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US Intel Actively Counterposting On Websites Which Cite Akwei VS NSA As A Reference To The NSA's Treasonous Crimes Against Certain TI's

US Intel continues its attempts to cover up the NSA's illegal satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring of myriad citizens in the United States and abroad. However, these satellite raping, mutilating, fascists, are gradually losing ground in their efforts to do so, realizing that they are in fact the real criminals here, and not those whom they are covertly attacking.

The real problem here is that the NSA's Electronic Brain Link technology has allowed this agency to become a physical part of our bodies at all times, because it parasites itself off of our body's own EMF field; a unique electromagnetic field that each of our bodies emanates, and which makes all humans vulnerable to such a remote subversion of their being, without their knowledge or consent.

In all likelihood, all Americans are now being tracked by way of these EMF fields, and recorded by way of NSA satellites 24 hours a day, as these degenerate US Intel PIGS videotape these victims having sex, showering, and using their toilets, while intercepting their most private conversations.

Not only crimes of treason, but those of the most degenerate filth to ever have occupied this planet.

And because of this, the TERRIBLE agents of US Intel are facing a dilemma as they are forced to accept the fact that this illegal spying of American citizens (as well as the mutilating and murdering of others through their cowardly use of directed energy weapons) is a crime against humanity only committed by the most despicable of criminals. The most craven of villains. Those who would cowardly and anonymously use such satellite based weapons to torture, rape and murder men, women and children.

May these FEDS burn in hell for what they are doing to us.

The Unintended Consequences Of A US Intel Black Op

It would appear that the US Intel community is continuing to actively monitor the ever growing number of Internet posts regarding TI's who cite John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, as a reference in their own EM harassment; those aspects of remote thought reading/ mind manipulation, as well as the directed energy criminal assaults that they are being subjected to.

And not only are they monitoring these posts, they are posting their own defamatory ones against John Akwei, while looking to circulate their own black propaganda.

These federal provocateurs are well aware that John Akwei was telling the truth in his lawsuit against the NSA, and describing the mind reading technology that the NSA is deploying against many of us.


It is also clear from such machinations, that US Intel is now very concerned that this information and its global propagation, will eventually expose the NSA for its use of citizens from around the planet, for non consensual human experimentation.

Something which will eventually represent a fatal blow to these agencies and their long-term history of committing the most macabre and chilling acts of inhumanity ever recorded.

Moreover, for the time being, these agents themselves are not quite certain of the extent to which the blow back (unintended consequences) from the NSA's outrageous crimes against us, will adversely effect not only the entire US Intel community, but also the US Federal Government itself.

The NSA Is Responsible For My EM Harassment

There is no longer any doubt that this information is extremely damaging to the credibility of US Intel, and will certainly do nothing to bolster its sagging credibility. Especially when one takes into account the outrageous and precedent setting ways in which this criminal appendage to the US Federal Government has violated the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights, in addition to its lengthy history of LYING to the American people.

In regard to the NSA and its treasonous satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring of US citizens, never before in the history of this country have such egregious violations of the US Bill of Rights ever been both reported and documented in such shocking detail.

Furthermore, it is these agencies who are the criminals here, which explains their covert acts of desperation. And by this I refer to the psychological operations that they are subjecting many of us to, in efforts to drive us to a state of both violence and insanity.

Why would US Intel attempt to drive people who are both sane and non violent, to become the polar opposite of such characteristic personality traits?

Because these agents are involved in a criminal conspiracy in which to subject us to illegal satellite based mind control research.

And they don't want witnesses who can expose these crimes against humanity.

There is also no longer any question that the US Congress is aware of what is occurring here, yet will do nothing to help those of us who are being attacked, because the Active Denial Weapons System which US Intel is covertly deploying against us, is highly classified.

However, for many TI's who are being attacked in such vicious and inhumane ways, the veracity of the information contained within Akwei VS NSA is immediately recognizable, based on how directed energy weapons both physically and psychologically manifest themselves on the human body.

As for my own experiences with this technology, there is no longer any doubt within my mind that the NSA is the cause of my electronic harassment. And as such, I will continue to target this particular agency in order to expose its crimes against my person and myriad others, until there is a full investigation of the NSA and the rest of criminal Intel community.

Or I will die trying to effect such a necessary investigation, since the technology that the NSA is illegally deploying against myself and myriad others is the most dangerous to the human race, ever reported.

When your thoughts have been stolen from your mind without your knowledge or consent, your mind and body tortured by those miscreants within US Intel who use you for non consensual human experimentation, and your rights decimated to the degree that mine have been, all while those who have been charged with protecting these rights completely ignore their RESPONSIBILITIES to do so, you have cause under the US Constitution to defend yourself from these treasonous PIGS.

And moreover, to expose those who are deliberately undermining the constitutional rule of law in this country. Especially when they are the very paid servants who have been charged with defending this rule of law. Arrogant fools who have sold their souls to the devil for a lousy paycheck.

Google: Akwei VS NSA.

And don't ever be intimidated or dissuaded (by these US Intel traitors or their provocateurs) from exposing the NSA for the high crimes of treason that it is perpetrating against you and others.

It is both your right and duty as an American citizen to do so, given that the rule of constitutional law within the United States has now been completely dismantled by the present criminals within the Bush Administration, who have given agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS and BATF, Carte Blanche to violate the rights of any Americans of their choosing, without ever being made to suffer the consequences for doing so.

There is no more definitive a sign than this in which to illustrate that our government has now been completely subverted by a core group of fascists who masquerade as our representatives, and who are in fact looking to destroy the United States Of America, while using the infrastructure of this country and the American people for their own despicable agendas.

We cannot allow this to happen. For if we do, we will find ourselves being completely overrun by these fascist interlopers; those who are now looking to make our country their new home, while they figure out ways in which to lock us away in the prisons that they have now taken control of.

These are the real terrorists in this country. Those who have cleverly harbored themselves within what was once our own government. And that is why they must now be exposed and sentenced to the maximum penalty for committing treason against the American people. Starting with the Bush Administration -- the most criminal and despicable in United States History.

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