Monday, May 26, 2008

More Proof Of How The FBI Destroys Physical Evidence In Order To Protect Criminals Within The US Federal Government

For those of you who believe that the FBI did not destroy the 85 tapes it seized from the Pentagon and surrounding areas on 9-11, consider the FBI's criminal behavior, discussed within the following article. In all likelihood, the FBI destroyed these tapes several years ago, ensuring that the official 9-11 LIE can never be proven. Further proof that the FBI exists to maintain the criminal status quo within the United States.

From the New York Times Archives:

FBI: Shaken by a Cover-Up That Failed
Monday, Nov. 03, 1975 Article

The FBI is being badly shaken by the revelation that its former leaders withheld evidence from the Warren Commission during the investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy. At issue is a threatening note that Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald delivered to the FBI's Dallas office about ten days before Kennedy was killed on Nov. 22, 1963. Even though the note did not mention the President, FBI officials wanted to conceal the embarrassing fact that they had ignored the threat, so they both destroyed the note and tried to make certain that the commission never found out that it had existed (TIME, Sept. 15). The cover-up was a clear case of bureaucratic self-protection. Nonetheless, it has fanned speculation—mostly wild—that all the facts of the Kennedy assassination have not yet been told.

Castro Leaflets. Last week a House subcommittee led by California Democrat Don Edwards, a former FBI agent, held its first public hearing on the FBI's mishandling of the Oswald note but cleared up none of its members' suspicions. They wanted to know why the FBI had not only failed to put Oswald under surveillance but destroyed the note about two hours after Nightclub Owner Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald.

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Also see the following:

Evidence Destruction
Official Response to the September 11th Attack
Officials' handling of the evidence of the September 11th attack has followed a clear pattern. The physical evidence most important to forensic analysis of the crime was destroyed or removed from the crime scene never to be seen again. Types of evidence not under the direct control of those officials were suppressed through a variety of means. These include photographs, video footage, and various once-public documents.

Destruction of Evidence: WTC Steel
The pattern of destruction of physical evidence is nowhere more apparent than in the rapid removal and recycling of the steel from Ground Zero. The structural steel was the most important evidence regarding the mass murder of September 11th. No amount of indulgence of forelorn hopes of finding survivors in the rubble, nor urgency of uncovering human remains for speedy identification, can justify the destruction of the evidence.

By Tom Flocco

Patrick Fitzgerald
New York—September 5, 2006—Tom—A former ABC News investigative reporter and a U.S. intelligence expert have both raised serious questions regarding evidence that [Valerie Plame] CIA leak case special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald covered up an al Qaeda New York cell in 1996 prior to meeting twice with CIA asset and bin Laden chief of security Ali Mohammed [also spelled Mohamed] in 1997 during his stint as a New York assistant U.S. attorney.

CIA asset tied to bin Laden infiltrated FBI before 9/11

Special prosecutor Fitzgerald met twice with asset, covered up links to al Qaeda and corruption implicating immigration officials and NY Mayor Giuliani--all connected to documents linking Vice President Cheney to 9/11 plot in Philippines.
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