Sunday, May 18, 2008

For Those Of You Who Are Old Enough To Remember The Driver's ED Film "Signal 30"

Speeding, drunk driving, and driving under the influence of illegal or improperly administered drugs are the main causes of traffic fatalities globally. And during the end of each school year, the numbers of traffic deaths amongst teen drivers increases dramatically because of these factors. Please show your teen the following video as a reminder of what could happen to them, even as a passenger traveling with a reckless or impaired driver. Even though most of the video is a mock up of the injuries sustained in serious car wrecks; the result of a program known as "Shattered Lives," it's still a very powerful and emotional one that will effect them.

However, if scaring your kids is what it takes to keep them safe, then do it.

And help to ensure that they get to reach a ripe old age.

The following two videos are not mock scenarios. They are taken from real automobile wrecks in which the drivers of these vehicles were impaired. Both are extremely graphic. And the last video is of a young woman who was critically injured. While it's not recommended that your teens see this video, as concerned parents it is imperative that you do; especially since its content is powerful enough to make you think twice before getting into your automobiles again.
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