Sunday, May 11, 2008

US Federal Government Surveillance Is Orwellian In Scope -- See The Following Resources To Learn More

As the United States continues to be absorbed into the New World Order's one world Totalitarian government, the NSA's satellite tracking systems and the remote neural monitoring of the minds of all Americans, will become the most outrageous violation of human rights in the history of the human race; a situation in which the mind of each person will be enslaved to those who control this technology.

As it presently stands, the NSA, FBI and DHS are in complete violation of the US Constitution in their treasonous attacks on many of us, where these agencies and their criminal agents are violating our rights under the color and cover of law.

As such, the US Intelligence community has made it quite clear from their actions, that they have no interest in abiding by the law or defending the US Constitution, and that they are in fact working to destroy every last remnant of it. This is a group of reprobates who have not only sold out the American people, but who also represent the most abjectly EVIL, craven and despicable occupants of this planet.

Those who are acting in concert to willfully attack anyone whom they disapprove of, even though in doing so, these agents are the ones who are violating the very laws which they are paid to uphold. It is now their own criminality and hypocrisy which is going to bring down the Nazi subverted US Intelligence community -- a treasonous and Orwellian organization which is going to collapse in on itself like the proverbial house of cards.

Furthermore, the FBI and NSA's satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring of American citizens is going leave these federal agencies with a legacy of both tyranny and Hitlerian cruelty.

A good resource site in regard to the technology these Nazi subverted agencies are covertly using on us. There can be no doubt that they are the real enemies of the human race.
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