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The US Supreme Court Tied Into Bribery Regarding The 2000 Presidential Election -- Al Gore Was The Real Winner & Cheated Of His Right To Be President

UTAH FBI OBSTRUCTS attempted murder of Utah Lawyer
"Utah Lawyer Hospitalized After Being Targeted by Homeland Security for Information Linking Five U.S. Supreme Court Justices With Bribery Over Bush v. Gore Decision

The head of a Chicago-based court reform group said the attorney, Paul Young, was targeted by 'American Gestapo Agents' posing as businessmen. Sherman Skolnick says he has been warned by a federal judge that he also is a target of a bogus Homeland Security probe that may land the 50-year 'judge busting' truth seeker in jail."

What I find of great interest here is that Greg Syzmanski's article is no longer listed on the server which it appeared on.

To me, this is more evidence of how the FEDS remove Internet articles that can be damaging to them, or others within the US Federal Government. Given the import of this article, and the fact that it included information that Supreme Court Justices (including Antonin Scalia) were involved in taking bribes to determine the 2000 presidential election (if true an act of outright treason), it's no wonder why the FBI, NSA or DHS would have seen to it that the article was removed.

As it stands, they have been trying to get this Website taken down for almost two years, given the fact that I can testify in a court of law to having been subjected to remote satellite tracking and the remote neural monitoring of my thoughts (by the NSA and FBI) for nearly three decades. Information that if propagated to every American adult would result in the US Federal Government's collapsing like a stack of domino's. No American is ever going to tolerate being abused by a group of power hungry paid servants who have betrayed their trust in the most outrageous ways ever documented. But first, they must be made aware that this type of hi-tech satellite predation is being perpetrated against them by their own government, and on a huge scale.

24 Nov 2005

By Greg Szymanski

A prominent Utah lawyer, working on an explosive Coca-Cola patent case appeal linking five U.S. Supreme Court justices with taking Coke bribe money in the Bush v. Gore decision, was hospitalized last week in Salt Lake City under suspicious circumstances.

Paul Young, a former law professor touted as a brilliant legal mind, was unexpectedly hospitalized with serious respiratory or pneumonia like conditions and remains in serious condition.

Unavailable for comment, Young told an associate this week who heads up a nationwide public interest court reform group that he immediately fell ill and was rushed to the hospital after being approached by two men in business suits who tricked him into inhaling toxic chemicals.

In what sounds like something out of a James Bond movie, Sherman H. Skolnick, the head of the Chicago based court reform group, told the Arctic Beacon Wednesday in an extended telephone conversation from his south side Chicago home:

I just got off the telephone with Paul and he could hardly talk, but he told me he was approached by two large Samoan-looking men in suits, saying they were businessmen. While making conversation, they handed him a ball point pen and as they walked away, they turned to Paul, saying strangely without a clear meaning youll be needing us.

When he clicked the pen, a substance was ejected and thats when he said he immediately fell ill.

Skolnick said Young also was notified that the two businessmen played the same potentially deadly trick on one of his female legal assistant' s, who is still missing and her condition unknown.

These guys are playing for keeps now and it's all apart of the attack on all of us because of the information we have in our possession regarding the Supreme Court judges and the Coca-Cola/Disney bribery money passing hands in the Bush v. Gore case, which installed George W. Bush as the current resident and occupant of the White House said Skolnick, adding he was recently notified through credible sources that he and others in his court reform group have been specifically targeted by Homeland Security or what he calls the American Gestapo.

Skolnick said he was recently tipped-off by a Chicago federal judge, one of his numerous contacts made in his 50 year career of judge busting, that he, Young and others are smack dab in the middle of a scam Bush administration probe to put them behind bars for bogus homeland security violations.

In my younger days, I would go right over to the court house and ask the judges if they were looking for me. But if they want me, they know where I'm at and will have to haul me out of the house. I've been told this attack on us stems from recent secret meetings of federal judges chaired in person or via teleconferencing by Antonin Scalia, an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, said Skolnick, who did not want to reveal the federal judge who tipped him off for his protection. The judges asked for and received from George W. Bush, an order signed by proxy Karl Rove, designating certain persons linked to the court-reform group, as domestic terrorists during a war emergency.

Because of this certain members of our Chicago-headquartered court-reform group face seizure of their properties, assets, goods, licenses, and records, and face the possibility of also being stripped of our citizenship and making us detainees without time limits and without trials and without right to consult attorneys.

Skolnick claims the Bush administration is pulling out all the stops, as the attack on Young demonstrates, to use intimidation, life-threatening tactics and the Patriot Act to silence the group in an effort to protect the five high court judges from felony charges, stemming from their majority decision installing Bush as President in an illegal fashion.

The case, pinning the judges to the wall, is long and legally complicated but involves a federal copyright infringement case filed against Coca-Cola by a graphic designer named Robert E. Kolody, the man who Young represented in his appeal.

Skolnick, helping Kolody in his case, uncovered shenanigans by Kolody's original attorney who admitted to Skolnick in the courthouse cafeteria that he permitted Coca Cola and their attorneys to spy on his client's confidential legal strategies.

The accusations opened up a can of worms, as well as leading to other secret documents obtained by Kolody and the court reform group, showing not only that the 14 judge federal en banc panel assembled in Chicago unfairly and arbitrarily blocked Kolody' appeal, but also that they blocked information that secret Coca-Cola and Disney funds were used, according to Skolnick, to bribe and corrupt the five judge majority, spear-headed by Justice Anton Scalia, who installed Bush in the Oval Office.

Thereafter, to try to unblock the appeal, Kolody retained Young, the brilliant Utah lawyer who was unsuccessful in getting the appeal to proceed which would have obviously implicated the fourteen appeals judges in obstructions of justice to assist Scalia and four others on the High Court to hush up the Coke/Disney bribery in Bush vs. Gore, said Skolnick.

To put Paul Young out of action, first a prosecutor and judge in Utah framed up Paul Young on phony criminal charges. Now, they obviously attacked him and he is still in grave condition as I just finished talking with him from the hospital.

This all comes from the information we have that the Bush v Gore decision was corruptly and arbitrarily procured through secret use of funds, obtained by book-cooking, from Coca-Cola and also Disney. It should also be mentioned that many of Coke's overseas offices are in great part proprietary operations of the American CIA."
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