Monday, May 26, 2008

A Relatively Brief Commentary On The Remote Neural Monitoring Of The Human Brain By Way Of Remote (Satellite) Means

There is at least one Website hosted by an alleged mind control target, which claims that the use of remote neural monitoring and satellite tracking of "criminals" is a good thing. This is the same person who is complaining about being subjected to the same mind invasion technology. Obviously, someone whom those using this technology on believes is one of the very "criminals" whom he suggests this technology should be used.

Ironical to say the least. And perhaps he has been less than candid in regard to the specific reasons for why he is being satellite tracked and monitored?

Unfortunately, this naive view does not take into account the fact that those within agencies of the US Intelligence community who have access to this technology, are oftentimes the very criminals to whom he refers. Yet, once again, he fails to mention this pertinent fact within most of his Website. He also all but exonerates the state and local police from having access to such technology, while it is clear from my own experience that they follow the directives of those who do.

Perhaps he is just looking to curry favor with the cops within his own locale, while selling out the rest of the people who are being targeted by these weapons. I've often suspected that while there are many TI's who will in fact fight to the death to defend their rights and those who are being illegally satellite tracked by these weapons simply on principle, there are in fact many others who will sell the rest of us out should they ever find themselves in a position in which to bargain their way out of this Orwellian harassment.

And the fact that so many of us have been illegally targeted for decades by agencies like the NSA and FBI, for remote neural monitoring (even though we have no criminal records), while being denied our rights to due process of law, is not only in and of itself criminal, but a crime being perpetrated by the very government agents who are charged with our protection.

The fact of the matter is this. The remote neural monitoring and manipulation of the mind of any person is both EVIL and a crime against humanity. And anyone who would deliberately state otherwise is either a criminal conspirator to such crimes, or a complete and utter fool.

* A notation to those who in taking part in the federal machinations of my person and certain other TI's; those who have quite literally become reduced to the acts of mischievous children. Mischievous children are allowed their indulgences, given their respective age. Adults behaving in such ways is another story.

Moreover, no person has the right to have such control over another. Especially when one takes into an historical perspective the corrupt nature of those persons whom when given such complete control over another, become abjectly corrupted.

And I quote: power corrupts -- ultimate power corrupts ultimately. No statement has ever carried within it more truth.

The truth being that the human race has not evolved to the point where one person can be trusted to judicially exercise such use of extreme power over another. Especially when the "overseers" of such technology are in and of themselves terribly flawed, and oftentimes incapable of allowing their own personal prejudices to not stand in the way of rational behavior.

I cite the FBI, NSA, DHS and other agencies of US Intel here, as well as some former agents and others who believe that such a parallel justice system is fine, as long as they themselves are not being subjected to it.

For instance, we presently have a government within the United States that is using satellite based weaponry to torture and murder citizens, and doing so without any responsibility for their actions.

And in understanding this REALITY, as unfortunate as this may be, this remains one of many basic flaws within the human species. Something within the human genome itself which must eventually be eradicated.

And as for the FEDS who continue to attack my person through every venue possible, the fact of the matter is that you degenerates are at the very root of the aforementioned problem. And so abjectly criminal in and of yourselves, that your opinions and your joke as legitimate law enforcement have now become all but moot points.

In short, you've become the very EVIL that you claim to prosecute.

*I can already see the FEDS looking to contact some of those within the TI community with yet another round of the same psychotic methodologies that I mention above.

Good luck in wasting both your time and the taxpayer's hard earned dollars in doing so, because it would not be possible for me to respect you less (than to take you seriously as legitimate law enforcement)than I would any other reprobate who is covertly attempting to overthrow my own government.

Something you are clearly in the process of doing in the present day under your Illuminist masters. And why I am aggressively documenting your covert Nazi activities as I have been and will continue to do in the future, since the Illuminati and its demonic agendas are quite real -- and equally as horrifying.

I have seen what Hitler did to the Jews during the Holocaust. And I consider the NSA's remote neural monitoring and rape of our minds to in its own way be just as abominable.

As as agents of the US Federal Government, there is absolutely no way that you are going to get away with what you are doing, now that many of your victims are beginning to realize the nature of the "mind raping" technologies that you are illegally deploying against them.

And through these treasonous activities (however covert they may be) it is you who have become the criminals. And it is you who have also lied not just to the public, but to your very own selves.

Moreover, through your own cowardly cover up of these treasonous crimes, you have now lost the respect of the American people. In fact, it was your own machinations which resulted in this, which could have just as easily been averted had you just supported your oath to defend the United States and its Constitution. Instead you chose to do the opposite. You buckled under peer pressure to do what you knew in your hearts was a crime against your own country and your own people. And you know that this is true.

And now you are sitting back rationalizing the paychecks which you get every week or two, while secretly wondering what will happen to you once the American people become subjected to a state of martial law. Will you be forced to take part in their extermination as the Gestapo and Third Reich were the Jews during the Holocaust?

Is that what you are going to do? Murder American men, women and children simply because the monsters that have taken over this government have told you to? Is that when you will stand up for yourselves, or when you will you do just as the Gestapo and Third Reich did, and commit atrocities unparalleled to this very day?

Like it or not, you can't go on hiding behind the Bush Administration and its EVIL agenda for much longer. Eventually, each of you will be judged on your own actions. And there will be no place left for you to hide.

And for the record, you treasonous government rat bastards can go straight to hell. For that is where you will eventually be spending a well deserved eternity for the crimes which you have already committed against your American brethren.

Crimes which include the use of satellites and artificial intelligence computers to rape the minds and bodies of myriad American men, women and children; as well as those citizens of many different countries.

Some more charitable than I may wish for God to have mercy on your souls. But when I consider the carnage that you miscreants are guilty of causing, and the torture which you have subjected so many of us to, while tormenting our loved ones into taking part in these attacks against us, as far as I am concerned, may God damn your rotten souls.

Something He will no doubt do for attempting to usurp His ultimate authority. Each of you will learn first hand of what happens to those who attempt to play God with the lives of others, for with your high tech attacks on the minds of others, you have proven yourselves to be unworthy of such technology, and a disgrace to the very race that you choose to control for your own means.

And as the rest of the people on this planet learn of the NSA's satellite based mind remote reading and influencing technology, you can be assured, that their opinions of you will be similar in nature.
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