Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Air Show Over My Patio Courtesy Of The FBI & Homeland Stupidity & A Reminder That The FEDS Are Not Happy With Akwei VS NSA Or Me

When the realization that the FBI was complicit in the 9-11 attacks, by both allowing them to happen and later seizing and most likely destroying *physical evidence which may well have proved that the government's official version of 9-11 was nothing but a complete fabrication, the American people will no longer see the FBI as anything other than a terrorist and treasonous accomplice in these attacks, that is now protecting those who were responsible for them.

*(Three of the black boxes which the FBI has been alleged to have recovered from the planes which crashed into the WTC Towers -- and has denied ever finding -- as well as 85 videotapes seized from the Pentagon and surrounding area -- which the FBI flatly refuses to release, while giving no reasons for denying such requests.)

See the following article which discusses this major FBI cover up in detail. It is also quite clear from this article that the FBI has been caught in a major deception, and now refuses to address any aspect of its complicity in the 9-11 cover up.


*And as the FBI, DHS and other EVIL US Intel agencies plan their next illegal protocol against my person, I take time out to document the following:

Within minutes of sitting down to dinner on my patio this evening, a barrage of jets courtesy of the Unfriendly States Of America's Intelligence community, decided to show up for an unrequested airshow. Not unlike the myriad which I have experienced over the past several years. And still further proof of the enormous investment that these agencies have in seeing me dead. I am certain that many of the TI's who've reported being regularly followed by commercial aircraft whenever they either leave their homes or even step outside for a few minutes, have wondered what it must cost to fuel these aircraft. Especially when they are within the perimeters of our homes at all times, and can be used to swarm us within moments of our leaving our homes.

It is their constant air surveillance around us which enables them to show up so quickly, once we step outdoors. There is also little doubt that the US Federal Government is spending millions of dollars on each TI per year, just to monitor them.

Of course in my case, the fact that no other mind control target has come close to promulgating John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA as aggressively as I have over the past few years, is probably not helping matters any.

However, exactly what do the FEDS expect of us? That we should keep the fact that they can remotely track us by our own EMF fields whenever they want to a secret? Or that they can electronically read and manipulate our thoughts at a whim?

What they are doing is completely illegal (regardless of what they claim -- especially this pathological liar in the Whitehouse). So why should we have to tolerate such outrageous violations of our rights as Americans?

If someone had told me about the NSA's EBL remote neural monitoring technology years ago, I would have suggested that they take a reality break. However, my own curiosity would have motivated me to search the Web just to see if any of the information that they'd told me about might be true. And once doing so, I would have learned that not only was it true, but that there was an even bigger issue at stake. That my own government was in the commission of treasonous crimes against its own people, and that the Constitutional safeguards which were supposed to be in place to prevent such a catastrophe, had totally failed to do their job.

There was a book written several years ago in regard to many of this government's crimes entitled "Who Will Tell The People?" And while I never read it, I did look over the book cover to see the topics discussed within, which were very disturbing. However, nothing like what I and now myriad others are propagating in regard to the usurpation of the mind by way of remote means, through artificial intelligence computers which utilize satellites and maser beam technology to intercept our brainwaves.

This is really scary stuff. Especially when one considers that any person can be targeted for this technology at anytime, and without being notified of it. What these federal agencies are subjecting us to is a crime of protracted premeditated murder.

And as I suspected would happen a few years back, the more aggressive my campaign in which to propagate Akwei VS NSA has become, the more intense the FBI/NSA/Homeland Security COINTELPRO to neutralize me. I have also seen several situations in which the FEDS have propagated outright lies about my person, while intimidating others to take part in the crimes of psychological warfare and organized stalking that I experience daily. Many of them are doing so under the threat of being targeted as I am if they refuse to.

However, despite this adversity, my own experiences are still being circulated globally, and regardless of the demonization campaigns being waged against me by these agencies, because people are gradually beginning to understand that the technologies being discussed within John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA are real, and must continue to be circulated globally until everyone understands that these technologies and those who are deploying them, have placed us all in great jeopardy.

And to say that because of this the FEDS hatred for my person is as personal as my intense hatred for these covert Nazi's is, would not be an understatement, since I am documenting treasonous crimes being perpetrated by government officials who've completely disregarded their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution.

And their excuses for illegally satellite tracking Americans, as well as using directed energy weapons in which to torture us within our homes, is only further proof of what sick bastards many of these so called agents really are.

It is therefore my intention to make Akwei VS NSA a household term no matter how long it takes me. And it's good to know that so many other people are now doing the same including at least one large organization that looks to expose the crimes of mind control, organized stalking and EM weapons (thank you FEDAME for having the courage to stand behind your convictions regarding Akwei VS NSA, and especially John Finch --the TI who is responsible for coming up with the mass mailings of this information to all government, media, human rights and other organizations globally).

This is the only way that this information is going to get circulated the way that it must be.

However, many other anti-mind control groups have been dissuaded by "some" to avoid Akwei VS NSA. And I think that there remain certain persons who carry a great deal of weight within this community who are deliberately looking to obfuscate what is the single most important piece of evidence which proves that the NSA is behind the satellite tracking and mind influencing of most TI's.

However, exactly why these people are doing so has me concerned, since I believe that they may in fact be provocateurs who are maintaining control over these groups, and ensuring that they ignore the NSA as the locus for these attacks.

And that would be a grave mistake.

So the real issue continues to be the focus on Akwei VS NSA, and to make certain that it gets circulated to every single corner of this world through whatever venues possible. For this is life and death that we are talking about here, and the future of humanity.

And until every person on this planet understands that they can be turned into an unwitting lab rat courtesy of such Joseph Mengele like agencies as the NSA, CIA, and DOD, those who understand this must continue to circulate this information.

The FEDS and their provocateurs can laugh at us, humiliate us, demonize us, despise us, and even murder us. However this will not prevent the citizens of this planet from learning the horrible truth about the US Federal Government and its intention of turning us into cybernetic humanoid type creatures who will be incapable of thinking for ourselves, or challenging those who rule us.

We will truly be of a collective hive mentality, where no one challenges such tyranny, because they will have been conditioned to believe that such brutality is normal.

Learning about the contents within Akwei VS NSA must be the first logical step in this journey of enlightenment for the human race. A base of knowledge which each citizen of the proletariat can build upon as they break free of the suffocating doctrines which they have been subjugated to in the past.

This must happen. Otherwise we risk the total enslavement of our minds.
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