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The FBI Continues To SPY On & LIE To The American People --With COINTELPRO II Now In Place FBI Agents Believe They Are Invulnerable To Prosecution

FBI agents are not only master manipulators, but also pathological liars in regard to the types of COINTELPRO operations which they perpetrate. They often succeed in getting away with these crimes by using those around a target of COINTELPRO to take part in these manipulations.

How do the FEDS accomplish this? By using the NSA's satellite tracking systems and Electronic Brain Link technology to remotely track the EMF field surrounding the TI's body, while remotely reading their thoughts. Once the TI's brainwaves have been targeted by the NSA, this agency is then able to use the TI as a human spy camera, in that whatever the TI sees, gets transmitted back to the NSA by way of satellite so that they can see in real time exactly what the targeted person is seeing through their own eyes.

This is a crime so completely staggering, that those who both authorized and participated in it could find themselves facing the death penalty if ever convicted of having perpetrated such treasonous crimes against American citizens.

The invasion of privacy here is so completely outrageous and Orwellian, that neither the FBI, NSA or US Congress will ever admit that the American public is being subjected to such egregious abuses of their privacy. It would be political suicide for them to do so. And Congress is well aware that the blowback (unintended consequences of such a treasonous operation) of such a g0vernment sanctioned black operation in which the American people become aware that they are being unwittingly subjected to technology which invades their privacy is such precedent setting ways (including the very privacy of their own thoughts), will be enough to bring down the US Federal Government like a stack of dominos.

Moreover, such hi-tech and illegal spying of a target for years, while building illegal warrantless dossiers on those around the target, enables the FBI to gain leverage by digging through the lives of those around the targeted person, so that they can later be blackmailed to cooperate with the FBI.

This is standard operating procedure for this Nazi run behemoth.

The FBI's main objective is to control the situation while violating the US Bill Of Rights, yet having the ability to use this blackmail to ensure that those whose rights are being violated remain silent about this crime against them. Something my own Family is being subjected to in the present day.

As I have said in the past, illegally spying on Americans to dig up dirt on them and then using it to blackmail them, has always been the FBI's stock in trade. And it continues to be in the 21St Century, with the FBI now having access to the best spy technology currently available -- that which enables it (through the NSA) to electronically access the minds of targeted individuals for years on end, selecting any information which the Bureau believes that it can use against the TI.

However, electronically accessing people's minds in such illegal ways has many problems, since there is nothing to say that the TI's thoughts are based on actual events. Even though the FBI may attempt to present these thoughts as being based on legitimate situations, when in reality they are not.

Moreover, when conducting a COINTELPRO operation, the FBI will oftentimes sit back while using those it has blackmailed as pawns, in which to aid and abet the FBI in these sadistic and treasonous attacks on the TI. And to maintain this attack, the FBI will continue to blackmail those around the TI whenever it decides to, now controlling every aspect of their lives as well as the TI's.

However, there is nothing legal or Constitutional about this, yet, the FBI Gestapo has been getting away with it with Congress's tacit approval for the last 100 years.

As a TI who has experienced this first hand, I can tell you that it's also not uncommon to have several formerly close associates of the TI (an even the TI's own family) used simultaneously in these attacks, while attempting to drive the targeted person to suicide.

Oftentimes, these attacks take place under the guise of innocent enough phone calls, and by those acquainted with the TI and their family. However, these "phone calls" are nothing more than an alternative way for the FBI to demonize the TI, while simultaneously distancing themselves from the crimes being committed.

For years the FBI has used others to commit murders for the Bureau (including prisoners and former prisoners), by using blackmail in which to get these people to commit the FBI's crimes for them.

And the FBI will simply continue to use its leverage on those around the TI to attack the target, under whatever penalties the FBI decides to impose, should they fail to.


The end result is like living in a pressure cooker, where the TI, and virtually everyone around them is living a life filled with FBI induced misery. And once again, the US Congress, and state and local politicians are aware of just how badly the FBI is abusing many American citizens, yet too frightened that they will find themselves under an FBI investigation to defend the US Bill Of Rights.

The FBI has been known to target politicians, US Judges and other government officials who challenge its dictates in similar ways. Like I have said in the past -- those who dig in the dirt rule the roost. And there is no more accomplished dirt digger than an FBI agent.

So out of fear, the Congress and Department Of Justice act as an aiders and abettors to the FBI, while finding one excuse after another in efforts to justify their treasonous betrayal of all Americans. We've created a monster in the FBI and other agencies of US Intel, including the CIA and NSA. And it's time get rid of these Nazi run nightmares, before they can do any further damage to us.

Another terrible manifestation in the FBI's psychotic attacks, is the psychological damage done to the TI, and those who are being used to attack the targeted person. The result of the FBI's use of extensive brainwashing to perpetrate these crimes against those whom they have failed to entrap in one of their treasonous snare campaigns.

