Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Excellent Website On Mind Control & The US Federal Government's Cover Up Of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities

About four years ago, I first became acquainted with the Montauk Project, through some people who claimed that this project was an offshoot of the US Navy's Philadelphia Experiment of the 1940's. At first the accounts of some of these people, including those of Preston Nichols, Stewart Swerdlow and Al Bielek , appear to be so outlandish, that no one in their right mind would pay them any attention at all.

That is at first.

However, upon researching some of their claims and learning of advanced government technologies that (many of whose patents have been verified), have been in existence for decades, it becomes clear that there is more than a little truth to what these people are propagating. And this includes the use of such technology to enable us to travel both into the past as well as the future.

There is also little doubt that the US Federal Government is engaged in a treasonous conspiracy in which to deny its involvement with extraterrestrial beings, as well as perhaps several "arrangements" (treaties?) which they have made with these EBE's over the past sixty years.

As such, it has become of paramount importance to both research the types of information that those who've claimed to have taken part in the Montauk Project are circulating, as well as determining for ourselves how much of it may be true.

And of equal importance, how much is not.

In a day and age where the Congress is quietly sanctioning the US Intel community's illegal spying of, as well as satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring of the minds of millions of American citizens, it is equally as plausible that they would deny having any knowledge of involvement with extraterrestrial beings, or the agendas sought by such species.

Instead, it is becoming agonizingly apparent, that the US Congress and Intel community are in some clandestine way, being used by these species, in efforts to keep the rest of the citizens in this country as ignorant of these revolutionary events as is realistically possible. (This is largely being done through the dumbing down of this nation's people by way of the US Media disinformation system).

An ignorant citizen is an easily manipulated and controlled one. In fact, they are the ideal citizen for the New World Order's one world government. A tyrannical government which will completely usurp our ability to think for ourselves.

And much to the US Federal Government's satisfaction, Americans have for the most part become the textbook illustration of such a subtly, yet effectively mind controlled society. Moreover, those within this society who break away from the status quo, become the hunted ones; targeted by such governments, who fear that such freedom of thought will result in the proletariat's questioning of their motives, and ultimately challenging them for supremacy.

And they are absolutely correct in this assumption.

The following Website expounds on many controversial topics, including the aforementioned:
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