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Recently Informed That A Former Acquaintance & His Family Have Fallen On Hard Times -- Were The FBI And DHS Responsible For This?

To say that since 1980, I have been walking under a storm cloud would be an understatement. Unfortunately, this storm cloud appears to have adversely effected many of those whom I have been in contact with over the past 28 years, including some former friends, and most important my own Family.

A storm cloud known as the US Intelligence community.

Consider that every person with whom I have spoken since 1980, has had their privacy violated by the NSA and FBI, through the satellite tracking system that I document here, as well as the attacks on my person.

"Justice would be playing the lives of these agents back frame by frame as they have done with my person and myriad others. That would be justice!"

In reality, the FEDS have spun their own criminal Web in which many other people have been illegally spied upon, as these Nazi's have eavesdropped on their personal conversations. People have been murdered, relationships have been destroyed, and lucrative businesses have gone under.

This evening I was informed by my brother, that the very lucrative family business of an acquaintance of mine from as far back as high school, has gone bankrupt. And this evening I found the following post online which indicates that this may well be a possibility. Regular readers will remember a few articles which I have written in regard to what I believe was a federally orchestrated attack on a well known Lyme Disease physician. One who began treating me for a chronic form of Lyme Disease (a biological agent) in January of 1996, and who in my opinion who was blackmailed into closing his practice; which he did in November of 2006.

There have been a myriad of attacks on many acquaintances who will of course deny that anything that has happened to them was federally orchestrated. However, there are far too many anomalies here to ignore. And there is absolutely no question that these victims of the FEDS will never willingly give up information unless they are in such diar straights that they have nothing left to lose.

This is how agencies like the FBI intimidate their victims. This is also an illustration of the Nazi style manipulation that these depraved miscreants will perpetrate against those whose rights they have violated in the most precedent setting ways.

The FBI is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. An Americanized version of the Gestapo.

The following was a post left on a message board regarding this family business. I have no way of knowing for certain if this post is legitimate or not, given that I am always being gaslighted and subjected to psychological warfare. I document this to illustrate how the FEDS can eavesdrop on any person's conversations, without the knowledge or consent of these people. And how the FBI, NSA and DHS can set about to destroy the lives of these people over the course of many years.

Unfortunately, the worst aspect of this is that the FEDS will use their spying of my person, to harm others whom I would never deliberately harm. And the FBI and NSA simply got tired of waiting for me to commit a crime in which I could be incarcerated based on their erroneous and fabricated profile of my person. They were waiting for me to do so, and when I did not, they decided to expedite the situation through what should be characterized as completely illegal operations.

Which is why they have never directly contacted me, and instead looked to demonize me while violating every aspect of US law.

And like other TI's who have experienced virtually identical situations, we get blamed for the damage that the FBI and other Intel agencies have caused in the lives around us, as those who perpetrate these crimes callously and wantonly abuse those who are (or were once) close to us.

And when I say abused, I mean life threateningly abused.

Through the FBI/NSA/DHS attacks on my person, I have been given a tremendous opportunity in which to document every aspect of just how extraordinarily criminal these agencies and others like them are. And given their total trashing of my person, I have a long way to go before I settle this score.

And one way or another, through my knowledge of these crimes, and my 1ST Amendment Rights, I will avenge those who have been wronged by these FEDS, as a result of the FEDS' illegally spying upon and remote neural monitoring my person for all of these years. I am able to do so , since these miscreants have taken everyone and everything I value in this life. So I am in an excellent situation here, in that I can tell some very unpopular truths about these criminals that others who are being intimidated by them are too terrified to propagate.

And one way or another, I am going see to it that these agencies are scrutinized more intensely than they have ever been before. I bet my life on it. And ultimately it will not be the US Congress who does right by us, since Congress is hopeless as it presently stands. Completely emasculated by the Illuminati run criminal Intel community who really controls what is going on in this country.

Which is why the US Constitution is being taken apart piece by piece.

Instead it will be the American people who will bring an end to the US Intelligence community (as we know it), once they realize that their privacy is in jeopardy, just as mine and those around me have been for the past several decades.

The following is the post which I found regarding this person's family's business. And unless it is just a federally orchestrated fabrication, it would appear that Montcalm Publishing has been the latest casuality left in the wake of the FBI and its criminal minions. Those who believe that raping the 4Th Amendment of the US Constitution is acceptable. A situation which this agency is going to pay a very heavy price for somewhere down the line.

As for Montcalm, it was purchased by a lawyer and doctor back in the early 1970's, and eventually completely bought out by the lawyer, whose two sons have been running it for the past twenty years. However, if Montcalm has failed to deliver on its commitments to provide outstanding publications as is stated below, the eldest son of the owner of the law firm (who is his partner) who purchased this company decades ago, may well be forced to defend his brothers against lawsuits which are sure to surface in the future.

While I have no way of knowing for certain if the FEDS were involved here, I think it's quite likely that they may have been. Since the Patriot Act, the FBI has the ability to tear people's lives apart like never before. And this nasty agency is doing so frequently enough, to now have a global reputation as a 21St Century Gestapo.

Has Montcalm Publishing of New York Gone Out of Business?

"Montcalm Publishing (401 Park Ave S, NYC, NY 10016) published Fox Magazine and other adult magazines. Currently, their 800 numbers and 212 area code number are out-of-service and I have not received any issues of Fox since the January '08 one.

They owe me 20 issues on my subscription, plus other items I paid for from them in 2007. I tried an online search but cannot find any specific notice about their going out of business. I checked the BBB New York office website and find them listed as "unsatisfactory" with unresolved complaints. There doesn't seem to be a way to check with the NY State Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection online or via phone; I have to mail in a complaint form. Does anyone have any details about their status or information about how they ceased operations, if they actually did fail?"
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