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The FBI's Slush Fund For Data Brokerage Deals -- If Americans Really Knew Just How Criminal The FBI Was, They'd Force Congress To Abolish It

"While the FBI may have a tremendous amount of unwarranted power in the United States (that which it routinely uses to violate the very laws that it has been charged with upholding), this should never be confused with the fact that the FBI is a notoriously criminal and treasonous organization that has covertly murdered thousands of American citizens throughout its century long despotic reign in this nation.

Along with the CIA, NSA and DOD, the FBI remains one of this nation's most despicable and dangerous terrorists; those who wear the tyrannical badge of disgrace."

-- James F. Marino

NSA Mind Control Victim/FBI COINTELPRO Survivor

See this story about an FBI slush fund below. When you get to this page it appears blank, however the story is about three quarters of the way down the page. So scroll down until you reach it.


Also here:

FBI asks Congress for phone record slush fund


The following is another target of the FBI who appears to despise these bogusly badged Nazi's as much as I do. And for good reason, since the FBI acted criminally to deny him his rights under the color and cover of law, after he reported in regard to an FBI slush fund controlled by some FBI agents operating out of the South Dakota office.

Why did he do so?

Because the FBI is such an abjectly criminal organization, that as long as it remains in business, Americans must police this agency to alert others to its rampant crimes, as well as its violations of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We must do so, because the US Congress and the Department Of Justice have completely failed to ensure that the FBI, given its tremendous authority, operates with the checks and balances called for by the US Constitution -- something it has failed to do for the past 100 years.

I can personally attest to the fact that these degenerate stains on the human race are videotaping American citizens within the privacy of their homes 24 hours a day, while in myriad cases using satellite based directed energy weapons to covertly rape, torture and murder men, women and children. And the Congress and Justice Department do nothing to address these complaints. The truth is that in virtually all cases, they simply ignore them and attempt to paint the victims of these crimes as being crazy.

A clear indication that the American people are going to have to police the US Congress and Intel community on our own, since the constitutional safeguards in which to protect our rights are also being ignored by these representatives. And if you honestly believe that *Barack Obama or John McCain are going to change what is happening in this country, then think again -- because regardless of who gets elected, these NSA and FBI satellite raping miscreants will continue to mind rape and torture many of us while they decimate our rights under the US Constitution. And they will continue to dig dirt on the US Congress in order to ensure that our representatives vote in ways that support the criminal syndicate which US Intel has always been.

*Neither Obama or McCain will even admit that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are operating illegally!

How do you think that such an illegal operation has been able to successfully propagate in this country, without the US Congress stepping in to stop such rampant criminal activity? The answer is that Congress has only aided and abetted US Intel (Congress has also aided and abetted the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, knowing full well that both are operating illegally), by giving it more authority, when its agents have clearly proven that they were incapable of the morality necessary to use this technology within the guidelines of the US Constitution.

Federal agents who spy on and videotape you within the privacy of your own bathroom are not moral people.

They are low down pieces of treasonous dirt.

And that is why the FBI and NSA, committing such outrageous crimes while knowing that they are breaking the law, are going to find themselves faced with a scandal not seen in this country's 232 year history. And thanks to many TI's this information is now being promulgated globally, as the rest of the world learns of their own vulnerability to the NSA's satellite tracking/mind reading technology, and its threat to their future survival.

Through such outrageous abuses of the NSA's Human Intelligence technology, both the FBI and NSA have demonstrated that they are an abject threat to all Americans, and as such should be completely abolished.

Take a look at the following Website of one of the FBI's victims. It is easy to understand his complete hatred for these federal miscreants who believe that they are above the laws which they attempt to enforce on the rest of us.

His name is Thomas S. Bean and he is a government whistle blower who knows more about the FBI's criminality than most. Tom "Contacted US Senator CHARLES GRASSLEY three weeks before (Robert) Mueller at FBI HQ flipped on NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program committing numerous state and federal felony crimes. (Tom) signed a 47 page US DOJ OIG Complaint under penalty of prosecution. Got alot of South Dakota Feds fired for good cause."

And now the FBI is paying Tom back for his patriotism, by destroying his life. Isn't that the way it always has been with the criminal and murdering Fascist Bureau Of Intimidation?

"Exposing Government corruption. Trying to locate doctors to remove CIA/NSA mind control RFID chip surgically installed in my skull while I was asleep?."

--Thomas S. Bean

Now where have I heard that before? On yes, dozens of times including from a government whistleblower by the name of Charles Schlund, who after filing a lawsuit against George W. Bush (which can be accessed at the second Website), was drugged by the CIA while in his home and implanted with a similar type of RFID chip to what Tom Bean mentions above.

This sounds really unbelieable doesn't it?

However, the FBI and CIA regularly perpetrate such outrageous crimes against American citizens who can document serious crimes within the US Federal Government; counting on the fact that the public would never believe something so outlandish.

And the US Congress and Department Of Justice completely ignore their claims and requests for help, as does the US Judiciary. Do you honestly think that these government organizations are comprised of law abiding citizens whose integrity is above reproach? Well, with few exceptions, the local dog catcher has more scruples.

Moreover, the illegal implantations mentioned by Schlund and Bean are far more common than you might think.

They're not crazy at all. Just two decent people who blew the whistle on government crimes, and are now being slowly tortured to death so the reprobates within this corrupted government can continue to commit their crimes against us.

And it's about time that the American people were made aware of this, as well as US Intel's treasonous corruption. Because like it or not, you can be attacked just as we are, and at anytime that the garbage within this treasonous government decides to do so.


See Tom's Website and accounts of being targeted for an illegal FBI COINTELPRO Sting:


See Charles Schlund's lawsuit against George W. Bush here to learn about what treasonous criminals Bush and his father are. This lawsuit, like AKWEI VS NSA, has been kicked around in the courts for years, because they do merit Judicial oversight, yet are far too dangerous for any Judge to try, given the explosive nature of their subject matter.

However, you should read both AKWEI VS NSA as well as Schlund's lawsuit to have a better understanding of just how criminal this government is, yet why you as American citizens never hear about this in the US Media - A CIA tool since 1948, which is used to "control the flow of information" in this country, instead of propagating any useful investigative journalism, which could expose these federal criminals and their treasonous crimes.

These traitors may be able to kill us, however, they will never shut us up while we remain alive.

Charles August Schlund VS George W. Bush:


John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA, Fort George Meade, Maryland:
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