Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are American Parents Sending Their Kids To School For An Education Or To Be Dumbed Down And Brainwashed Through The New World Order's Indoctrination?

From grammar school and high school, right on up to the University level of education, America's youth are being indoctrinated by the Illuminati through their Tavistock orchestrated disinformation campaigns. To be subjugated to America's second rate system of education, is to be both disinformed and in need of deprogramming.

An ignorant and dociled American citizen is easy to influence and therefore easier to control. However, a well educated American citizen who understands their rights under the US Constitution, as well as the Jesuit organized Illuminati plague on humanity, is far more difficult -- if not impossible to control.


Are Mommy And Daddy Right? Or Are They Wrong?

Who's going to win an argument regarding the many facets of an incorrectly reported American History? A well informed parent who's learned about this government's treasonous lies, or their child, quoting from an Illuminati authorized history textbook? The conflicts here are both myriad in scope and far reaching.

"Dad, why would you say that the Kennedy Assassination was a government orchestrated conspiracy? And that there were multiple shooters in the murder of John F. Kennedy?"

"You're wrong, Dad. And I can prove it. You see, it was Lee Harvey Oswald who killed John F. Kennedy. He shot him from a window at the Dallas Book Depository. It even says so right here on page 166 of my history book. And they wouldn't have printed this if it wasn't true. Besides, I got this question right on my last history test."

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of today's education system, is that if most of the students actually answered truthfully about a myriad of historical events within the United States, they'd end up failing their classes.

The disinformation age and America's youth. How the Illuminati moulds the youth in the United States through their own phony indoctrination:


How the Rockefeller Foundation orchestrated feminist movement took Mom's out of the home for eight hours a day, thus leaving the fresh young minds of their children for the Illuminati to mould however they see fit.

America in decline:

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