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Still Further Reasons Why The FBI Should Be Abolished -- Former Government Whistleblower Proves How The FBI's Snakes Intimidate Judges

In the following article, a former FBI translator by the name of Sibel Edmonds (and now government whistleblower), describes a strange scene in court, in which upon requesting that the presiding Judge reconsider a ruling in regard to Edmond's case, she and her attorney were both asked to leave the courtroom. This occurred as the government began discussing the ruling - a ruling which again favored the FBI.

Edmonds then questioned exactly how it was that this could happen in an American courtroom. However, the American courtrooms to which she is referring are long gone. Today's courts are corrupted by those powerful elite who control the FBI and other agencies that cover up their crimes, rather than investigating them.

But then again, what can you expect from an agency that has a long history of violating the rights of American citizens to such a degree, that many of them commit suicide under the stress of such vicious attacks on their psyches?

And furthermore, that many of the FBI's own agents have retaliated against it, for covering up crimes committed within the hierarchy of the agency.

Moreover, as I have experienced first hand, when the FBI is attempting to cover up its own crimes, it will do whatever it needs to, to make certain that those whose rights this anti-American criminal syndicate has violated, are denied their ability to expose the FBI's crimes.

And I am referring here to crimes which could place these agents in prison for life.

In Edmond's case, the Department Of Justice itself agreed that she had uncovered severe wrongdoing on the part of the FBI, yet refused to support her.

Once again, the FBI commits the crimes, and then skates due to a corrupted Judge. Such impunity has only further emboldened these criminal agents to attack whomever they want, without ever being forced to pay for having done so. And anyone who knows of the FBI's extensive criminality, and ignores what this agency is doing, is either an aider and abettor of the FBI, or a complete fool.

Furthermore, I for one don't even acknowledge the FBI as anything other than the abjectly criminal syndicate that is has been for the past Century, since criminals have no business being in the law enforcement industry.

And the FBI and the majority of its agents are nothing but criminal miscreants operating in the present day.

Rapists of the US Constitution and the American people.

I am also certain that in the future the FBI will be abolished for this reason as well as myriad others, since its own criminality is so outrageous, that the Bureau is only getting in its own way. And at a cost of billions of dollars a year to the American public.

Additionally, the FBI's collusion with the NSA to violate the 4Th and 5Th Amendments of millions of Americans is so excessive, that there is absolutely no way that its "so called" investigations which involve such spying will ever hold up in a court of law. The founders of this country risked their lives in efforts to rid themselves of such tyrannical organizations.

Those who operate with two sets of rules: one for themselves, and one for everyone else.

Furthermore, the type of *decades long illegal satellite spying that the FBI and NSA have committed against my person and myriad others, would never be tolerated in a constitutional republic. Which is why we need to resurrect our old government and abolish these agencies for the good of this nation.

*Any person or persons who maintain physical evidence of such satellite spying (or have witnessed evidence of such illegal spying) , yet who fail to report such violations to the person or persons whose rights have been so egregiously violated, are in the commission of a crime.

As for these federal agencies, they remain an albatross around our necks. And as long as they are allowed to continue to exist here, Americans will never be free from oppression. The FBI's COINTELPRO operations, the CIA's MKULTRA and drug trafficking operations, and the NSA's illegal satellite tracking and mind control research of our persons, have been and continue to be proof of this.

*The readers should also note that the FBI, NSA and DHS work overtime to demonize and discredit my person, in efforts to cover up their outrageous crimes against me. This is yet another desperate ploy being perpetrated by these criminals. No due process of law is taking place here, because it's the crimes of these vile reprobates that are the real issue. Which is why they are going to great lengths and expense to demonize me, while avoiding all of the applicable laws in the process. The fact of the matter remains, that in 28 years of the worst invasions of privacy in US History, the FBI remains unable to arrest me.

Now either I am one of the most brilliant criminals on the face of this planet, or the FBI is the most pathetic group of incompetent boobs in the history of law enforcement.

Hint: I am far from brilliant. But perhaps it's the FBI's inability to find a crime that they can prosecute me for, which is the real problem here. And the reason why they have been attempting to illegally entrap me for the better part of two decades. Heaven forbid that the FBI is ever fully exposed for the incompetents and criminals which they really are.

As for Raymond Migliore, the FBI agent who's been the catalyst in this decades' long assault of my person, this punk should have had the guts to confront me directly with his accusations, instead of destroying the lives of a great number of people around me.

Migliore is typical of the cowards who operate within the FBI. Snakes who knowingly violate the rule of law in this country, while covering up their own rampant criminality.

You are a lowlife punk, Raymond. A total sleazebag.

More on these FBI BULLSHIT artists here:

FBI Whistleblower Describes Government Muscle Tactics
By Luke O'Brien June 26, 2007 5:19:56 PMCategories: Censorship, Cover-Ups, Privacy, Spooks Gone Wild, The Courts, Threats

A whistleblower who lost her job and was gagged by the Bush administration after revealing careerism, corruption and widespread incompetence at the FBI detailed her difficult search for justice to an audience on Monday at the American Library Association's annual conference. Sibel Edmonds, hired by the FBI as a translator shortly after 9/11, was fired in 2002 after reporting a range of problems at the bureau, including:

--slothful, unqualified employees

--family members of diplomats suspected of spying who translated the wiretaps of their relatives

--ignored or overlooked intelligence warning of Al-Qaeda's plans to hijack planes and attack major cities

--evidence of a Turkish bribery ring that, according to some accounts, was connected to then-Speaker of the House Denny Hastert (R-Illinois)

After Edmonds' aired the dirty laundry, her higher-ups cut her loose. Then John Ashcroft, the U.S. attorney general at the time, invoked the "state secrets privilege," a little-used Draconian national security measure that stopped Edmonds from discussing what she knew. Even information about her birthday and the schools she had attended became classified, a so-called matter of national security too dangerous to disclose. Of course, the information was already public. A google search turns it up instantly. For a time, information about Edmonds' case was even up on the FBI website.

"It is funny and so very sad at the same time," Edmonds told the librarians yesterday. "The next time I'm pulled over by a cop for speeding or at a red light, and they say ma'am can you give me your driver's license, I'm going to say: 'I'm sorry, officer. I can't give it to you. It's classified.'"

But the unusual situation Edmonds finds herself in -- one that she describes as "Kafkaesque" -- is also quite unnerving. Even though Congress and the Justice Department's own inspector general determined that several of Edmond's complaints about abuse and incompetence had merit, she lost a lawsuit against the FBI. When she appealed, this strange scene took place:

See the rest of this article here:

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