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Why The FBI's Scandalous Cover Up Of The Missile Downing Of TWA Flight 800 Will Not Die

In 1999, "The Downing Of TWA Flight 800" author James Sanders, and his wife, *Elizabeth, were arrested by the FBI for taking two pieces of seat covering recovered from Flight 800. An airliner bound for Europe, which exploded just off the southern coast of Long Island, NY, after being shot down by a ground to air missile back in 1996.

*The FBI's primary interest was in punishing James Sanders for attempting to expose their cover up of the facts behind the missile downing of Flight 800. And the Bureau went so far as to blackmail Elizabeth Sanders, claiming that if she did not turn against her husband and help the FBI convict him, that she would also be arrested. However, Elizabeth Sanders knew of the FBI's history of lying to the public and fabricating evidence in which to cover up criminal activity, rather than exposing it. She also suspected that the FBI was doing so in regard to TWA Flight 800, so she refused to cooperate with the FBI and was subsequently arrested along with her husband.

James Sanders, a retired detective, knew that the FBI's explanation for the explosion aboard TWA Flight 800 simply did not make sense, and sought to prove that the Bureau was covering up the facts behind the destruction of the ill fated airliner.

Both Sanders and his wife were ultimately arrested by the FBI, after Sanders convinced an NTSB investigator to supply them with physical evidence which would prove that Flight 800 was blown up by a missile. And that is exactly what Stacey did. However, doing so resulted in his being suspended from his job at the NTSB.

The following is a quote from Sander's Website in regard to why Stacey should never have been suspended. Stacey noticed that when the FBI usurped the NTSB's authority to investigate the crash of TWA Flight 800, the Bureau stopped sharing information with the NTSB, and ultimately began to take the investigation -- as Stacey put it "off track." Only then did he supply the Sanders with the pieces of seat covering from Flight 800.

"Under Title 49, Terrell Stacey, as an NTSB investigator had the LEGAL RIGHT to remove items from Calverton hanger for the purposes of conducting chemical tests such as those provided by West Coast Analytical Service, Inc., in Santa Fe Springs. This is the lab which produced the chemical analysis published in the Riverside Press-Enterprise. Stacey may be fined and even fired by the NTSB, but he is not liable for any criminal charges."

It is quite clear that James and Elizabeth Sanders and Terrell Stacey were attempting to get to the truth behind the destruction of TWA Flight 800, while the FBI was deliberately attempting to prevent them from doing so.

Even after being convicted of taking evidence related to the crash, the judge who presided over the Sander's case refused to imprison them. Instead sentencing them to probation. It was quite clear from this that the judge believed that the FBI was attempting to obfuscate the facts in the crash of TWA Flight 800, as well as in its case against the Sanders, and used his power to prevent the agency from doing any further damage to James and Elizabeth.

See the rest of this commentary here:

The FBI's cover up of the facts behind the downing of TWA Flight 800 is just one of myriad treasonous crimes that this Intel agency has been involved in during its history. And the fact that the FBI obstructed justice by aiding and abetting those who actually blew up Flight 800, while reporting that the deaths of its 230 passengers were accidental in nature (instead of the murders which they were), is yet one more reason why the FBI should be abolished.

The FBI is a criminal organization through and through. A US Congress sanctioned organized criminal operation, which unlike traditional organized crime syndicates such as the Mafia, has complete impunity in which to commit its crimes.

The following is an article on the criminal conspiracy to cover up the facts behind TWA Flight 800.

But why would the FBI have ignored the facts, and spent months and millions of taxpayer dollars to fabricate evidence, which was then used to obfuscate the real facts behind this terrorist attack? There are many reasons, however the following is one of the most plausible.

The FBI covered up these crimes because 1996 was an election year. And they were ordered to do so by the Clinton Administration.

Simply put, the Clinton Administration did not want a terrorist attack influencing the American people's judgement when it came time to vote in the 1996 presidential election. For Bill Clinton, who was in the process of running for his second term as president, an accidental plane crash was far easier on his reputation, than an airliner which was blown up by terrorists -- a situation which at the very least would have called into question his ability to protect the American people.

So the FBI did what it does best -- LIE. By propagating the faulty fuel tank scenario and then promulgating it through the US media, this LIE then became a reality. One which twelve years later the US media is still reporting as the truth.

Is it any wonder why most Americans who gain their information through the CIA controlled media system in this country remain as ignorant as they do?
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