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The CIA/FBI Conspiracy To Covertly Murder Well Known Yet Politically Incorrect Musicians

Closing remarks in 1981 Candor Magazine interview with conspiracy theorist Mae Brussell:

Tom: You apparently believe there was a government conspiracy to assassinate and silence John Lennon which was conducted by the same people who murdered other political figures and musicians in the past eighteen years?

Mae: Absolutely! The federal government has maintained active programs to eliminate rock musicians and disrupt rock concerts. Senator Frank Church's Committee hearings in 1975 and the FBI Cointel-Programs clearly document the intent to break up any gatherings of the "new left". Nothing brought anti-war demonstrators together with political messages more effectively than music festivals.

There is hard evidence the CIA assigned agents to "investigate the music industry." After the murders of Tim Buckley, Jim Croce, and Mama Cass Elliot, more information surfaced about earlier mysterious deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin. Listed below, but not updated this past year, are some of the rock musicians who have died since the Huston Plan and the FBI Cointel-Program were activated. If these people had been taking any kinds of drugs, there is the distinct possibility that specific poisons were added to their drugs, enough to be fatal, to make it appear that they had died from a simple "overdose."

Casualties of the FBI/CIA conspiracy to murder "certain" US musicians:

John Lennon, Paul Kossoff, John Bonham,Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Steve Parson

Buddy Holly, Berry Oakley, Bob Marley, Otis Redding, Tim Buckley, Sal Mineo,

Brian Jones, Jim Croce, Harry Chapin, Jimi Hendrix, Richard Earina,

Brian Epstein, Beatles manager

Janis Joplin, Lenny Bruce, Jim Morrison, Larry Williams,

Michael Jeffery Jimi Hendrix manager, Duane Allman, Bon Scott, AC/DC,

Mama Cass Elliot, Richie Valens, Rod McKernan, "Pig Pen" of the Grateful Dead,

Gram Parsons, J. P. Richardson, Phil Oakes, Ronnie Van Zandt, Marc Bolan,

Steve Gains, Donald Rex Jackson, Grateful Dead mgr. Keith Moon,

Sid Viscious

The murder of John Lennon is the tragic finale to an entire era, the reminder that once an artist becomes as popular and as political as he was, his enemies will be waiting to make sure his messages never appear again to awaken the slumbering youth.

See Mae's Interview in its entirety here:

Also see more on the Huston plan -- otherwise known as one of the "Whitehouse Horrors" during the Nixon Administration:
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