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Another Very Strange Coincidence? A Thought Stream Regarding Kelsey Grammar & Then A Short Time Later The Actor Has A Heart Attack

Has The NSA's Web Of Psychotronic Torture Now Been Used Against Actor Kelsey Grammer?
Written by James F. Marino

The regular visitors to this blog will note that in the past several years, I have documented on at least 5 separate occasions, people who were harmed after I had experienced an EEG heterodyned thought stream about them which was implanted into my subconscious via EEG heterodyning technology, or others who were in someway connected to a thought that I had had in regard to a particular situation which was then EEG heterodyned from my subconscious, and then carried out in real life on an unwitting person, who was unlucky enough to be chosen by these psychopaths as part of their psychological warfare attack against this author.

*Update: A few years after having written this article this phenomenon is still taking place.

Perhaps the best example yet, involved the 2011 death of a Madison Avenue executive by the name of Suzanne Hart, who was crushed to death by an elevator, the day after this author saw a movie in which a woman was crushed to death. (Paperman 1971).

On the morning after I viewed the movie Paperman, in which a computer is used to intentionally cause an elevator to malfunction, which results in one of the female characters in the movie being crushed to death, this author sees a van parked in the road in front of my home with the name HART painted on its side. The same day, Suzanne Hart is crushed to death by an elevator.

As of 2014 this author and target of MK-ULTRA continues to experience this EEG heterodyned phenomenon.

The subject matter here is difficult for me to discuss, because lives have been lost due to such thoughts, and other people have been harmed, without my having ever been able to help these people to avoid these situations.

People who were within a day or so of my having such thoughts (thoughts placed within my mind by way of those using this satellite based mind reading/manipulating technology on my person), adversely affected in some way.

Several have since died, including three who were killed in horrifying accidents.

One person was a student from Jericho High School by the name of Matthew Ravner, whose head and upper body were crushed when he fell under the wheels of an SUV.

In another instance, a pulmonologist whom my Father went to, was struck and killed by a car when crossing a street.

In yet another instance, a landscaper was crushed to death when a cesspool which he was riding his tractor over, collapsed and swallowed up both himself and the tractor. The tractor landed on him, killing him instantly.

Moreover, a fourth person who had been a longtime friend of my Father's died suddenly from a cerebral hemorrhage the day after having lunch with my Father and a few other friends. He had been in good health at the time, and his death came as a complete shock to everyone who knew him. Upon hearing of his death, I immediately began to wonder if it was in some way connected to the "NSA controllers" of the signals intelligence technology which is deployed against my person.

Preceding this situation, and in another anomaly, at least four other people whom I have known over the years who had apparently been in good health suddenly became afflicted with strokes within months of one another; three of whom have since died.

As an illustration of how often this phenomenon occurs, just last week it was in the early morning hours that I was thinking about how long it has been since I had seen an episode of the TV series Frasier, which starred actor Kelsey Grammer.

The thought stream while brief, also included actor David Hyde Pierce, and how he had won the role to play Grammar's younger brother as much for the fact that he looked so much like Grammar, as well as for his genuine talent. A day or so later, Grammar, who has no history of heart problems, was admitted to a hospital having suffered a minor heart attack.

Just another COINCIDENCE?

I don't think so.

Especially since a satellite deployed directed energy weapon can be used to target any person whose *EMF signatures have been decoded by the U.S. Department Of Defense, through its oversight of the U.S. National Security Agency.

* Google John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. Also do a Google search on Dr. Robert Duncan's work for the Pentagon, CIA and U.S. Justice Department (FBI) regarding the use of signals intelligence satellites and over the horizon radar systems for the purpose of remote artificial telepathy. Dr. Duncan describes the use of the EMF spectrum to deploy a technology called EEG heterodyning, in which to interface an artificial intelligence computer with the neural pathways of a person's brain, by synchronizing a computer with the exact EMF signature of that person's brain.

Duncan has also stated that in order to do so, the person's unique brain map must first be decoded. Once the Pentagon has access to a person's individual brain map, that person's mind can be remotely accessed by the Pentagon without that person's knowledge or consent, because as Duncan has stated, the person's brain map has become part of the Pentagon's MIND surveillance network.

Now any person targeted for mind control research will tell you, that what I am describing here is more common within the community of men and women who are targeted for this second generation of MK-ULTRA, than one might think.

This is in reference to those who are used for such non consensual human experimentation, since the government agencies who target us with this technology do regularly send us messages by way of such bio-communication as computer to brain interface, as well as through other forms of electronic communication, which include but are not limited to the media (TV, radio and in some cases even the silver screen - as well as non electronic means such as the print media - specifically, newspapers and magazines).

These "controllers" are quite capable of both harming or even murdering others, as a depraved way of letting us know that they are in control of what goes on around this planet, and that the people around us are nothing but helpless "sheeple" who can be remotely murdered at any time these "controllers" decide to do so.

And more to the point, that they can use satellite based directed energy weaponry to kill anyone at anytime, by way of such remote means for the purpose of anonymity and thus impunity from prosecution.

