Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The United States Of Amnesia -- An Interesting Website On The US Federal Government's Treasonous Fraud Against All Americans -- The Attacks On 9-11

Whether you call it screening their memories or a case of convenient amnesia, the US Federal Government has had a very difficult time in remembering the facts behind 9-11, including the why they told us that Osama Bin Laden was the main reason for going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq.

Remember, the "Weapons Of Mass Destruction?"

Weapons which as it turned out never did exist, yet which at the time we were told about them, allowed this government to use this plausible reason to convince us that we had to attack these countries -- both of which as it's turned out, were innocent of the charges waged against them by the CRIMINAL Bush Administration.

Adolph Hitler committed a similar act of treason when he had the German Reichstagg Building burned, claiming that it had been done by Russian supporters. The German people were so incensed that the Russians would attack them so aggressively, that they gave Hitler Carte Blanche to do whatever he needed to do to destroy the Russian Empire. Of course, the Germans did not realize at the time, that it was their very own chancellor who deceived them while perpetrating a blatant act of treason against them.

A similar treason act to that which George W. Bush helped to perpetrated on 9-11-2001.

There never were any WMD's. However, US Congress, the Bush Administration, the US Intelligence community and the DOD were all complicit in these attacks, either directly, or by helping to obscure the facts in this precedent setting crime of treason. Attacks which have killed thousands of American citizens, and over a million Afghani and Iraqi people, while allowing for the near total destruction of our Constitution.

A criminal conspiracy waged against the American people by a core group of rotten criminals harboring themselves within our own federal government.

The United States Of Amnesia:
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