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Commentary On The Wrongful Conviction Of Former IRS Agent Sherry Jackson For Tax Evasion -- A Non Crime Under The US Constitution

"If you don't pay your taxes, you go to jail."

This is a commonly held and erroneous belief propagated by the criminal US Congress, which has left the American people believing that it is illegal not to pay a tax on their wages.

A complete and utter LIE.

However, over the past Century there have been several Supreme Court rulings which have been decided in favor of the American worker, since these cases clearly determined that the wages of the American people are to be considered personal property and thus non taxable.

The US Congress has known all about these rulings since as early as 1894. Yet they deviously found a way in which to illegally make an end run around the US Constitution (much as the Congress is doing today with the illegal satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring crimes being committed by US Intel agencies like the NSA).

How did Congress get away with helping the IRS and Federal Reserve to steal trillions of dollars worth of American wages since 1913?

The US Congress never did not like the Supreme Court's rulings regarding its attempts to tax the wages of Americans, and sought other means in which to parasite itself off of the American people and their hard earned wages.

Our founding fathers desired a small transparent government which was cost efficient and effective in protecting the rights of all American citizens. However this albatross that we have been saddled with in the present day is none of the above, having been taken over and now controlled by the Illuminati corporatists who obtain their politicians the old fashioned way -- they buy them.

In 1913, Congress passed the 16Th Amendment which is the law that Americans are told, authorizes the Internal Revenue Service to impose a tax on their earnings.

However, according to tax protester Bill Benson, the 16Th Amendment was never ratified by the 3/4 majority of the US States, which was required to make it constitutional. So the 16Th Amendment as it stands in the present day, is unconstitutional, and should be struck down, since many innocent Americans are being imprisoned for failing to file a tax return, even though it states within the IRS tax code, that filing a tax return is "voluntary compliance."

Why are the US Congress, Federal Reserve Bank, and IRS refusing to discuss this matter? Because they are well aware that the 16Th Amendment, as well as the income tax are both illegal. And moreover, that if they ever admit to this, they will be faced with the prospect of the American people calling for the abolition of the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank, while demanding that all monies paid to the IRS and then transferred to the Federal Reserve, are returned with interest.

This would be an outright disaster for the US Congress, as well as the Federal Reserve Bank/IRS criminal syndicate, which has been stealing trillions of dollars from the American taxpayers since 1913, when the unlawful creation of both the Federal Reserve Act and 16Th Amendment allowed for this Congress authorized fleecing of the American people.

Former IRS Agent Sherry Jackson is one of the latest victims of this criminal syndicate. An honest and patriotic American citizen who resigned from the IRS when the organization refused to show her the law which required Americans to pay a tax on their wages. Sherry has now been wrongfully convicted of tax evasion, and will face sentencing in the near future. Such prosecutions by the US Department of (In)Justice, are being done to intimidate American citizens into paying an illegal tax on their wages.

And as has been the case throughout history, such a system of injustice is now being challenged aggressively. And while there will be many others who will continue to be imprisoned for tax evasion, there will eventually come a time when the knowledge of this immense fraud on the American people, will cause them to rise up to such injustice and refuse to pay another dime in taxes.

Such an uprising will eventually result in the exposition of this US Congress implemented fraud, and the abolition of both the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS. This is going to take time to happen; however, it will happen.



By: Devvy
November 5, 2007

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“It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.” James Madison, Father of the U.S. Constitution

My friend, Sherry Jackson, is the latest victim in the Federal Department of Justice's crusade to silence any American who dares tell the truth about the misapplication of the federal income tax. Sherry isn't some "tax protester" who wanted to get out of "paying her fair share." This intelligent, articulate woman is a former IRS Revenue Agent and Certified Public Accountant. She is a woman of rare qualities. A wife, a mother. A woman of deep religious faith. She also doesn't put up with liars, the railroading of the American people and has worked very hard over the years to get the factual truth to her fellow countrymen and women about how we the people have been had. Of course, this doesn't sit well with the criminal syndicate out there in Washington, DC.

Sherry determined many years ago that she was not one of those required to file and pay federal income taxes. Sherry didn't come to this conclusion overnight nor did she undertake her exhaustive research to "get out of paying her fair share." Sherry also came to understand the symbiotic relationship between the privately owned Federal Reserve and it's feeding artery, the IRS. Like so many others, DOJ went after her for willful failure to file and on October 30, 2007, she was convicted by a jury who obviously has zero knowledge of the law nor did they care. They did their civic duty!

When I heard the news, I was sick to my soul. Another friend found guilty of violating a law that doesn't exist. Another honest, decent, law abiding American will be stripped from her family and friends, taken to a federal pen, finger printed, strip searched, degraded and humiliated because twelve jurors not only have no idea of the subject matter, they didn't believe Sherry's testimony known as a good faith reliance defense. The feds brought in some highly suspect rebuttal witnesses (more on this later) and the curtain closed. Less than 45 minutes later, America's friend was made a felon. Have you ever been in a federal court room? I have and I state categorically that most people put on the stand, fighting for their life, their very freedom, would fill their drawers before the swearing in even begins. Sherry held her own on the stand.

See the rest of this article here:

Also see tax protester Bill Benson's Website which documents his research into the US Congress perpetrated tax fraud which allowed for the creation of the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank. The 16Th Amendment was never ratified by a 75% majority of the states, and is thus unconstitutional. So why are the wages of the American working class being taxed each year, when this money belongs in the bank accounts of these workers, and not the criminal syndicate which we refer to as the Federal Reserve Bank?

See Bill Benson's "The Law That Never Was" to learn more:
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