Moreover, the fact that we know that we cannot prevent them from committing these outrageous crimes is also a means in which to dishearten us, since they commit these crimes knowing that our efforts to expose them will be thwarted, simply because of the outlandish nature of this technology.

And furthermore, that most citizens would never believe that a U.S. government agency could be guilty of perpetrating such horrific and depraved crimes.

Furthermore, they also want to reinforce within our own minds, that they can kill us anytime they decide to.

However, with their use of EEG heterodyning "through the air" brain scanning technology, they are in fact guilty of harming and murdering a myriad of people whom TI's need only think about, just to let us know that they can do so.

It is this depraved mind game that they play through the use of this space based weapon's technology, which proves that they are in fact not only psychopaths, but also complete megalomaniacs who suffer from a God complex.

And the worst aspect of all this, is that through the use of such EEG heterodyning electronic brain link, they can both access and manipulate our thought streams at anytime they care to, without ever leaving any physical evidence that they have done so.

* I should also note that when I document virtually every aspect of the mind control anomalies which I experience, I am uniformly ignored by family members who are well aware that I am telling the truth, yet have been coerced into completely ignoring my claims.

Like the myriad targets of this technology, I am instead told that I am paranoid. This is another psychological trigger word which the FBI, DHS and NSA have been using against this author for the past decade, as part of psychological warfare operation that involves neural linguistic programming.

Given the precedent setting crimes these federal agencies have perpetrated against my person over the past four decades, there is no longer any question that are in an extremely awkward situation here, having been caught in crimes so outrageous, that their only recourse is to not only lie to the public, but also maintain that those who propagate the NSA's use of this technology, are mentally imbalanced.

This, while they utilize vicious psychological warfare operations in an attempt to drive us insane.

One of these federal agent provocateurs went as far as to post that John St. Clair Akwei VS NSA was based on no research, and stated that his lawsuit would never hold up in a court of law.

Another provocateur claimed that John St. Clair Akwei did not exist, and that his lawsuit was fake. That was until this author located Akwei's information as well as the civil action which he filed in a Washington D.C. courtroom in 1992, and the name of the corrupt federal circuit court judge who was chosen to preside over Akwei's lawsuit.

As for the claim that John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit does not use any references, this too is a complete fabrication.

John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit is based on dozens of citations which clearly reference the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations in great detail. References to decoding the individual brain maps of American citizens, to the NSA's use of EEG heterodyning technology (also known as electronic brain link) to interface the NSA's computers with the neural pathways of the brain of any American citizen, without any physical contact with the person, or any type of microchip implant in the person.

Akwei's lawsuit also includes some of the patents which are held by those who have designed this technology.

And I have experienced much of what Akwei describes including the physical and psychological assaults which those controlling this technology have subjected me to for more than twenty years.

The fact of the matter is that John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA has not been tried in a U.S. court of law, because no judge in his right mind is ever going to take on the entire U.S. Intelligence community, by exposing this classified technology to the public, and for once and for all allowing the American people to know the extent of the illegal and treasonous domestic spying that the Pentagon, and federal agencies like the NSA (operates under Pentagon oversight), FBI, CIA and DHS are guilty of.

For a federal judge to try Akwei's case before a jury, would at the very least be career suicide.

It is far easier to erroneously claim that such a lawsuit is frivolous and to dismiss it, than to ever admit that such technology has in fact been illegally used by the NSA to satellite track Americans within their own homes for decades, while remotely *reading and influencing their minds.

* Google: Akwei VS NSA, "The Matrix Deciphered - Psychic Warfare" by Dr. Robert Duncan, "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER" by Dr. Robert Duncan


As usual, the provocateur's post to whom I referred earlier, was nothing but further disinformation looking to discredit Akwei and those of us who have corroborated his experiences with the NSA.

And the provocateurs whom the U.S. Military Intelligence complex uses to neutralize whistleblowers are getting very aggressive over the Internet with their disinformation campaigns, fearing that once our information becomes commonly accepted (and it eventually will), there will be no way for this Nazi indoctrinated complex to prevent what is certain to be the most outrageous scandal in U.S. History.

So I again pose the question: Were those who subject this author to non consensual human experimentation responsible for attacking Kelsey Grammer with a directed energy microwave weapon, as part of the depraved psychological warfare operations which they have subjected me to for the past decade?

- James F. Marino

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LOS ANGELES (AP) - A spokesman for Kelsey Grammer says the "Frasier" star is recovering in a Hawaii hospital after a mild heart attack this weekend. Stan Rosenfield says Grammer is "resting comfortably" in an undisclosed hospital after being stricken Saturday. Rosenfield says the 53-year-old actor will be released early this week.

Rosenfield says Grammer - the star of "Cheers,""Frasier" and the recently canceled Fox sitcom "Back to You" - was paddle-boarding with his wife, Camille, when he experienced symptoms.

The couple lives in Kona, on Hawaii's big island.

Rosenfield says Grammer was immediately taken to an area hospital where it was determined that he had suffered a "mild heart attack." The spokesman says he is unaware of any history of heart trouble for Grammer.

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