Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Torture Victims Relief Act -- A Nice Thought But Completely Unrealistic Under The US Fascist Police State

You've Gotta Be Dreaming!

It has become impractical for those being subjected to such tortures, to reasonably expect that the very government which is now torturing them, is going to stop simply because torture victims can now supply a piece of paper which says that it's illegal to do so.

The United States Constitution and Bill Of Rights are such pieces of paper, which strictly prohibit the government's use of torture, yet this torture continues to take place in the present day. And with the US Congress, FBI, and Department Of Justice as well as our local police departments, completely ignoring the complaints of torture victims, including those of us who are being satellite tracked and attacked by those within US Intel who are using directed energy weapons in which to perpetrate these attacks.

Why are our complaints being ignored if these laws are being enforced?

Because they are not being enforced! And because these agents of the US Federal Government are well aware that the rule of Constitutional law no longer exists. They just don't want the American proletariat to find out about it, because they would revolt against such a treasonous attack on their rights as US citizens.

Ironically enough, it was Senator Paul Wellstone who created this legislation and was later killed in a plane crash; a crash which many people believe was deliberately caused by those within the US Intelligence community who didn't like Wellstone and wanted to see him dead.

The US Intel community through years of manipulating the US Congress has become so accustomed to committing crimes with complete impunity, that murdering those whom they consider to be a threat to them comes as easy to these agents as breathing. Especially when one considers the covert ways in which they commit these murders -- always done in plausibly deniable ways, which allow these agencies to deny any responsiblity in the crimes that they have committed.

Just pray that you are never on a plane, ship, train or other form of mass transportation along with a person whom US Intel is attempting to covertly murder, because these agences (CIA in particular) are notorious for killing great numbers of people, just to murder the one target whom they are looking to kill.

And they regularly torture and murder without conscience.

Given this fact, what would you call a group of people who consider it acceptable to murder 300 people on an aircraft just to kill the one person whom they are looking to murder?

Or blow up two large skyscrapers killing thousands of American citizens just to give them a plausible reason in which to justify the attacks on countries which they have no legitimate reasons to attack?

Monsters; psychopaths; downright EVIL. These descriptions would easily fit most of those who operate within the hierarchies of these agencies.

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Torture is Un-American

"Providing treatment for torture survivors is one of the best ways we can show our commitment to fighting human rights abuses around the world."

-Senator Paul Wellstone

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