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What LIES Will The FEDS Tell US Next? Those Who Satellite Track Us, Yet Refuse To Show US The 9-11 Pentagon Tapes.What's The FBI Hiding From Us?

The following article should be taken in the context that while there are good men and women operating within the US Intelligence community, the community itself was founded on Nazi ideals, and has always been used to covertly implement them. It is these ideals which are inherently flawed, and used to indoctrinate those who then propagate these EVIL ideologies against the rest of us.

A situation which I have experienced to such an extreme, that I have covertly become the FEDS' number one enemy, because I promulgate the truth about this ideology as well my first hand experiences with the most reprehensible crimes ever committed by any federal agency. Those which include defamation of character, torture and rape by satellite based electronic means, and remote manipulation of the human body and brain, for decades.

I have documented the truth about this on this Website, and these federal criminals are well aware of it; now looking for further aggressive ways in which to attack me. Attacks which are now and have for many years been taking place illegally. There is no one in this country who has ever had their inherent rights as an American citizen more outrageously abused than I have. No one. Which is why the FEDS will deny what they have done in a court of law, and completely obfuscate the facts here, while leaving out exculpatory information.

250,000 consecutive hours of satellite surveillance is AN OUTRAGE!

As such, one of the primary purposes of this Website is to illustrate the nuances of an FBI COINTELPRO operation -- the finest of details -- so that the US Intelligence community is exposed to the very people in the United States whose rights they violate each and every day.

US Intel is YOUR ENEMY. And they do not operate Constitutionally, which means that they do NOT BELONG IN THIS COUNTRY.

Agencies like the FBI (Fascist Bastards Incorporated), NSA (Nazi's Subverting America), CIA (Cocaine Import Agency), and DHS (Department Of Homeland Stupidity). For it's these agencies and others within US Intel who are directly responsible for the treasonous destruction of our constitutional republic, and for terrorist attacks which include but are not limited to the ones on 9-11 (under the Fascist Bush Regime).

These are the exact same agencies who continue to support the complete CIA usurpation of the US Media in which to promulgate their disinformation regarding 9-11 and myriad other LIES. The US Media is a CIA tool used to control the flow of this disinformation.


These are the same agencies that are using satellites to spy into your homes, and to rape your minds through the use of Electronic Brain Link technology; a technology which is deployed by way of advanced super computers, satellites and maser beam waves, which are directed at the electromagnetic fields which surround your bodies.

As the French philosopher Joseph Jobert once wrote -- "To Teach Is To Learn Twice." And the more that I promulgate this astounding information, the better that I understand this technology, and how it is being illegally applied to so many of us.

A technology which I have been illegally subjected to since 1980, the result of a rogue FBI agent abusing his position within the FBI to violate my rights under the US Constitution.

And the time has come for the US Intelligence community to face those whom it has tortured and murdered since its wicked inception. And there is no one on this planet who has earned the right to say this, more than an American citizen who has been targeted for such outrageous crimes and violations of their inherent rights.

Furthermore, to say that there have been millions of Americans and other citizens around the globe who have been tortured in such ways may well be a conservative figure. The only thing which exceeds the insidious crimes of these federal agencies, is the precedent setting deception of the American people which they continue to promulgate.

Lets face it -- these agents are the consummate liars and sadists.

These are not just bad people -- these the most abjectly EVIL and wicked people to have ever walked this planet. Agents who believe that it is within their own purview, to not only access your mind, but also control it.

People like this should be under the earth, not on its surface.

Agents who wantonly murder anyone whom they decide to attack. Agents who claim to be moral and law abiding citizens, yet who regularly break the law, and look to destroy anyone who attempts to expose their own criminality. Agents who are such filthy PIGS, that they will videotape American citizens within their own bedrooms and bathrooms and propagate these videos without the knowledge or consent of those who've been illegally taped.

These federal agents are shite.

And this is why they are now losing their credibility as law abiding organizations. This and the fact that they are trained killers, who have absolutely no problem with murdering people. And they operate on fear and intimidation in order to maintain a population that is terrified of them, and who will refuse to challenge their immoral, illegal, and tyrannical dictates.

These federal agents are shite.

These fear tactics have worked quite well over the decades, but are becoming less effective with each passing year, as the American people begin to understand that US Intelligence, the US Congress and whatever presidential administration is currently in office, have demonstrated that they are beholden not to the American people, but instead to their wealthy benefactors -- those who get them elected and appointed to office. And those who help to keep them in office.

However, when those who have been attacked in the most vicious of ways by this federal trash, have lost everyone and everything in their lives that matters, fear no longer becomes an issue. We become impossible to control.

And it is revenge that becomes the impetus of the TI.

And it is those of us who have no fear of death and an exemplary knowledge of where this government's skeletons lay, who become the most egregious threat to the Illuminist criminals who make their treasonous homes within this government.

A complete fraud of a government whose claim to fame rested on a war in which our Constitutional Republic was finished off, while US Imperialism and international economic expansion became the new doctrines of the corporatist controlled US Federal Government.

There are millions of such government employees who regularly take part in the decimation of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. And these millions are also a sign of how bloated this once streamlined and just government was. A government which unlike the present shadow government, served ALL of its people, and not just the wealthy and well connected Illuminist elite, whom through their criminal and selfish acts, have placed the American proletariat in serious jeopardy.

