Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do Clinton And McCain Really Want An Honest Opinion?

Another Line Of Complete Bullshit

A truthful opinion is that you are both Illuminists who will only continue to propagate the lies told to the American people over the past Century, by the US Congress and some of its business partners, including the Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting cartel.

You are two political hacks who are quite proficient at playing the games necessary to remain in office. Yet neither of you have ever done anything to buck the political status quo in this country; and you never will. And in all likelihood, neither will Barack Obama, even if his intention is to do so.

And Hillary, you in particular are a fascinating operator. You have scads of supporters who rave about what a great senator you have been to the people of New York. However, I live in New York, and have routinely inquired as to what makes you so great?

And not one of your supporters has ever been able to answer this question. They talk about your attempt as first lady to restore the health care system in this country - something which you failed to do. Yet, they refuse to discuss your ties to the White Water scandal, or the mysterious death of Vince Foster (or why you were removing files from one of foster's file cabinets just minutes after you learned of his death/murder? What was in those files that was so incriminating, Hillary?).

And then there's the number of other associates who've also met with untimely demises under your husband's former administration. It must be nice to have the FBI's magic fairies covering up for you all the time.

Furthermore, not one of your supporters has ever been able to identify a single contribution that you have made to the people of New York. Yet your constituents continue to view you and your husband as though you were some middle aged rock stars. You and slick Willy are truly two of the smoothest operators ever to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Which is precisely why you should never be elected to public office again. Moreover, given your illicit connections to the Bush Crime family, I predict that you will both end up in the billionaire class some day soon (if you're not already -- whatever happened to those withdrawals from Grenada's now defunct Crozier Bank that you made back in 2003? Invested them elsewhere no doubt.). And at the expense of the rest of us.

As for bringing about a meaningful change in this country, the only presidential candidate who was worth choosing for that(Ron Paul) is now out of the race. So it doesn't matter who wins in November, since none of you will ever make a significant contribution to the people of this country while serving in this capacity.

However, at least Senator McCain did make a contribution once, a long time ago, during his service in the US Military. And that's a lot more than you, Hillary, or Barack Obama have done.

As to the question who would you choose for president? -- my answer is "none of the above," since none of you will ever stand up to the powers that be in this country to protect the American people. And the proof of this is that you and the rest of the US Congress (with the exception of Ron Paul) have flatly refused to admit that the federal income tax is a fraud, and that the US Congress illegally authorized the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and 16Th Amendment in 1913 (both of which led to the creation of the crime syndicate which Americans have come to refer to as the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS). Two privately held corporations, which are protected by the US Federal Government -- even though they are operating in complete violation of the US Constitution.

There's also no doubt that neither of you would ever admit that 9-11 was an inside job, or that the war on terror is nothing but a clever piece of black propaganda, being used to destroy what is left of American freedoms. You wouldn't admit to this, anymore than you would admit that the NSA and FBI have been using satellites and advanced computers to remotely and illegally interrogate targeted American citizens for the past thirty years; the result of the NSA's radiation intelligence (mind reading) technology.

Yes, there's no question any longer that the US CONgress has betrayed the American people through the commission of such treasonous acts. And the proof that you politicians have gone completely off the deep end, is that you can betray your own people, while violating your own Constitution, yet quietly laugh about having done so.

So say whatever you like.

However, it's been your own acts of betrayal against the American people that are going to eventually lead to the abolition of the US Congress; and the call for a brand new government which will enforce the constitutional rule of law which this country was founded on -- something the present Congress has failed to do for more than a Century. And Congress's passage of the Patriot Act -- that was the final insult to a people who trusted you, and whom you have mercilessly and endlessly betrayed. Your future promises as presidential hopefuls, are as meaningless as those past promises which you've failed to keep.
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