The end result is that these people become severely brainwashed by the FBI, while the target is subjected to demonization, as evidence is fabricated against them, and situations twisted to serve the FBI's own machinations. There is nothing legal occurring here.

Which is why there is no due process of law in such situations. The lack of due process is to help the FBI to cover up its own criminality.

And such a lack of due process allows the FBI to maintain complete control of their clandestine operations, while denying the targeted person the right to defend themselves, even when it is clear that no crimes have been committed by the person.

All this, while myriad crimes of a federal nature are perpetrated against said person by the Bureau, which will then use any means necessary to ensure that the person is never allowed to avail themselves of rights which they are by law entitled to.

This has been evidenced by myself and myriad others since the Patriot Act was passed. And those crimes which were perpetrated against us prior to the passage of this fascist legislation have become far more aggressive, with entire communities now taking part in what should be termed as nothing less than Hitlerian "Brown Shirt" style attacks.

Throughout the history of the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, the Bureau has remained free to attack any American citizen in such ways, and propagating slander campaigns to simultaneously brainwash the public, while demonizing the TI. At no time is there ever even a semblance of legality in what the FBI and its criminal minions are perpetrating in these situations.

As such the FBI remains free to fabricate evidence, while coercing those around a TI to take part in the sadistic psychological warfare that the FBI is subjecting the TI to.

No arrest is made, no charges are filed, no trial is held and no verdict is reached.

Instead the FBI simply skips every aspect of the aforementioned, and convicts the TI in the court of public opinion, without the TI ever being able to face their accusers (oftentimes there are none), or offering their own exculpatory evidence.

And the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the TI is such an outrageous violation of the targeted person's privacy, as to defy comparison. In many respects, these agencies are now using this advanced satellite technology to usurp the US Judiciaries role in this country.

And the fact that the FBI and NSA would actually use satellite based remote neural monitoring to propagate open ended and illegal fishing expeditions of the TI, is yet another abject abuse of the 4Th and 5Th Amendments, since the TI is subjected to years of having their mind raped by these federal reprobates, who in the most egregious ways ever documented, seek to completely deny the TI their rights as American citizens; while decimating the constitutional rule of law.

Such egregious abuses of our privacy (the worst ever documented by the citizens of any country) will no longer be tolerated. And those within the US Federal Government who continue to perpetrate these crimes, must be tried before an international war crimes tribunal and upon conviction, sentenced to the maximum penalty as prescribed by law.

Furthermore, these blatant attacks on the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights must also be aggressively challenged, since such an abuse of the rights of any one citizen, is an open declaration by these federal agencies, that they will attack the rights of any and all American citizens whenever they decide to.

Translation, there are now millions of Americans complaining in regard to the FBI and NSAs' Gestapo tactics. Before long, there will be tens of millions of Americans making the same complaints.

I say this because if the FEDS are allowed to choose whomever they decide to attack, while violating the inherent rights of that person, than there is nothing preventing these agencies from violating the rights of all American citizens at any time in which they decide to. Especially if we are again subjected to a US Intelligence orchestrated attack, like the one which took place on 9-11.

A situation which could allow the president to declare a state of martial law, in which the US Constitution would be completely suspended, while the Patriot Act would essentially become the new Constitution. A situation which is becoming closer to reality each and everyday.

As for those who have not yet read the Patriot Act, it would be wise to do so -- or at least skim through it. Because this piece of treasonous legislation has allowed the president to quite literally become a dictator if he finds plausible means to declare martial law.

And this extremely problematic situation is now frightening many US citizens into acquiescing to such government orchestrated fear tactics, by refusing to invoke their 1St Amendment rights to freely and openly express themselves. One of the primary reasons why America was founded in the first place.

This is the definition of a tyrannical government.

And the United States has without question become just such a government; a government controlled by a small group of elitists who have no compunction about torturing and murdering those people whom they cannot sell their black propaganda to. They have history of doing so.

At this point, there is also no question that the US Federal Government itself, was responsible for the attacks on 9-11. And this fact should absolutely terrify every patriotic citizen in this country.

We are now dealing with a government full of pathological liars, that allow agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA and DHS, to wantonly disregard the rights of all US citizens, while covering up for the crimes of these agencies. And using smear campaigns in which to further violate the rights of those who challenge this government's treasonous crimes.

In the past, these types of historical abuses have eventually been challenged by civil revolution. And the same is true of what will be unfolding within the United States in the future, if such blatant abuses by these federal agencies are allowed to continue as they are in the present.

A situation in which the US Federal Government's crimes against its own people have become so outrageous, that rather than admit to these crimes, they will simply find plausible ways in which to torture and murder these targeted individuals, convincing themselves that they have a right to do so.

Completely delusional thinking, by those with a psychopathic mentality. Then again, we are talking about federal government employees who planted bombs within the World Trade Center Towers, and then blew them to bits, while killing thousands of innocent Americans.

This is a crime of premeditated murder, having been committed by those operating within our own government! And anyone with influence who has challenged the official LIE regarding 9-11 has been made to suffer for having done so. Oftentimes with the loss of their jobs, reputations and personal relationships (including those of family members).

