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Hillary Clinton's Worrisome Remark In Regard To The 1968 Assassination Of Robert F. Kennedy & How It Must Be Interpreted In Regard To Barack Obama

Over the past week, US Presidential hopeful, Senator Hillary Clinton, stunned the public when she made reference to the 1968 assassination of then Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, in order to justify her refusal to drop out of the campaign.

Clinton's so called *slip of the tongue was clearly made in reference to her Democratic opponent, Senator Barack Obama, whom she had earlier assumed would have been nothing more than an also ran by now.

Instead, Obama has not only given Clinton more than a run for her money, but at present appears to be the likely Democratic nominee come election time.

* Was Clinton's statement a furtive warning to Obama to withdraw from the race or suffer unknown consequences? It appears to me that Clinton is far too politically savvy to have made such a faux pas, and that her statement was instead made out of desperation, taking a risk that in fear for his life, Obama might suddenly ease out of the race.

And given the extensive list of Clinton associates who have died under some very mysterious circumstances (not the least of whom was the late Vince Foster), Obama, and for that matter the rest of us, should take Clinton's comment seriously.

She is clearly obsessed with becoming president because she is a control freak with a gigantic EGO, who has covert ties to the CIA, and would like nothing better than to be the first female president in United States history. Even if she makes no significant contributions to the American people while in office. In reference to this, as a New Yorker, I know of absolutely nothing that she has accomplished since being elected as the Junior State Senator of New York.

That is in regard to having benefited New Yorkers. However, Clinton has done quite well for herself in all this time, having published a book which has earned her millions in royalties, while establishing a strong voter base for herself, which has given her the financial wherewithal to run for the highest office in the land.

The real question is just how far would she go to get what she wants? And at the expense of how many others?

See the following article:

Clinton awaits Obama assassination? Sat, 24 May 2008 08:47:47

Democrat Hillary Clinton sparks an outcry by invoking senator Robert F. Kennedy's shooting to justify her long-drawn-out White House bid.


There is also little question that as the first African American to seek this nation's highest office, and the significant white supremacist presence within the political power base of this country, that if elected, Obama would likely get even less protection from the US Intelligence community than the late John F. Kennedy did.

As a matter of fact, Obama, may like the late 35Th President, become targeted by US Intel for a similar black op used to assassinate him. A frightening, yet real possibility.

Especially if Obama follows in Kennedy's footsteps, as a president who seeks to reduce the size of this over bloated government while looking to cut back on funding for the Military Industrial Intelligence complex -- one of the myriad reasons behind the privately held Federal Reserve Bank/CIAs' assassination of JFK.

All of this adds up to a very risky situation for Barack Obama, since despite the US Congress's political correctness in regard to racial equality, there are many extremely influential people within the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex who do not want to see an African American president. And as a result of this, and in spite of his obvious intelligence and commanding oratory presence, Senator Obama may be unwittingly walking into a proverbial mine field, should he be elected.

There are simply too many frightening coincidences here to ignore. Not the least of which is that the late JFK's daughter, Caroline, has publicly likened Obama to a black version of her father. And more recently, Senator Ted Kennedy surprisingly enough choosing to endorse Obama as the Democratic nominee, instead of an extremely surprised and dismayed Hillary Clinton.

Has anyone else noticed the possible connection here between the timing of Senator Kennedy's endorsement of Obama, and his recently being diagnosed with brain cancer?

It's one hell of a coincidence if you ask me.

Perhaps the wealthy elite in this country will one day publish a monograph in regard to how they've been able to covertly murder their adversaries, while leaving no trace that a crime was ever even committed. Certain types of poisons which cannot yet be tested for. Satellite based directed energy weapons which cause cancers, heart attacks, strokes. All in existence in the present day, yet known to only a relative few.

Also see this Website:


How US Intel "Neutralizes" Those Enlightening US Politicians

As for those who attempt to positively influence a US President, perhaps there is no better example of how they are perceived and dealt with by US Intel, than former CIA agent Cord Meyer Jr's ex wife Mary Pinchot Meyer.

Pinchot Meyer was one of JFK's lovers, and an influential figure in his life both before and during his days in the Whitehouse. Meyer was part of a group of elite Washington housewives who had been in contact with Dr. Timothy (LSD) Leary, in regard to "turning on" the powerful men in Washington to newer ideas which would take them away from the concept of war, and towards a more peacefully run country and planet.

Exactly the opposite of what the Pentagon, US Intel, and Industrial complex wanted to see happen. The last thing they needed to have was a president who looked to avoid such conflicts as wars -- something that would have cost the defense contractors in this country billions of dollars at the time.

So for her efforts to enlighten JFK, Mary Pinchot Meyer was later assassinated by the CIA in an execution style hit. Ironically enough, years earlier Meyer had suspected that she was under CIA surveillance, and blamed the agency for the death of her nine year old son, who was tragically struck and killed while riding his bicycle.

Read the story here:

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