Sunday, May 18, 2008

The FBI's Attack On The Beatles' John Lennon -- Do You Honestly Believe That The Bureau Had Nothing To Do With His Murder?

Did The FBI Murder John Lennon?

Interview with Mae Brussell regarding the murder of John Lennon:

Hoovering up the peaceniks
The FBI sucks!

“Since 1972, John Lennon has continued from time to time to lend his support to various extremist causes, but does not appear to owe allegiance to any one faction.” That's a sentence from an unmarked, undated document stamped “confidential” that appears to have originated with MI5. . . .If the British intelligence on Lennon was banal, the US effort was downright ludicrous. When Professor Wiener secured access to the bulk of the FBI files nine years ago, he discovered that the FBI could not get even basic details right, like Lennon's address in New York. They hatched plots to arrest Lennon on drugs charges, which never materialised, and drafted a wanted poster whose most striking characteristic was that the photograph they used was not of Lennon at all, but of another rock singer with long hair and glasses called David Peel. The [ London] Independent, 21 December 2006

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The FBI Is No Stranger To Murdering American Citizens

Next To Illegal Spying & Blackmail It's Their Bread & Butter

Former FBI agents like Richard Held (one of J. Edgar Hoover's fairhaired boys) are proof that the more outrageous an FBI agent's crimes are, the more they are rewarded by the Bureau. Held was the chief architect in numerous COINTELPRO attacks, including that of eco-activist Judi Bari. During his time with the FBI he authorized smear campaigns against many Americans who sought to defend their rights as citizens of this country.

Held also authorized the murders of many of these activists. At the end of his career with the FBI (the result of investigations into the FBI's covert activities), Held was rewarded with a very lucrative job as head of security for VISA International; proving that if you work for the FBI crime does pay. That is unless you are an honest and hard working agent, who oftentimes will end up being discriminated against by the Bureau, and targeted for the systematic destruction of your life -- which includes having your finances drained to the point where you become completely impoverished.

Some Websites on Richard Wallace Held's crimes against myriad Americans. Richard Held should be tried for many crimes including that of the murders of several Black Panther Party members, and the attempted murder of Judi Bari. Instead he remains free, making a nice living -- like the Nazi war criminals who were smuggled into the United States by the CIA did in the late 1940's, under Operation Paperclip.
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