Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Brief Yet Typical Illustration Of How The US Intelligence Community Under Covert Nazi Rule Uses Psywarfare Tactics To Violate A TI's Rights

The US Intelligence community's utilization of satellites to commit such abhorrent crimes as the illegal satellite tracking, remote neural monitoring, sexual predation, torture and murder of American citizens, is now being circulated globally, as the full exposition of these atrocities is made known the world over.

As a long-term government target of illegal non consensual human experimentation, I am subjected to psychological warfare 24 hours a day, often deployed by my own heavily coerced and brainwashed family; as well as a cadre of FBI/DHS scum who covertly manipulate these crimes from their cowardly buzzard's perches.

Given my love for my family, and the love which they once had for me (and which the FBI long ago sought to destroy given the cancer that this Nazi run agency is), I owe it to them to document what we have experienced as a family, in order to illustrate for the readers, the illegal ways in which the FBI and its criminal brethren operate. And how they work to covertly gnaw away at perfectly good relationships, until there is nothing left of them. There is nothing legal in the ways in which these George W. Bush fanatics operate.

God only knows how many thousands of relationships the FBI alone has destroyed over its cursed 100 year history. And the same can be said for agencies like the NSA, CIA and DHS; all of whom are pawns of the Illuminati's New World Order one world fascist government. A government in which there is no longer any rule of constitutional protection for the proletariat on this planet.

We are being mind raped by hi-tech satellite predators, employed by the US Federal Government, who commit these crimes under the cover of National Security and the color of law. These are federal agents who should be in prison, not behind a computer screen torturing us with this technology.

Also take into account here, the fact that my mind has been electronically accessed by these psychopaths for the past 28 years, a situation in which my thoughts have not only been illegally stolen by this garbage, but also manipulated for years, and you have an intolerable situation in which you are setup to fail regardless of what you choose to do.

That is unless you acknowledge that it is a shadow government, harboring itself behind the mask of what used to be your own government that is perpetrating these outrageous crimes. Once you have done so, you can then begin to extricate yourself from the myriad lies which you have always been told by this government, and to expose it for the egregious fraud that it is to all of the American people.

And that is just what I have been doing for the past three years, and will continue to do until the day I die.

How can you ever respect this kind of scum? Subhuman reprobates who rape our Constitution and our persons, and blatantly lie about it, while claiming to be the last word in law enforcement. A federally orchestrated Nazi perversion of human nature that has now criminalized entire communities of men, women and children, for their own psychotic and EVIL means.

A group of monsters who report a lie as being the truth, and the truth as being a lie -- a defining characteristic of a fascist government like the one which we now have in the United States.

The psychological operations that I am subjected to daily, change regularly (oftentimes with an early morning phone call from an agent provocateur who supplies my family and the local community with certain "trigger words, phrases and objects" which are then used throughout the day to cause me psychological harm).

The house across the street (a group of people who've been taking part in the *psyops against my person for nearly 5 years) is presently under reconstruction, with a new wing being added to it. And over the past few weeks, the "workers" have been playing games by strategically placing their vehicles within view of a bedroom window which faces onto my front lawn.

* Today, one of these "workers" left two white shirts (wreaking so much of cologne that it smelled as if the guy must have bathed in it) on the roof of his car, which were then knocked off as he did a quick K turn, and left the neighborhood. This was an obvious adjunct to the psyops I experience daily. My first thought was to simply toss the shirts in the trash where they belong. However, given that this person is nothing but a dupe of the FEDS and their agents provocateur communal stalkers, I simply took the shirts and laid them over the mailbox of the home which this "worker" has been working at.

As for those who perpetrate these communal crimes of stalking, I regularly see these filthy creeps driving up to neighbor's homes with the latest psyops to be deployed against my person, and then slithering out of the neighborhood like the snakes they are.

Oftentimes, these psyops are propagated in regard to chores which must be done, yet are in some way sabotaged. For instance, watering the lawn with a hose that has been deliberately damaged to make a simple job, more complex and annoying. It is these moment to moment annoyances which are made to occupy the entire day of the TI, that are designed specifically to drive the targeted person to a state of mental instability. Especially after the person has been subjected to the same types of mental duress for thousands of days in a row.

A situation which depending on the severity of these daily attacks, has already driven many TI's to commit suicide, or crimes which they would not have otherwise committed, had they not been tortured through the use of these psychological operations.

And if by some miracle a TI does not crack under the strain of these Orwellian attacks, the FEDS then deliberately mislead the public by stating that the TI is displaying an unnatural response to the sick minded and twisted protocols which they are being subjected to by these anathema to humankind.

Only Nazi garbage could ever perpetrate such depravity against others. And that is exactly the kind of crap we find operating within agencies like the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS and their criminal brethren -- all disciples of Satan -- and equally as EVIL. LIARS.

These agents are perverts, liars, cheats, thieves, torturers and murderers. The kind of complete filth that will videotape American citizens within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms. This kind of disease of the mind does not happen in a constitutional republic. It only propagates under the kind of tyrannical rule that many Americans are now being subjected to in this country; and by what should be termed as utter PIGS.

I am so completely disgusted with what they have gotten away with, that I would much rather die exposing this garbage than ever acknowledge them as anything other then what they are.

And the fact that they utilize psychological warfare on our own families to cause irreparable damage to our relationships with them is yet an illustration of how deeply disturbed these agents are. Thousands of TI's have reported the destruction of their own familial relationships, due to the same types of federally orchestrated psychological warfare that I deal with 24 hours a day.

These federal agents should be subjected to the same psychological operations that these cowards have subjected many of us to. They deserve it.

I refuse to back down, and will stand up to this federal scum until the day that I take my last breath. No matter what they do, I am going to document every second of it, as well as the total devastation that they have caused within my own family, and those of many others. A once wonderful family who has now been completely dominated by this government refuse; so much so, that they will completely deny the truth in regard to what the FBI and its scoundrels have subjected all of us to for the past five years.

However, no matter what happens, these federal criminals are not going to get away with these crimes against humanity any longer. They have become an abject cancer on the human race -- one which I thoroughly despise and will no longer tolerate.

A good primer on psychological operations and their criminal uses:

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