Monday, May 26, 2008

Aaron Russo Discusses His Conversation With Nick Rockefeller About The Illuminati's Conspiracy To Destroy The US Constitution

"There's going to be this war on terror, of which there is no real enemy. So you can never declare a real winner. Soldiers are going to be looking in caves for an invisible enemy. It's a complete hoax and way for this government to take over the American people."

--Aaron Russo describing what Nick Rockefeller told him 11 months before 9-11

Aaron discussing this with Alex Jones:

Such is life in a country where the government is the antithesis of what it claims to be -- in reality a covert Fascist regime masquerading as a democratic republic. And making matters worse, is that the democratic republic itself has always been a lousy form of government, having replaced the constitutional republic on which this once great country was founded.

See film maker Aaron Russo's brilliant expose on the collapse of the US Constitutional Republic and the abject fraud which the Illuminati run US Congress has perpetrated against all Americans.

"America From Freedom To Fascism"
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