Saturday, May 10, 2008

FBI Raid Was Clearly Unconstitutional -- Federal Thugs Continue To Justify Invasions Of Privacy Under The Fascist Patriot Act Which Are Unacceptable

The only thing worse about the Fascist Bureau Of Intimidation than its abject rape of the US Constitution and American people, are the pathetic excuses which these satellite predators will use in efforts to justify the fact that they DELIBERATELY BREAK THE LAW. It's bad enough that these pieces of crap are videotaping us using our own bathrooms and attempting to justify the kind of deviant behavior that puts others in prison or psyche wards.

And if you think that I am making too much of this situation, than speak to another target of non consensual human experimentation who has experienced being routinely electronically raped by some psychopathic malignancy sitting behind a computer, which is running the type of software which can target any portion of your brain or body for electronic invasion, and they will painfully describe this nightmare to you chapter and verse.

The FBI and NSA have always been extremely bad organizations. However, giving these Nazi run agencies legislation like the Patriot Act in which they now simply run over American citizens with the intensity of a locomotive, was just asking for trouble. There's nothing worse than giving a bully more opportunities in which to bully others, while ensuring that he has Carte Blanche to do so.

This is exactly what the US Congress has done for the FBI, NSA, DHS, and other alphabet agencies. And at the expense of the rest of us, since many of us must now deal with the psychopathic activities of the communities which these agencies have now criminalized. Unless you think that it is normal and acceptable for large groups of people to propagate myriad forms of psychological operations in which they violate the rights of others, while completely denying what they are doing. And if you do, then you should be chased around by this sadistic nutjobs, so that you can begin to understand the damage they are doing to the rest of us.

Go up to the average perp and ask them what they are doing in front of your home and you will get a plausible excuse for their being there -- even when they are there at 4 in the morning. They are looking at the house across the street, waiting for a friend -- essentially any excuse you can imagine -- instead of the truth; that they are stalking you. And they are never going to tell you exactly who it is that orchestrated this stalking campaign against you, because if they did so, they'd either find themselves being subjected to such stalking, or they'd be murdered by those criminals whom they exposed.

Which is why it is extremely rare that these perp's will expose those who are behind the attacks on your person. One might say that it is deadly for them to do so, which is why these campaigns can be conducted by thousands of people against one person, and the targeted person never learns who's behind these crimes.

I was fortunate in this case, because the FEDS took to the airwaves to demonize me publicly, while subjecting me to a media black out within my own home.

So it's not like the FEDS can turn around now and say that they have had nothing to do with the attacks on me, since years ago they admitted publicly that they were targeting me -- and in having done so, ironically enough, indicted themselves in these crimes against my person.

Which brings me to our communities, and how they are being used as pawns in these crimes.

Did these people come up with these tactics on their own? Of course not. What they are taking part in is a US Intel orchestrated militaristic type of operation being deployed outside of a military environment. Yet another violation of our Constitution being waged against us by those psychopaths within US Intelligence.

And contrary to the FEDS' latest line of bullshit, I have no intention of cracking under the extreme pressure which they continue to place me under (more extreme and vicious than you can imagine), and will instead continue to document every aspect of what these Nazis are getting away with, as what is left of the freedoms in this country disappear for good.

Since most people's heads remain in the sand in regard to the outrageous crimes that these reprobates are perpetrating; some of us are left with no other choice but to document them. And we will do so, right up until the day that we take our last breath. What else can you do when you are dealing with federal agencies that are now attempting to imprison people simply because they don't like them?

And trying them in the court of public opinion, instead of in a court of law?

This is exactly what the FEDS have done to me for the past five years, and there's little doubt that they are also perpetrating this crime against a great many others. So in answer to such outrageous crimes against my person, I am trying these federal agencies right here on this Website. And they are guilty as hell of the crimes I have accused them of.

The truth is that they are DEAD WRONG in what they are doing. And they no longer have the rule of constitutional law supporting their treasonous actions. As for the Patriot Act; it's nothing but expensive toilet paper that should be completely disregarded by any American citizen who values the constitutional rule of law in this country. We need our constitution back as quickly as possible, since Patriot Act toilet paper, no matter how fancy or expensive, is hardly a substitute for it.

Another example of the FBI's egregious violations of our Constitution:
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