Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why The New World Order Must Destroy The US Constitution -- Making What Has Been Unconstitutional Legal

While books could be written on this topic (and if the Constitution is able to survive may one day actually be written), there is a primary reason why the New World Order must utilize the US Congress to undermine and eventually nullify the US Constitution -- which will be accomplished during the next federally orchestrated terrorist attack, when the standing president declares a state of martial law. And himself, the nation's dictator.

And the reason for this, is that there are so many organizations operating criminally within the United States in the present day, including the Federal Reserve Bank, IRS and US Intelligence community, that removing the US Constitution would nullify all of their decades of treasonous crimes.

In other words, if the US Constitution no longer exists, then the criminal acts against the Constitution and American people which are presently taking place, become null and void. The IRS and Federal Reserve no longer have to concern themselves with issues like the improperly ratified 16Th Amendment and Federal Reserve Act, because these Amendments (as unconstitutional as they are) will no longer exist.

Instead, Americans will now find themselves under the rule of tyrants (we are close to this now), who will make their convenient laws; those which will serve to obfuscate their own criminal activities, while punishing whomever they consider to be a threat to their tyrannical rule.

And if the readers will take this a step further. With such doctrine, the most egregious crimes against the American people can be ruled as a judgment call by the dictator of this country, who will have supreme authority as Kings once did centuries ago.

George W. Bush and the Patriot Act have already laid out the platform for this type of fascist government, whether Bush remains in office due to some unforeseen event, or a new president is elected. There are now signs of such oppression all around us. NSA satellite tracking systems and the remote neural monitoring of our minds will not only become legal, but also the standard way in which all of the people in the United States are monitored daily.

There will be no ACLU or Amnesty International, because there will be no freedom of expression.

It is this systematic destruction of our Constitution, one that the US Congress still attempts to convince us is in force, by on occasion dusting it off and using it in what can only be described as a token demonstration of what were once commonly applied laws, that is gradually taken place.

Every new Executive Order, every covert signing statement, all add up to a loss of our freedoms.

Moreover, on the word of a dictator, without even having a trial we can be taken out and either held indefinitely (a problem which we have already seen with the Bush Administration's suspension of Habeas Corpus at Guantanamo Bay), or even summarily executed on a whim.

Such executions are already occurring through the government's use of spy satellites, which aim directed energy weapons into the homes of myriad Americans, in order to remotely interrogate and torture, and in some cases murder them.

And all under the false notion of the domestic terrorist, who in reality has as much to do with legitimate terrorism as George W. Bush has with being a good and patriot president.

Many Americans have already been murdered through the covert use of such technology. And many more will continue to die of what appear to be natural illnesses, while others take their own lives; no longer being able to withstand the daily torture which they are being subjected to.

The signs of a complete government collapse are all around us, with just the lies of those whom we have elected to represent us, barely holding it together. Those whom we have trusted to protect us, instead working intensely to ensure that this destruction of our Constitution is guaranteed.

Moreover, the loss of our Constitution allows those who have treasonously worked to overrun us as a nation, the total means in which to do so. We will be helpless to fight back, because our only means of defending ourselves, both the 1St And 2Nd Amendments, will no longer exist.

Americans will no longer be able to bare arms, nor speak out in defense of our rights. This loss will not take place overnight. It will occur systematically as Americans are led to believe that such losses of their freedoms are necessary to protect them from terrorists.

However, we are now perilously close to finding ourselves in such a situation. The edge of the cliff is now in sight. And before long we will find ourselves at its precipice.

The real question is, are you ready to surrender your freedoms, or to fight back? Because if you don't defend your rights, there will come a time in which you'll wish that you had.

Please don't wait for the situation to get to that point. For if there were ever a time not to procrastinate, it's now.
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