Sunday, May 18, 2008

From the Website Which References Akwei VS NSA In Regard To Remote Neural Monitoring Technology

"Remote Neural Monitoring is a matter of U.S. Supreme Court DOCUMENTED NSA reality. It's one form of such "mind control" and "tracking".

But alas, there is protection, and protective measures, not only from the Lord and his Mighty Angelic Host, but also from the proper knowledge:

UNDER ATTACK!: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electronic Weapons (Electronic Attack) cause inexplicable manifestations! While chemical pollution can often be seen and felt, electromagnetic pollution is not seen and is seldom felt. Yet, it can cause cancer, birth defects and many psychological and neurological disorders.

EMI and electronic weapons can be destructive to people, pets, plant life, equipment, plastics, etc. UNDER ATTACK! includes actual cases (which we have investigated) of electronic attacks on people by electromagnetic weapons! Topics also include: Low Freq. Exposures, Manifestations, Harmful EMFs, Beneficial EMFs, EMF Weapon Systems, Computer Analyses, more! Includes how to tell if you are "under attack", how you can pinpoint the source of the attack, and specific countermeasures. Words=19.2K. $29.

ISBN: 0-934274-36-3.

The tracking is ultimately done by the Battle Engagement And Simulated Tracking or B.E.A.S.T. artificially intelligent SUPERCOMPUTERS in tandem with the beast network (deep space platforms)."

Most anti-mind control organizations don't believe that there is any way at present to completely end these EM attacks. The following Website will give the readers some information regarding many of the products available to help combat the types of electronic assaults being perpetrated by the US Intelligence community.
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