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More Proof That The FBI Is So Hard Up To Find Terrorists That It Now Creates Them Through Entrapment -- The FBI's Sleazebags In Action

Note that the FBI/DHS/NSA COINTELPRO against my person has continued unabated for the past 28 years (the DHS campaign began after 2001), and over the past 5 years (when this harassment went from covert to overt mode)has remained both extremely illegal and aggressive. Somehow, this federal garbage believes that if they continue to abuse both my Family and self as psychologically as they have been, that I will eventually crack under this stress.

However, they could not be more mistaken, and should not take the understandable and frequent outbursts as anything other than what they are -- a natural psychological response to an extremely hostile and sadistic environment, in which their goal remains to provoke me into a physical confrontation. One in which they can legally charge me with a crime -- something which this federal trash heap has failed to do for the past five years.

On the contrary, their keeping me in such a state of enragement, has only motivated me to research their criminal backgrounds, which I document in detail on this Website.

Moreover, the FEDS have failed in their sadistic and Nazi conspiracy to entrap me, and at a cost of tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money. All because some lowlife federal pimp by the name of Raymond Migliore was so unprofessional, that he could not control himself, and set about to wage a criminal conspiracy in which to deny me my rights under the color and cover of law.

I have said this myriad times in the past and will continue to do so, because Migliore is a lowlife sleazebag who never had the guts to face me, and used his position within the FBI to covertly perpetrate his crimes against me.

And in the process he has hurt a lot of good people.

He is an unindicted criminal who belongs in prison. Not cowering somewhere as this FBI snake's federal brethren look to cover up his criminality, while getting others to do their dirty work for them.

You're not off the hook Raymond; not even close -- no matter what these FBI punks try to do for you. In fact, one might say that it is because of you that the NSA's remote sensing technology is now being circulated globally, as more of us realize how the NSA satellite tracks us to get its information.

How's this for a headline -- "FBI Agent Unwittingly Causes Collapse Of US Intel Community." Because if this should someday happen Ray, your federal brethren in crime will owe it all to you. Good luck hiding from them.


Diary Entry by Jim Freeman

"The FBI, apparently unable to find anyone of interest in the hotbed of Miami disaffection toward America, baited these seven guys into chargeable offense.

For those unfamiliar with the ads, Roach-Motels were pitched as baits, where cockroaches 'checked in, but didn't check out.' Rather like prosecuting attorney Richard Gregorie's embarrassing decision--certainly an order from above--to continue the harassment of six ignorant, homeless Floridians.

The FBI, apparently unable to find anyone of interest in the hotbed of Miami disaffection toward America, baited these seven guys into chargeable offense. Entrapped them, by convincing them there was $50,000 available if they would play-act their way through secretly videotaped and edited conversation."

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Also see:

U.S. to Make Third Attempt To Prosecute Miami Group

By Julienne Gage
Special to The Washington Post
Thursday, April 24, 2008; A02

MIAMI, April 23 -- Federal prosecutors announced Wednesday that they will try for the third time to convict six men accused of plotting to blow up Chicago's Sears Tower and attack other buildings.

"The United States has decided it's necessary to proceed, your honor, one more time to a jury," prosecuting attorney Richard Gregorie told U.S. District Judge Joan A. Lenard at a hearing.

In arguing for a new trial, Gregorie pointed to taped conversations obtained by the FBI in which the leader of the "Liberty City Seven," Narseal Batiste, made threatening comments about citizens of the United States.

"In referring to Americans, Mr. Batiste said he wanted to kill all the devils," Gregorie told the judge.

The defendants, of whom six remain under threat of prosecution, were arrested June 23, 2006, at a warehouse in Miami's low-income Liberty City neighborhood, where FBI informants posing as al-Qaeda operatives persuaded the men to pledge an allegiance to the terrorist organization and offered them $50,000 to take part in a terror plot.

Among the activities some the men engaged in were taking pictures of federal buildings around Miami. During both of the previous trials, Batiste testified that he and his followers agreed to the informants' proposal only because they thought they could con them out of the money. (bold type added)

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