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I Receive A Veiled Threat That I Can Be Arrested For This Website -- What A Surprise Since The FEDS Continue To Seek An Angle In Which To Do So

"You insulted George W. Bush's wardrobe today. So you are now under arrest as a domestic terrorist."

This is yet another of the myriad aspects of the FEDS' psywarfare operation against myself; one which has been taking place aggressively over the past five years. However, I have no affiliations with terrorist groups, own no firearms, and have never used this Website to promote harm against anyone; including the treasonists within this government who have betrayed all Americans by undermining our Constitution.

However, I have said this before and I will say it again. Anyone who is suspected of a treasonous crime (including members of the US Federal Government), should be tried for their crimes, and if found guilty, sentenced to the maximum penalty as prescribed by US Law.

I will also guarantee you, that the FBI, NSA and DHS have this Website copied word for word, looking for anything which could be construed as complicity in terrorism, while knowing full well, that they have used the NSA's satellite based tracking system in which to perpetrate acts of terrorism against my person, by illegally spying on me for the past three decades, as well as subjecting me to both physical and psychological torture through their use of directed energy weapons, in which to drive me to commit a crime for which I could be arrested.


Simply put, they have cheated their LYING asses off in what is nothing less than a treasonous conspiracy being waged to deny an American citizen his rights under the United States Constitution. And I have had it with their LIES and their complete manipulation of my life -- and more importantly my own Family's.

I am tired of being threatened by these lowlife reprobates, who have played every angle in which to entrap me over the past 28 years, for non crimes. They have deployed the use of psychological operations on my person, as well as illegal protracted satellite tracking, for the express purpose of using me for non consensual human experimentation.

Mind control research.

It is therefore my right as an American citizen, to expose these crimes as well as those within the US intelligence community. And that is exactly what I have done, and what I will continue to do until the day I die.

As for these veiled threats, I have no fear of death, knowing full well that I am telling the truth in regard to some filthy traitors who have betrayed us all, and in my situation alone, have set an abject precedent in violating virtually the entire US Bill Of Rights. I am also well aware that the FBI, DHS and NSA have monitored this Website 24 hours a day, since it was created two years ago, just looking for anything which could be used to set me up on bogus charges.

What these agencies have done here has nothing to do with a legitimate investigation, and EVERYTHING TO DO WITH A CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY WAGED TO DENY ME MY RIGHTS.

Moreover, I am documenting what is turning out to be the complete subversion of our government by a group of criminals who have so disgusted me, that I cannot stand what they are getting away with. And I have every intention of going to my death knowing that not only have I told the truth in regard to these reprobates, but have done everything humanly possible to expose their crimes against my Family, self and millions of other people within the United States, while being subjected to the cruelest acts ever recorded.

As a result of this, the threats of these anathema now fall on deaf ears, as they should, given that the LIES that these so called federal representatives have told us have destroyed their own credibility.

As for the FEDS, they were the ones who denied me my rights over the past 28 years, and in the summer of 2003, slandered me through the NY Media, in a smear campaign in which I was not only demonized, but also subjected to an NSA manipulated media blackout within my own home; one in which my TV and radio programming were completely intercepted and manipulated by these miscreants, as they sought to deny me my rights under the color and cover of law.

Their latest evil machination is the result of thousands of people believing my testimony in regard to what I have experienced as an NSA target for mind control research, and now doing their own research into this US waged travesty against themselves.

This federally orchestrated machination is also yet another act of complete desperation on their part, the result of a government that has lied to all of us!

The fact of the matter is that those who post the truth in regard to this sham of a presidential administration, over the Internet, are the ones who are in danger of being arrested by the FBI, since we are exposing a treasonous betrayal of the American people, and the FBI pit bulls will be called out to neutralize us.

In my case, this is also not a situation where the FBI just happened to find my Website, but instead one in which the FBI knowingly violated my rights, and then watched every move that I made in efforts to defend them.

It is the FBI, NSA and DHS who are the criminals here.

Moreover, the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the human brain is a crime against humanity that CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Consequently, whatever the future brings, I know that I have been candid with the American people and the global presence on the Internet, especially in regard to how the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology has been applied to me -- including the latest sexual assault on my person in the early morning hours of this day. Something which has happened numerous times over the past five years.

And I will continue to propagate this information until the Church Committee Hearings are reopened, or I take my last breath. Because something has to be done to END this satellite based and remotely perpetrated SILENT HOLOCAUST!

And regardless of which this turns out to be, these FEDS should be 1/10Th as determined as I am to see this situation through to the end. Because short of death, nothing will prevent me from doing so.

Especially when one considers that as outlandish as this may sound, the remote neural monitoring/manipulation of the human mind does threaten the very survival of the human race as we know it.

Our political representatives are unwittingly vulnerable to it, as are both our Judges and Juries. The truth is that the NSA's use of satellite based remote neural monitoring is a very real threat to the entire infrastructure of this country and the rest of the people on this planet.

And as a result of this there is far too much to lose here in regard to anyone who has had first hand experiences with this satellite tracking technology, for them to ever back down. I know that I never will.

The reality here is that backing down to such an outrageous violation of basic human rights, would be the equivalent of acquiescing to Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party back in the 1930's. The people who are deploying this technology against my person and myriad others are equally as EVIL, yet far more clever than Hitler ever was.

The bottom line here is that no matter what happens in the future, I've told the truth and I'm not backing down!

So if this Website is suddenly taken down, you will know that it was the FEDS who had it removed. And if I don't resurface as I have in the past, you should also seriously consider the possibility that I may have been murdered by them. I say murdered, because I have no intention of ever being taken peaceably, given that any such attempt to arrest me will be based on a complete fabrication of evidence, and yet a further blatant violation of my rights as an American citizen.

After 28 years of this abuse, I simply will no longer tolerate it.
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