Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Organized Vehicular Stalking In The Morning Hours Of 5/28/2008 -- I Witness What Appears To Be A Mailbox Being Vandalized On My Way Home

It's been sometime since I last documented taking a ride out since the vehicular stalking has been significantly lower in the late evening hours than it has in the least five years. The stalkers are obviously feeling the increase in fuels costs, and adjusting their protocols by paring down the size of these vehicular stalking convoys.

When I began my trip out, these vehicles were traveling in a typical FBI vehicle surveillance team floating box formation, but were for the most part passive.

However in the final leg of my ride, as I drove through the quaint town of Old Westbury, they became more aggressive -- especially when I reached the intersection of Old Wheatley Road.

It was at this time that I began to look for a side road in which to pull over, so that I could let these cars pass.

However they had vehicles on all of the intersecting roads, and as a result of this, I was forced to travel about a mile or so to find a driveway in which I could pull over and let them pass.

This took place on a large estate. And I pulled onto the shoulder of the driveway, keeping my car aligned with Wheatley Road.

As I waited for these other vehicles to pass, what did I see, but some adolescent who appeared to have just destroyed the mailbox which belonged to the estate, whose driveway I had just pulled into.

*I should note, that I did not actually see this person destroy the mailbox. However, he appeared to be looking to flee the scene at the time that I arrived, and was crouching at the base of what was left of the shattered post of the mailbox.

He did look extremely nervous though, and appeared to be looking for some place to hide. However, there was a large hedge which kept him from running onto the property.

So he quickly picked up what appeared to be a piece of splintered wood from the mailbox, and headed towards my vehicle.

At this point I waited to see what he would do next. However, he simply walked past my vehicle and into the shadows. So I have no idea where he went.

As I drove off, I wondered if he lived in the area, or if he may have been taking part in the organized stalking of my person, and dropped off ahead of time to take part in an orchestrated piece of street theatre. This has happened myriad times in the past.

After five consecutive years of these tactics, nothing these stalkers do surprises me any longer. It has also occurred to me that this person may have been the son of the owner of this home, and just out cleaning up the damaged mailbox from an earlier collision. Perhaps he even heard this occur and went out to see what had happened. However, I have no way of knowing exactly what happened, and have just made an educated guess here.

In any event, if the Old Westbury or Old Brookville Police get a call from the owner of this estate, the following is a description of the person whom I saw crouching by what was left of the mailbox.

Time I noticed this person: approximately 12:15AM on 5/28/2008

Approximately 12 -15 years of age
Roughly 5'5" in height
Thin build -- approximately 125 - 135 lbs
Dark hair
Dark short sleaved T shirt
Light colored shorts

*I should also note that the NSA captured this entire situation as I saw it through my own eyes, given their satellite based remote neural monitoring of my person.

Mailboxes continue to be a favorite target of teenage vandals who probably don't realize that damaging a mailbox under the cost of $400, is a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail. If they did, they would probably lay off people's mailboxes altogether.
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