Monday, May 26, 2008

The Death Of Director Stanley Kubrick -- Controversial Movie "Eyes Wide Shut" Debuts In 1999 -- Kubrik Dies In 1999 -- Coincidence?

"In light of Kubrick's death, watching a film in which two likely murders are explained away without investigation is disturbing. Kubrick warns that anyone who reveals upper-crust secrets can be snuffed without punishment. Was he predicting (and warning of) his own farewell?

Kubrick wouldn't be alone: As Uri Dowbenko's film review on Steamshovel Press noted, Mozart died soon after he revealed Masonic mysteries in "The Magic Flute," Stephen Knight, who wrote about Freemasonry and the Jack the Ripper slayings in two books, died mysteriously while working on a third, and 19th-century author William Morgan appears to have been murdered after he exposed Masonic activities."

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