they begin to understand that they are the very targets of the satellite based mind control technologies that I discuss on this Website.

And, moreover, that until they realize this, it is this American populous that is living an illusion - not those of us who are being publicly vilified by these federal agencies, for attempting to expose what is really occurring in this country, and at the hands of the very elected and appointed officials whom we have chosen to represent us.

We are a nation of people who are electronically surveilled by way of the very bio-electromagnetic fields which emanate from our own bodies. A nation of unwitting satellite slaves, who have yet to realize that regardless of what we have been told, we are no longer free. Not in a physical sense, nor a psychological one.

Imprisoned by a network of satellites that encompass this entire planet; controlled by those who would make Hitler himself, proud of such an oppressive accomplishment.

We are the targets of a predatory and despotic group of Orwellian minded miscreants who have harbored themselves within the bowels of our own government; and are at the very core of this country's downward spiral.

We have been lied to like no other nation before us. The question is, will we fight to regain our sovereignty, or allow these filthy despots to finish us off for good? Because that is exactly what they intend to do.

See Loose Change The Final Cut here:

An In Depth Analysis Of The Collapse Of World Trade Center Building No. 7

"With the tremendous loss of life we decided to pull it."

-- Larry Silverstein Referring To The Demolition Of Bldg.7

See Larry Silverstein unwittingly sink the entire 9-11 Commission Report in only FIVE words: "We Decided To Pull It."
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