Moreover, the US Congress and Department Of Justice are now acting as enablers for the US Intelligence community, in allowing them to commit these crimes with complete impunity. They are never challenged, regardless of how atrocious their crimes are. And oftentimes, they are even rewarded for perpetrating them.

As such, the US Congress must now accept full responsibility for the civil uprisings which will take place in the future. For it's not sedition when you defend rights that your Constitution guarantees you, by challenging a government which is in violation of its own rule of law.

This is called patriotism. And it's the only thing that is going to restore our constitutional republic in the future. The important writing campaigns and the protests that these patriots are propagating are being ignored by the very people who should be listening and acting on our behalf. Those who are employed as state and federal representatives, yet who are no longer representing our interests, while in fact helping those who are attacking us, to take part in the destruction of our country.

So the handwriting's on the wall.

The only question now is how long will it take for the American people to reach a point where their rights are being so terribly trampled upon, that they no longer have anything to lose by fighting back? Many of us have already reached this point, and recognize what the rest of Americans have yet failed to. That it's only a matter of time before they'll be forced to take on a government which was subverted decades ago, and which will not stop destroying their inherent rights as American citizens, until there are no longer any such rights left to take away.

With the NSA's use of satellite based weaponry to attack Americans within the privacy of our own homes, and well as raping our minds and bodies, the US Federal Government has declared it open season on all free thinking American citizens. And this should be evidence enough of what we are all in for within the near future.
The Patriot Act and its creators and supporters are guilty of treasonous crimes against the American people. And regardless of their wish for us to forget about this betrayal of our trust, it's not a situation which is going away. Especially for those of us who have remained NSA satellite prisoners for the better part of our lives. Such a violation of our privacy will be avenged one way or another.

And the FBI's attempts at making yet another end run around the US Constitution by attempting to have those whom it has targeted so outrageously declared as mentally unstable, is only going to further aggravate an already incendiary situation. In the FBI's attack of my person, the Bureau could not walk away now even if they wanted to, since the US Intelligence community and the Congress itself don't not want someone who has first hand experience with being subjected to the NSA's satellite based technologies continuing to promulgate such disturbing information over the Internet.

I am telling the truth about this technology as well as the FBI/NSA/DHS conspiracy being waged against my person. And the Congress is well aware of these treasonous crimes, yet has done nothing about them.

Moreover, I would not doubt that they are presently attempting to find some way in which to have me incarcerated, to prevent me from alerting the American public to this Orwellian technology, since the American people's collective knowledge of such crimes would surely place this criminal government in jeopardy. However, I have no intention of allowing these treasonous criminals to perpetrate any further crimes against my person, family, or myriad others. And if necessary I'll fight to the death to promulgate this supremely important information, as well as the despicable tactics which the US Intel community uses to neutralize those who've been subjected to these outrageous crimes.

Spying on Americans: The FBI's "Quantico Circuit"
Still Spying, Still Lying

by Tom Burghardt

Global Research, April 9, 2008
Antifascist Calling...

Tuesday's Washington Post reports that FBI investigators "with the click of a mouse, [can] instantly transfer key data along a computer circuit to an FBI technology office in Quantico."

Last month I wrote that evidence of the Bureau's massive spying operations on Americans had been uncovered and "that a new FISA whistleblower has stepped forward with information about a major wireless provider apparently granting the state unrestricted access to all of their customers' voice communications and electronic data via a so-called 'Quantico Circuit'."

According to whistleblower Babak Pasdar, a telecom carrier he worked for as a security consultant, subsequently named as Verizon by the Post, said the company maintained a high-speed DS-3 digital line that allowed the Bureau and other security agencies "unfettered" access to the carrier's wireless network, including billing records and customer data "transmitted wirelessly."

Verizon denied the report that the FBI has open access to its network; a denial belied by documents obtained by the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation describing the Bureau's Digital Collection System.

When these allegations first surfaced they were stonewalled by major media. Nevertheless, the reports continued and we now have learned that electronic connections between major telecom firms and FBI personnel scattered across the country provide the Bureau with real-time access to who is speaking to whom, the time and duration of each call as well as the locations of those so targeted.

Despite half-hearted protests by Congress, the FBI's budget for these operations have increased significantly. According to Post reporter Ellen Nakashima,

"The bureau says its budget for the collection system increased from $30 million in 2007 to $40 million in 2008. Information lawfully collected by the FBI from telecom firms can be shared with law enforcement and intelligence-gathering partners, including the National Security Agency and the CIA. Likewise, under guidelines approved by the attorney general or a court, some intercept data gathered by intelligence agencies can be shared with law enforcement agencies."(Ellen Nakashima, "FBI Transfers via Telecoms Questioned," The Washington Post, Tuesday, April 8, 2008; A03)

But who's "watching the watchers," or in this case, the listeners?

See the rest of this article here:

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