Saturday, May 10, 2008

Box -- A Constant Trigger That The FBI Uses In Its Psyop Against My Person

The FBI has been using this trigger word as part of its psyop against my person for nearly five years now, as a symbol that I am for all intents and purposes dead. They have also gone so far as to leave a wooden box in the middle of the entrance to my neighborhood in the hope that I would run over it with my motorcycle and crash (they also had one of their agents provocateur use a Ford Taurus sedan to crash into the same motorcycle in the Summer of 2005 when assaulting me with a deadly weapon). The FEDS upped the stakes that day, and I have diligently documented every aspect of these crimes since that time. In looking back over the past few decades, I am able to identify several instances where auto accidents were actually staged by these federal miscreants, who will think nothing of crashing into your vehicle and putting your life at risk.

These are the kind of sick minded anathema that are operating as federal police -- their mentality is absolutely frightening; especially when one notices the Gestapo elements in their operations. They should be relegated to digging ditches in their own backyards and playing war with toy soldiers, where the casualties are limited to plastic figurines.

In an ironic twist of fate, and through the cruelty of many of its own sadistic agents (and their complete violation of the constitutional rule of law), it is the FBI themselves who are now boxed in, with no where to hide when it comes to covering up the absolutely "terrible" crimes which these agents have perpetrated against many of us.

The reality is that the FBI is extinct within its own time. It's inhumane and completely Draconian protocols have seen to it that the Bureau's days are numbered, whether they choose to admit it or not.

*** Notation -- Most of the vehicular stalking is now taking place during the day, and seems to slow at night, when the stalkers lose the advantage of having the colors and types of vehicles which they are using, seen by me -- this is remarkable, since it is evidence that they rely on my being able to identify these triggers to make these psyops more effective.

As such, using vehicular stalking at night becomes far less effective, since the makes and colors of the vehicles -- all psychological triggers -- cannot be seen.

Even during the day time, blocking part of your window greatly reduces the visibility of these vehicles, which makes these stalkers waste their time. That's the objective here. To make them waste their time and money, so they eventually realize that their criminal efforts are futile, and that they are being used by the FBI and other US Intel agencies to break the law. And at more than $4 a gallon for premium fuel -- which many of these stalkers use to operate their expensive vehicles -- their stalking crimes are going to be costing them more in the future, as they should.

Let's not forget that these people are aiding and abetting the criminal thugs who are operating within the US Federal Government, whose intention is to destroy our Constitutional rule of law.

And the only way to show these people that you are not going to tolerate what they are doing, is to both document their crimes, as well as using every counter measure available to you, to ensure that it is these unindicted felons who are "neutralized."

These counter measures will eventually allow the TI to grow accustomed to this daily vehicular stalking, and learn to ignore it, resulting in this venue for harassment losing most if not all of its effectiveness. I can see this illustrated by the perp's frustration at their inability to perpetrate this crime effectively against my person.

One way or another these organized stalking crimes will end.

And it will be those with constitutions of iron who will be responsible for bringing about this end. Those whom the stalkers refer to as sociopaths, ice, things, and whatever other demeaning adjectives spring to their wicked minds, the result of their having to acknowledge that the people whom they are targeting for such depraved crimes are far tougher psychologically, then these pathetic, mental dwarfs will ever be.
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