Thursday, June 05, 2008

Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance's Derrick Robinson Describes How Those Who Organize Stalk Him Interfere With His E-mail Account

Over the past few years I have on many occasions documented how the FBI, DHS and NSA routinely intercept my E-mails to others, as well their E-mails to my person. And oftentimes when E-mails go through, they show evidence of having been tampered with.

This is one of the myriad aspects of psychological warfare which TI's deal with on a daily basis. The fact that Derrick's organization (which combats the crimes of mind control and organized stalking) is growing larger and more successful, is further cause for those who perpetrate these crimes (including the US Intelligence community) to sabotage Derrick's group and their work.

However, these saboteurs will eventually fail in their efforts, because in spite of their infiltration of these groups, there are far too many legitimate TI's who are dedicating their lives to the exposition of these crimes.

The post Derrick left on his blog:


Many members of our organization have written and called this past week to complain that they have not received the newsletter. I've even tried to forward the newsletter to some people who didn't receive it, but it comes back. I tried to send it from two different accounts and it comes back just the same. Just now I sent it to one lady who requested it. It came back on one account, so I tried using another email account.

Just before I sent it from the second account, the phone rang once. I picked it up and noone was there. Then I sent the email and it again returned. At 1:45 am, there's no explanation for this call and other activities than interference from the stalkers. I also decide to check the caller ID for this call and it didn't show up. Maybe it needed to ring more times, I don't know.

Furthermore, I emailed this person to explain to her what was happening and the email went through! Proof positive that this is deliberate interference of a specific email!"
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