Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another Mind Control Target Documents The United States Federal Government As The Source Of His Torture

The Extradition, Torture and Electronic Mind Control of U.S. Citizen John Gregory Lambros, a Native of Minnesota

See John's story here:

* As occurs several times each week amongst the myriad manifestations of NSA directed energy weapons' attacks that I experience, includes a terrible fatigue which forces me to drop whatever it is that I am working on and lay down. This happened again this afternoon, which required that I rest for several hours.

Based on my own long-term experiences as a target for non consensual experimentation, I believe that the NSA is using artificial intelligence computers on many TI's, which automatically adjust their remotely induced protocols, so that we are subjected to certain patterns of electronic harassment.

In my case, just a few of such symptoms include an acute shortness of breath which can occur for days and then end as quickly as it began; sexual assaults ; physical pain in any part of the body; dramatic emotional swings including intense rage at times; vision problems; lack of appetite or over appetite; ringing in my ears;
the spotlights around my home and those of neighbors being remotely intentionally triggered at all hours of the night -- and many other indications that there is a very definite pattern to the harassment that I am being subjected to.

I think that it's important for other TI's to look for such patterns within their own electronic harassment, in order to establish where it may be originating from. In my opinion those TI's who experience constant electronic harassment which involves both their bodies and the electronic devices around them, are likely targets of the US Intelligence community (more than likely NSA, FBI, CIA and DOD). Overseas TI's may be targets of US Intel or their own Intel agencies.
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