To put it succinctly, the US Intelligence community and the freedoms which all Americans were promised under the US Bill Of Rights, cannot exist concomitantly.

And the proof of this is that since US Intel was created beginning with the most polarizing organizations, including the FBI and Secret Service, American freedoms have been eroded to such a degree, that we have a Nazi minded war criminal with the morals of a viper sitting in the Whitehouse, and a Vice President who may even be worse. A total coward who uses our money and military to fight wars which America has no business being involved in.

And an Intelligence community which has decimated our freedoms under the pretense of a bogus war on terror. A complete piece of black propaganda, that the late Nazi minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, would have been proud to call his own.

We have a government that does not answer our questions. It instead, arrogantly attacks those of us at the first sign that we are aware that this nation is no longer operating on behalf of its citizens, and looks to deny us our 1ST Amendment rights to speak out.

As it stands, the FBI, NSA and DHS have been subjecting me to this crime for the past several years, removing posts on the Independent Media Center Websites which document what they have subjected my Family and self to. It got to the point where these reprobates were even deleting my own Websites for bogus reasons, just to prevent me from documenting the most precedent setting crimes against the American people and our own Bill Of Rights, ever documented by an American citizen.

However, I persisted in my efforts and put up new Websites the minute that the original ones were deleted. And I will do so anytime that the FEDS again attempt to deny me my first Amendment right to express my opinions (Or any other right which I am entitled to as an American).

Like others who document such outrages of privacy in reference to that contained within John St. Clair Akwei lawsuit against the NSA (a stunning account of the NSA's treasonous betrayal of the American people) my information has always been far too important for the people of this planet to ignore, given the treasonous acts by US Intel that I have witnessed first hand.

And this is why the FBI, NSA and DHS are attacking me more aggressively than they have ever attacked anyone.

A situation in which these federal agencies have crossed so far over the line of legality, that I, like many other Americans, can no longer live on this planet without being tracked 24 hours a day, while having my mind electronically raped by this US Intel congenital mistake.

And through the demonization of our persons, these reprobates then attempt to obfuscate these truths; devastating crimes which could lead to their abolition, with the types of blatant lies that only a despotic government would attempt to get away with.

As for George W. Bush, he is lying to you about everything from stealing his way into the Whitehouse in 2000 and 2004, to the fact that he had nothing to do with the attacks on 9-11.

He is LYING. And he is a treasonous murderer.

This situation has become such an obscenity, that the true patriots in this country are being setup for prosecution, and oftentimes tortured and murdered within their own homes, for speaking out against the current administration and the treason which it's clearly guilty of.

Moreover, as more Americans continue to wise up and speak out, they will find themselves being subjected to the lives of those oppressed by a tyrannical government. Satellite prisoners who cannot have a thought or a moment's privacy under this covert Fascist regime.

And for those who are foolish enough to remain silent, believing that some how they are going to remain miraculously unscathed by this treasonous attack on their freedoms, they are only aiding and abetting those within this government who will eventually be enslaving them through the use of a military occupation. As well as the enslavement of their minds by way of satellite based mind influencing technology.

This country is presently being stolen right out from under you by thugs like George W. Bush, his father, and a cadre of like minded and inherently EVIL people, whose goal is to reduce the size of this planet through the use of mass genocide; genocide which will take root in plausible enough ways, so that these murders will appear to be the result of natural causes. However, they will be the result of biological, chemical and electromagnetic weapons, as well as the use of the geophysical manipulation of the weather on this planet; perpetrated by government organizations like the HAARP antenna farm in Alaska, which is directly responsible for issues like global warming -- Al Gore conveniently left out this inconvenient truth from his award winning documentary.

In all likelihood the earthquake in China earlier this week which has already killed more than 20,000 people, and may well exceed 50,000 by the time the final numbers are in, was created by such artificial means. And that means that thousands of people did not die in a natural disaster as the media is leading us to believe, but were instead murdered.

This type of manipulation of the media is common. A decade after the missile attack on TWA Flight 800, the US Media was still reporting the FBI's official version (LIE) of this attack -- that it was a malfunction in Flight 800's fuel tank which was responsible for the disaster. A complete fabrication by the FBI.

The FBI has also covered up the facts behind the murders of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren Bissett. In my research over the past few years, I have found no less than 25 situations in which the FBI was used to cover up terrorist crimes, instead of legitimately investigating them.

And again I ask, why is it that the FBI still refuses to show us the confiscated tapes that it took from the Pentagon and the surrounding area on 9-11? And furthermore, why aren't more people concerned that the FBI is refusing to release these tapes?

These federal rat bastards sure have no problem releasing the tapes that they illegally take of us within our own bedrooms and bathrooms. It's just the tapes that have something to do with real terrorism that the FBI chooses to keep from us.

Or perhaps destroy?

So to the citizens of this country and planet, it's time for you to speak up for yourselves and against these agencies and those who control them. Those who have perpetrated these acts of treason against us. Either that, or live with the fact that you helped those who were looking to enslave you, to do so.

Because aside from death, there isn't a third choice here.
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