Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Four Elements Necessary To Prove That A Criminal Conspiracy Is Taking Place

"Those who violate those aspects of the US Bill Of Rights which are in no doubt constitutional, are criminals, even when those committing these crimes are duly authorized agents of the US Federal Government."

The Criteria Needed To Define A Criminal Conspiracy

The law is clear enough in regard to what constitutes a criminal conspiracy against the US Federal Government. However, what happens when it is a branch of the US Federal Government that is in the commission of such a crime against certain American citizens? A situation which is becoming more apparent in regard to the rampant crimes of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking which American citizens are reporting on a regular basis?

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You'll notice that the same post is also listed below. Depending on the "number theme" which the FBI and its evil minions are using in a myriad of different triggers, they will hack my Blogger account so that when I go to post an article, instead of one post appearing, the number which they are using as a trigger will instead be posted. Most times, it's either two or three posts. The FEDS have done this to my Internet posts constantly, regardless of where they have been posted over the past several years. Whether or not Blogger is involved in this sabotage I do not know. However, there is no question that the FEDS are the catalyst here, and continuing to cause trouble, in the illegal psyops which they are perpetrating against my person.

Given their abject violation of my rights as an American citizen, I no longer consider the FBI or its cadre of unindicted felons, to be law enforcement, but instead, New World Order lackies who violate the US Constitution instead of upholding it. Anyone who violates your rights as extensively as these federal reprobates have mine, is a serious danger to society, and belongs in prison. There is no rule of law in how these satellite predators are operating, which is eventually going to come back to haunt them, as they are made to pay for these egregious violations of both constitutional and human rights.

Notice the same exact post listed below. That is what these bathroom peeping deviants do best. Violate your rights every opportunity they get, while allowing a treasonous miscreant Nazi puppet like George W. Bush to orchestrate the murders of millions of people, while raiding the US Treasury in which to finance these atrocities. The FBI is a disgrace to the American people and humanity itself.
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